US Bank review: Is US Bank any good?

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Choosing the right bank and account for your needs can mean you save money on fees and can watch your balance grow thanks to favorable interest rates. But with so many choices out there, it’s hard to know where to start.

Maybe you want a day to day checking account which pays interest. Or the best available certificate of deposit rate out there. This guide has you covered with a full US Bank review, including a look at savings products and a US Bank checking account review for you to consider.

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US Bank Checking Account reviews

Let’s start with checking account products from US Bank¹. Having an easy-to-use checking account with low fees can make a big difference by helping you save time on admin and money on fees. Use this quick comparison table to check out the US Bank checking accounts available and see if any may suit your needs.

In addition to the fees in the table below, you’ll need to pay US Bank service fees for some types of transaction. It’s worth understanding these fees before you select an account, as some transaction costs can be surprising - and mount up quickly. One example is the cost of sending and receiving international transfers with US Bank.

💡 Incoming international wires can cost as much as 25 USD, with outgoing transfers up to 50 USD⁷. Learn more about sending international payments with US Bank here, so you don’t get caught out by additional fees later down the line. Or avoid these fees by opening a Wise account.

Account details are correct at the time of research - terms, conditions and rates do vary, and can be different based on your state. Unless otherwise specified, details in this article relate to a California zip code.

Easy Checking²Gold Checking³Platinum Checking⁴Safe Debit Account⁵
Monthly fee⁶6.95 USD - waived if you have an average balance of over 1,500 USD14.95 USD - waived if you have a US Bank mortgage, loan or credit card24.95 USD - waived if you have an average combined balance of over 25,000 USD4.95 USD
Minimum opening deposit⁶25 USD25 USD25 USD25 USD

As well as these popular checking accounts, US Bank offers a Student Account. Student accounts can give lower fees and greater flexibility, as well as perks which may be suitable for customers still in education. Check out the US Bank student account if you may be eligible.

us bank reviews

US Bank Savings Account Review

US Bank has a range of savings products⁸ - the standard savings account⁹ is recommended for customers looking for a flexible savings option with a linked bank card. You can access your funds at US Bank ATMs fee free, set up online banking and recurring payments, and arrange personal notifications and reminders when your balance runs low or when transactions are made from the account.

U.S. Bank Standard Savings Account⁹
Monthly fee4 USD - waive fee with an average 1,000 USD monthly balance
Minimum opening deposit25 USD

US Bank CD

US Bank customers can choose one of their range of certificates of deposit (CDs)¹⁰. These accounts offer a better rate of interest in return for locking your funds away for a fixed period. If you need to access your balance before the term ends, you’ll lose out on interest and may need to pay penalty fees.

US Bank CD¹⁰
Minimum opening deposit500 USD - 1,000 USD depending on the product
Terms availableUp to 60 months
APYUp to 1% for 59-month term promotional CD Standard CD account has 0.25% interest for a 60-month term

US Bank customer experience

All US Bank accounts offer online and offline banking options, which means you can get help in person by visiting a branch, or rely on the digital and phone based services if you’d prefer. It’s also possible to arrange a face to face meeting in a branch in advance, so you’ll know you don’t need to wait around for an assistant to be free¹¹.

The US Bank website has a handy FAQ section and troubleshooting tips, as well as financial education resources. These are great places to start if you have questions about your account.

US Bank overdraft fees

Many US Bank accounts offer overdraft transfer options, which allow you to top up your day-to-day account easily if it’s in danger of going overdrawn. You’ll need to open a linked account to benefit from this service, but it can help you avoid overdraft fees.

If you don’t have overdraft protections in place, you’ll pay a fee every time your account becomes overdrawn. If the transaction in question is worth under 5 USD, the fee may be waived. Otherwise, you’ll pay 36 USD in charges - up to a maximum of 4 items per day⁷. If your account remains in its overdraft facility in the long term, you’ll also face additional daily costs until you top it up.

us bank reviews

US Bank comparison

Let's take a quick look at how US Bank’s savings accounts measure up against similar products on offer from other major banks. Feel free to click through on the provider links to learn more about the account types on offer!

Fees and minimum balanceAPY
Bank of America¹³

8 USD fee - hold a minimum balance of 500 USD to avoid this fee

100 USD minimum opening deposit

0.01% - Preferred Rewards members may earn more
Chase¹¹5 USD fee - hold a minimum balance of 300 USD to avoid this fee0.01%¹²
Chime¹⁴No fee or minimum balance0.5%

10 USD fee

No minimum opening deposit

0.04% - 0.06%
PNC Bank¹⁶

5 USD fee - hold a minimum balance of 300 USD balance or set up auto savings to avoid this fee

25 USD minimum opening deposit

0.04% - 0.06%
TD Bank¹⁷

5 USD fee - hold a minimum balance of 300 USD to avoid this fee

No minimum opening deposit


US Bank pros and cons

Not sure if US Bank is your perfect match? Shopping around is a good idea, so you’ll know you’ve got the best account for your needs. Here are a few pros and cons to consider when looking at US Bank.


  • Both online and offline support available
  • Many accounts come with low monthly fees and ways to have these charges waived
  • Range of account products from basic through to accounts with more features, which may involve higher fees or a larger required deposit
  • Promotional offers on savings products may net you a good deal


  • Branch network does not cover the whole country - account features and fees can also vary by location
  • Transaction fees will apply to all accounts - check them out before you sign up

us bank reviews

Bottom line: Is US bank any good?

Whether or not US Bank is right for you will depend on your personal preferences and - if you value offline banking - your location. US Bank is a well established bank with a good range of products, including promotional interest rates for saving customers. That may mean you find the perfect account for your needs - compare a few providers before you leap in, to be sure.

Choose Wise for international transfers

Checking out the transaction fees for any account you’re considering is a smart idea. Costs can mount up - especially if you’re sending or receiving international payments.

US Bank charges 25 USD for incoming international payments, and 50 USD for outgoing transfers⁷. Avoid these fees by choosing a specialist international transfer service like Wise. Send payments with low, transparent fees and the real exchange rate - or grab yourself a Wise multi-currency account to hold, send and spend multiple currencies all from the same account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is US Bank a good bank to bank with?

US Bank is a long-established, traditional bank with a broad network of branches. If you’re close to a US Bank branch, the easy offline service can be a benefit, although all customers will also have access to online and mobile banking. Whether or not US Bank is right for you will depend on the products you’re interested in and how you prefer to manage your money.

Is US Bank better than Bank of America?

There’s no simple answer to the questions of which is better - US Bank vs Bank of America. Some customers will find one is much better suited to their needs - but both are strong contenders if you’re looking for an account with a traditional bank. Check out our full Bank of America review here, to compare your options.

However, it is important to note that according to Trustpilot (a consumer review website) US Bank has a score of 1.3 out of 5 stars on where most of the feedback seem to be based around customer service.¹⁸ This is a exactly the same score Bank of America also received on the website.¹⁹

Is US Bank a safe bank?

US Bank uses modern technology to keep your bank account safe. Measures in place include fraud prevention tools, secure connections when banking online and on your mobile device, and instant notification of any transactions through the US Bank app.

Choosing a new bank account can be a confusing process - there are many different options, with varied features, fees and services available. Use this guide to US Bank account products to help you decide if US Bank is the one for you - and don’t forget to check out alternatives like the Wise multi-currency account, so you’ll know you’re getting the best deal and the lowest fees out there.

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