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Make international payments all over the world quickly — with the real exchange rate and no crazy fees.

Get your people and employees paid for less fees with Wise Business — wherever in the world they work.

International payments for 19x cheaper* than PayPal.

No inflated rates and high transfer fees here.

Unlike banks and services like PayPal, Wise uses the real exchange rate and charges super low transfer fees — saving businesses millions each month.

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The more you send, the more you save on international payments.

Our fee gets cheaper when you send amounts above 100,000 GBP (or equivalent in your currency). You’ll get a cheaper fee whether you send a one-off large transfer or multiple transfers over a month.
  • Discount is based on your monthly volume
  • Valid on single and multiple transfers
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Embrace remote working, not high foreign transaction fees.

Pay employees, consultants, and freelancers wherever they choose to work with the real exchange rate and low transfer fees — regardless of country or currency.

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Embrace remote working, not high foreign transaction fees.

Run up to 1,000 payments in minutes.

Send up to 1,000 international payments with just one transfer.

Simply upload a spreadsheet with the invoice and currency info, and our smart tech will do the rest. You only need your employees' bank account info or email.

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Help your employees and vendors avoid recipient fees.

When you pay with Wise your recipients get paid in their home currency — so pay no recipient fees. They also don’t need a Wise account to get paid.

All you need is their email address or bank information.

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Help your employees and vendors avoid recipient fees.

Automate payouts with our API.

Large and enterprise-level businesses making high volumes of payouts can work with our team to create a solution to help them scale.

The Wise API gives businesses access to the low fees, speedy transfers, and smart tech that powers Wise Business transfers.

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Start saving with Wise Business today.

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