Using Touch ‘n Go eWallet in Malaysia: a complete guide

Hannes Ausmees

Since being launched way back in 1997, Touch ‘n Go has become a cornerstone of Malaysia’s progression to a cashless society. Over 84 million Touch ‘n Go cards have been sold - and the more recently added Touch ‘n Go eWallet looks like it’ll be every bit as popular, with 16+ million users already.

If you want to know how to use the Touch ‘n Go eWallet, this guide is for you. We’ll cover how the eWallet is different from the Touch n’ Go card, how to get an account set up, and how to top up Touch n’ Go online. We’ll also highlight an alternative eWallet and card for comparison - the Wise multi-currency account, which can offer a cheaper and more flexible option for shopping and spending internationally.

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How to use Touch ‘n Go eWallet

If you’ve already got a Touch n’ Go card¹ you might be wondering what’s different about the eWallet. In short, the Touch n’ Go eWallet can be used to pay for everything from parking and tolls to online shopping and even your weekly grocery shop, right from your phone. There’s no need to carry a card, making mobile payments when you’re out and about fast and easy.

Here’s a rundown of the ways you can use your Touch ‘n Go eWallet - we’ll get into more details about some of the key transaction types offered in just a moment²:

  • Spend online with merchants like Lazada
  • Send money to other Touch 'n Go eWallet users
  • Reload your mobile prepaid
  • Pay for your utilities and postpaid bills
  • Buy movie and train tickets
  • Make QR code payments at participating Touch 'n Go merchants
  • Pay tolls via RFID and PayDirect

Touch ‘n Go eWallet - tiers and limits

When you register your Touch ‘n Go eWallet, you’ll be able to choose between the Lite, Pro and Premium accounts. Different account tiers have different usage limits, meaning you may need to upgrade your account if you want to access all the eWallet’s features, or you’re a frequent user.

Here’s an overview of the account tiers³:

Touch ‘n Go eWallet tierLiteProPremium
eWallet size200 MYR5,000 MYRUp to 20,000 MYR
How to accessRegister in the Touch ‘n Go appComplete account verificationOnboard on the Premium page of the Touch ‘n Go app
Monthly transaction limit2,000 MYR (excluding transportation, RFID and PayDirect)5,000 MYR (excluding transportation, RFID and PayDirect)25,000 MYR (excluding transportation, RFID and PayDirect)
Annual transaction limit24,000 MYR (including transportation, RFID and PayDirect)60,000 MYR (including transportation, RFID and PayDirect)Up to 300,000 MYR (including transportation, RFID and PayDirect)
Features available
  • Make payments
  • Reload
  • RFID
  • PayDirect
  • Receive payments
  • Make payments
  • Reload
  • RFID
  • PayDirect
  • Send and receive payments
  • Make payments
  • Reload
  • RFID
  • PayDirect
  • Send and receive payments
  • Premium product benefits

Paying with Touch ‘n Go eWallet

Paying with the Touch ‘n Go eWallet is easy, and can be done with participating merchants both on and offline. If you’re shopping in person and want to pay using your Touch ‘n Go eWallet you’ll be able to either scan the merchant’s QR code, or have the merchant scan your personal QR code in the Touch ‘n Go app. Just look out for a sign with the Touch ‘n Go logo displayed near the checkout.

When you’re shopping online, using Touch ‘n Go is just as easy. If the merchant you’re buying from accepts Touch ‘n Go payments you’ll see the logo displayed when you get to the site’s checkout. Just select this option when it comes to time to pay, and follow the onscreen prompts to make your payment.

Transport - tolls, buses, trains, etc

You can use your Touch ‘n Go eWallet to buy train tickets online, although you’ll still need a physical Touch ‘n Go card to go cashless on the bus. Not all transport companies allow Touch ‘n Go payments - but it is pretty widely accepted, and far easier than carrying cash.

One of the biggest benefits of using your Touch ‘n Go eWallet might be through pairing your account with a TnG RFID tag for toll payments⁴. You can either have your RFID tag fitted professionally, or order for delivery and fit it yourself.

Link your tag to the Touch ‘n Go eWallet, and you’ll be able to sail through the RFID gates instead of stopping to make manual toll payments. The RFID tag will make sure the correct payment is deducted from your Touch ‘n Go account - you just have to keep your wallet topped up, or use PayDirect for automatic top ups.


Touch ‘n Go cards are widely accepted for parking payments - and by adding your physical card to your Touch ‘n Go eWallet you’ll also be able to get PayDirect for automatic eWallet top ups⁵. This means you don’t need to worry about maintaining a balance in your account, you just link your preferred payment method to have your Touch ‘n Go account automatically topped up as needed.


Use your Touch ‘n Go eWallet to pay in participating merchant locations, with over 360,000 places to spend listed already⁶. All you’ll need to do is open the app when you reach the store’s checkout, scan the merchant’s code and confirm the payment amount. The funds will be automatically deducted from your ewallet seamlessly.

