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If you’re Florida based and need to send a payment to someone overseas, you may know that Amscot®¹ has partnered with Western Union®² to offer in-branch wire transfer services more or less globally.

Check out this guide to Amscot wire transfers to learn more. Plus, if you’re not based in Florida, or if you’re looking for an online international payment with low costs and the mid-market exchange rate, we’ve got a smart alternative for you.

We’ll introduce Wise as a great comparison to Amscot wire transfers, for anyone sending money to be deposited in a bank account - with fast, flexible and convenient payments to 160+ countries globally.


What is Amscot?

Amscot is a well known non-bank financial service provider, based in Tampa, Florida. Amscot has been around since the 1980s and has a large branch network in many Florida locations, offering a very broad range of services, from check cashing, cash advance, bill payments, money orders, ATM services, notarial support and more.

Amscot has also partnered with Western Union to offer in person payments you can set up in an Amscot branch.

How does Amscot work?

If you want to send an Amscot wire transfer, you’ll first need to find a convenient Amscot location - there’s an online branch finder tool which is handy for finding the nearest place to head out to make your transfer³.

Amscot locations are open 365 days a year, so you’ll be able to set up your payment whenever is convenient for you. Bear in mind that when you set up an Amscot international transfer you’ll need to have your ID on you - take your passport, driving license or similar along with you when you go to the Amscot branch.

Amscot’s partnership with Western Union supports both domestic and international wire payments, so you can send money to someone close by - or in more or less any country in the world.

If you’re sending money in the US, you may find you have the option of having the recipient get their payment in cash at any of the 61,000 Western Union locations domestically⁴ - there are also some 600,000+ Western Union offices globally, allowing for flexible international payments more or less anywhere in the world.

When you send a payment with Amscot you need to visit a physical Amscot location. If that doesn’t suit you, and you’d prefer to sort out your payment from the comfort of your own home, you might prefer a fully digital alternative, like Wise - an online and in-app provider offering digital payments internationally and locally in the US.

Compare the services and costs offered by Amscot and a couple of alternative non-bank providers, including Wise, to see which works best for you.

Is Amscot safe for wire transfers?

Yes. Amscot is a safe and well established business in Florida - and wire transfers with Amscot are processed through Western Union.

Western Union is one of the largest, best known and longest established money transfer services globally, and is licensed, regulated and safe to use.

Can you make international transfers with Amscot?

Yes. You can make an Amscot international transfer through Western Union. To set up your Amscot international transfer you’ll need to visit a local Amscot branch, to get a quote for the fee and exchange rate available.

While the services available through Western Union do vary, you can often choose to have your money deposited into a bank account or mobile money account, or collected in cash at a Western Union location close to your recipient.

Which countries can you send money to with Amscot?

Amscot wire transfers are operated through Western Union. Western Union customers can send money to any country in the world with the exception of Iran and North Korea⁵, which aren’t available due to global sanctions.

Exact services, including destination countries, do change from time to time, but the Amscot team member can advise you of your options when you make your payment.

Make low cost international transfers with Wise

A smart option if you’re sending money overseas: meet Wise.

Register a Wise account online or in the Wise app, and send money to 70+ countries, with the mid-market exchange rate and low, transparent fees.

Wise always shows you the amount you’re paying and how much your recipient will get — and you can even compare against other providers on the Wise app or desktop site.

If another service is cheaper for your particular payment, you’ll be shown — so you can’t lose.

Get started with Wise

See how Wise compares with international bank transfers in our full guide

Please see Terms of Use for your region or visit Wise Fees & Pricing for the most up to date pricing and fee information

Can you receive money internationally through Amscot?

You may be able to receive money sent to you through Western Union, at an Amscot location. The exact services available do vary from one store to another, so it’s important to double check.

However, you can use the Western Union location finder⁶ to see if Amscot’s most convenient branch offers cash collection - or give Amscot a call directly to see what collection services are on offer.

How long do Amscot international transfers take?

Amscot international transfers are processed through Western Union’s network. Western Union offers different payment services which have their own fees and delivery times.

Here are the standard options⁷:
  • Money in Minutes for cash pick up: generally delivered within minutes

  • Next Day service for cash pick up: generally available the next day

  • Direct to Bank deposit: generally available in 2 to 5 business days

  • Mobile Money Transfer: generally delivered within minutes

Amscot wire money transfers fees and costs

The amount you pay for your Amscot international wire transfer will depend on a series of different factors including:

  • Where you’re sending to
  • How you pay
  • How your money is received
  • Payment value

The full price you pay will include both a transfer fee and an exchange rate markup. The exchange rate markup is a percentage fee which is added into the rate used to convert your currency when sending internationally.

Amscot - Western Union fees and rates vary by location and payment type, but you’ll be notified by the Amscot agent when you arrange your transfer, and can then compare your options.

Before you decide to send your money with Amscot, compare the exchange rate and fees on offer against alternative providers, including Wise.

Wise is a money services business (MSB) that offers international payments you can set up with just your phone, to 160+ countries globally. There’s no exchange rate markup - and no need to even leave home to get your money moving.


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