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A smarter connection for Wise business

Connect Wise to QuickBooks Online and get more than basic bank feeds. Feel the time savings of reconciliation done automatically and bills paid in seconds.

QuickBooks Online + Wise

How does it work?

Switch on the connection


Start the connection from your Bills section on Wise. You’ll see all your unpaid bills imported to Wise in real time.



Pay with a Wise account or with your bank - at the real exchange rate in over 80 countries - with no hidden fees.

Sync seamlessly


Your bill payments will be synced with QuickBooks for simple reconciliation.

Switch on, and we’ll do the rest.

Making the connection is easy. Sign up or log in to Wise and head to your Bills section. Follow the steps to log in to QuickBooks and connect your accounts from there. That’s it. Just head to your Bills page to see your unpaid bills, synced in real time.

Screenshot of the Bills page

Automate your accounting.

Once connected, when you pay bills through Wise, we’ll automatically mark them as paid in your QuickBooks Online account. We’ll also add fees as Bank Charges for easy reconciliation.

Bill paid illustration

Built to save you time.

We've worked closely with accountants to ensure we build a 
bill payment solution that eliminates manual data entry and unnecessary cross checks. Wise does the heavy lifting for you, helping you keep an accurate picture of your accounts and fees.

Young female accountants having a laugh about how easy it is to pay bills on Wise

See and pay your bills in Wise and start saving time

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