Hyperwallet Review: Overview | Features | Prices (2024)

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Hyperwallet is a global payout platform run by PayPal, where any organization can send mass payments to freelancers, sellers, contractors, and other types of payees across the world.

If you’re wondering whether Hyperwallet and its capabilities are the right fit for your business, we’re about to cover the features and fees. You'll also learn about how Wise Business could be a good alternative for your company.

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Hyperwallet Review: Quick Overview

With the help of PayPal’s payout capabilities, Hyperwallet is a tailored payout platform that has the capabilities to meet the needs of any unique payout use case. It provides a simple way for businesses of all types and sizes to send mass payouts, no matter where the receiver is located.

Key features
  • Send payouts in 24 currencies to 115 countries.1
  • Pay using just an email, phone number, or payee ID.
  • 9 different payout methods, such as prepaid cards and other banked and unbanked methods for large enterprises.2
  • Multi-currency payouts.
  • Compliance controls to navigate global payment regulations.
  • Embedded Payout Experience pay portal.
  • Payment tracking technology.
Main feesWithdrawal fees: 3

Credit cards – $1.75

Debit cards – $2.5

Bank transfers – $3

Great forSmall and medium-sized businesses, large enterprises, and marketplaces and platforms looking to make payouts locally and internationally.
Trustpilot rating1.4 out of 5 stars from 81 reviews.

Hyperwallet Review: What is it? Key Features

Hyperwallet aims to provide a convenient payout experience for both the organization and the payee by offering a variety of integrations through a full-stack approach.

Small and medium-sized businesses can use a PayPal business account to hold and fund payouts in 24 currencies and send payouts using PayPal and Venmo.

Large enterprises and marketplaces can use 9 different methods (PayPal, Venmo, bank account, direct-to-debit, prepaid card, virtual card, egift card, cash pickup, and paper check) to pay, as well as implement multiple payout programs.5 There are also added features such as detailed reporting, tax reporting, and multilingual payee support.

Ease of Use

Hyperwallet makes use of a range of digital transfer methods that are fast, convenient, and suited to what payees want. Businesses can send up to 5000 payments at once using PayPal’s API or by uploading a file through Payouts Web.6 As the platform ensures compliance with international regulations, businesses and marketplaces won’t have to worry about any oversight.

Positive reviews on Trustpilot mention the efficiency and speed of the services, but negative reviews mention having a lack of confidence in the service and issues with customer service. There are also complaints about fees and the verification process.

Wise Mass Payouts

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Hyperwallet Fees (vs. Wise Business)

Hyperwallet doesn’t publicly list its fees for making payments or its international exchange rate, but there is an account fee of $3 USD/month if you don’t withdraw funds within 90 days of receiving them.

It's important to note that these fee listings are estimations. You will need to get in touch with Hyperwallet to understand this further:

  • Sending money to your local bank $3
  • Direct to card transfer $1.75 (credit card), $2.50 (debit card)
  • Receiving money through local bank transfer $1 - $3
  • Receiving wire transfer $3 - $20
  • Receiving through PayPal $1
  • Cash pickup Western Union ($20), MoneyGram ($8)

Feature/FeeWise Business
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Hold CurrenciesFree (+40 currencies)
Send MoneyFrom 0.43%
Receive MoneyFree after one-time 31 USD fee in GBP, USD, EUR, CAD, AUD, JPY, and more (non-wire), Wire payments: Flat fee of 4.14 USD and 10 for CAD swift payments
Debit Cards5 USD (one-time fee)
Expense ManagementFree
Bill Pay FeatureFree
Accounting IntegrationsFree
Interest FeatureYes

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What are the benefits of Hyperwallet?

The main benefits of Hyperwallet include its diverse payout methods, customization, global reach, and security features. As a PayPal product, users can feel safe using the platform knowing that it’s backed by PayPal’s robust security and privacy features. With the array of payout options, businesses can easily pay multiple payees at once in their preferred method in an efficient and easy manner.

By separating businesses by size and having a designated offering for marketplaces, each type of company can tailor their payout solutions to their needs. Smaller businesses also have the chance to expand globally, and larger ones have the power to track their earnings and manage their payout preferences whenever they need to.

What are the disadvantages of Hyperwallet?

But despite the many benefits, Hyperwallet also faces many points of criticism, especially regarding its user-friendliness. Although the platform is considered very feature-rich, it can be overwhelming and non-intuitive, especially for beginners. Even as a platform designed for payments, Hyperwallet doesn’t detail their fee structure, which makes it difficult for potential users to decide whether the platform suits their needs but also their budget.

Another drawback is their slow customer support and lengthy setup process, which could both cause delays for important payments. As it’s also set up for US taxes, it’s not the most international-friendly platform, although touted as a global payout platform.


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