Finding your ACH routing number

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In order to withdraw funds from your US account using the Federal ACH network, you will need to have two account details at hand; your ACH routing number and account number.


Option 1: Look at your checkbook

If you have your checkbook at hand, have a look at the illustration below for how to locate these details:

Option 2: Find the routing number on your bank's website

Your routing number is associated with your bank and its location.

One bank may have many different routing numbers for different locations, so here's a guide on how to find the correct number.

🏦 Please select the bank of your choice:

Bank of America routing number

Bank of America offers a guide online; simply visit the guide, select your State and locate the number called "Electronic (ex. Direct Deposit/Automatic Payment)".

Please note — The routing number, 026009593, is a wire routing number, and will not work for ACH payments from BoA.

Capital One routing number

With Capital One you might have to log into your internet banking or contact the bank to get the correct number.

Once logged into the internet bank, the routing number should be available under the "Account Details & Transactions page".

Chase routing number

Chase offers a list online, simply visit this FAQ page and look up the number for the region where you opened the account.

Citibank routing number

Citibank offers a list online, simply visit this FAQ page and look up the number (called ABA number) for the region where you opened the account.

PNC Bank routing number

PNC Bank offers a guide on how to find the right details. Visit this page and then locate the section called "Where can I find my full Account and Routing Number?" for more info.

TD Bank routing number

TD Bank offers a list online, simply visit this FAQ page and look up the number for the region where you opened the account.

US Bank routing number

For checking accounts; US Bank offers a list online, simply visit this FAQ page, scroll down the page and look up the number for the region where you opened the account.

For Savings accounts; please contact the US Bank support team, as no list is available online.

Wells Fargo routing number

Wells Fargo offers a guide online; simply visit the guide and answer the questions about your account to find your routing number.

On the question "Will you be using this information to receive a wire transfer?", select "No" to make sure you get the right number.

Other banks

We unfortunately can’t keep instructions up to date for everyone, but here are some general rules of thumb:

1. The information is printed on your checkbook, see our illustration above for how to find it.

2. You can most likely find the information on your bank's website.

3. With some banks you may find the information by logging into your internet banking, see more info below.

4. You can always contact your bank to find the information. To get the right routing number, the easiest is to ask for the "Electronic ACH routing number" and to include information about which State you opened your account in.

Find the routing number you need

Option 3: Log into your internet banking

You can usually find these details by logging into your internet bank. From there you should easily be able to see your accounts and the account number of the account you would like to use (this number can be up 17 digits long).

To find the routing number, you might have to click your way to detailed information about the account.

The number you're looking for is 9 digits long, and usually called "Routing number", "Electronic ABA routing number", "ACH routing number" or "Routing/Transit number" but the description varies from bank to bank.

Keep in mind that you'll have different routing numbers depending on the type of transfer you wish to make or receive. So make sure you choose the right one when setting up your transaction.

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How can you trace an ACH payment?

Tracking an ACH payment is relatively easy. If you're setting up the transfer yourself, you can get the ACH tracing number — usually stored on the "transaction details" of your transfer — and share it with the recipient or your bank.

In case you're on the receiving end, you'll need to contact your bank to request that they track the payment you're expecting to receive. If the sender shared the ACH tracing number, you can provide that to the bank as well.

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