Shopping online

Touch ‘n Go eWallets can also be used to shop online with a broad range of merchants - including Lazada in Malaysia⁷. And if you’re wondering how to use Touch ‘n Go eWallet in Lazada the good news is that it’s easy.

Do your online shopping as normal, and when you get to the checkout stage you’ll just need to select the option to view all payment methods. If you see Touch ‘n Go listed here, the merchant accepts eWallet payments, so all you’ll have to do is click and follow the onscreen prompts to pay.

It’s good to know that there are a couple of limitations when using Touch ‘n Go eWallets for online shopping. Firstly, you’ll need to double check if the individual merchant accepts this form of payment - and then you’ll have to have enough balance in your wallet to pay for your purchase in full.

If you’re shopping with a merchant based overseas, they may well not accept Touch ‘n Go eWallet payments - or you might find you pay over the odds because of high currency conversion fees.

A smarter way to shop online with international retailers may be to get yourself a free Wise multi-currency account and card, which offers currency conversion with the real mid-market exchange rate and low, transparent fees. We’ll cover that option - and how it can help you save money - a little later.


How to set up your Touch ‘n Go eWallet

Ready to get started with the Touch ‘n Go eWallet? Here’s all you need to do:

  1. Download the Touch ‘n Go ewallet app onto your smartphone
  2. Click Create Account within the app
  3. Add your Malaysian or Singapore phone number to receive a one time password (OTP)
  4. Enter the OTP when prompted to set your 6 digit PIN and security information
  5. Enter your personal details, and complete the account verification process if you want to unlock full account features
  6. You’re ready to go!

How to top up Touch ‘n Go online

You can add funds to your Touch ‘n Go eWallet online or in the app, and also link your enhanced Touch ‘n Go card to the eWallet to top up digitally. All you’ll need to do is link a credit card, debit card, or bank account to your eWallet, for easy in-app top ups.

It’s worth noting that account balance paid for through a credit card is viewed as non-transferable. This means that you’ll be able to spend this balance as normal, but you won’t be able to transfer it out of your eWallet to another Touch ‘n Go account or back to your bank account.

How to link Touch ‘n Go card to the eWallet

If you have an old school Touch ‘n Go card you won’t be able to link it to the eWallet. However, users of the new enhanced Touch ‘n Go card are able to link this to the eWallet account for easy top ups and more features. If you have an enhanced card, this is what you need to do:

  1. Open the Touch ‘n Go eWallet app
  2. Look for the Touch ‘n Go card button which is in the top right
  3. Click and follow the instructions to scan your Touch ‘n Go card
  4. Confirm all the details to link your eWallet and card

Touch ‘n Go vs GrabPay vs Wise (formerly Transferwise) - eWallet comparison

Of course, Touch ‘n Go isn’t the only eWallet out on the market. And as more and more Malaysians embrace the benefits of going cashless, the chances are that more will appear on the scene in time.

However, not all eWallets are made equal so it’s best to compare a few eWallet providers before you pick the right one for you. To help you get started let's take a look at how Touch ‘n Go lines up with GrabPay and Wise, across a range of key features and benefits.

Touch ‘n GoGrabPay⁷Wise
Currencies availableMYR only - make foreign remittances via AliPayMYR only40+ currencies including MYR, SGD, USD and more
Foreign transaction feesForeign transactions use the AliPay exchange rate⁸If you use GrabPay internationally, a currency conversion fee may applyFree to spend any currency you hold using your Wise card
Shop onlineYesYes - selected merchantsYes - anywhere cards are accepted
Shop in personYes - selected merchantsYes - selected merchantsYes- anywhere cards are accepted
Pay on Lazada⁹YesNot availableYes
Pay on Shopee¹⁰Not availableNot availableYes
Send payments to othersYesYes - recipient needs a Grab accountYes - recipient does not need a Wise account
RewardsYesYesDiscounts from selected merchants are available

Learn more here about GrabPay in Malaysia

There’s no doubt that having access to an eWallet is handy - but which is the right one for you will boil down to how you expect to use it. In many cases, having more than one available eWallet is the very best way to maximise the opportunities and features available.

If you travel or shop online with retailers based internationally, you could be better off with the Wise multi-currency account and card. You’ll be able to open an account with Wise online and for free, to hold and handle 40+ currencies, and switch between them using the real mid-market exchange rate. That can mean you save a lot on the costs of currency exchange, and avoid expensive foreign transaction fees levied by regular banks.

Use your Wise account in person and online, anywhere that debit cards are accepted, manage your money on the go through the intuitive Wise app, and spend with your physical or virtual card all around the world. It couldn’t be easier.

Whether it's work, travel, a trip around the world, a semester abroad or just vacation - open your free Wise multi-currency account and save up on fees!

Learn more about Wise

Frequently asked questions

How to get in touch with Touch ‘n Go customer service?

If you have questions about the Touch ‘n Go eWallet, there’s a dedicated Touch ‘n Go customer service number available¹¹:

+603-5022 3888 (Mon-Sun 7.00am – 10.00pm)

You can also get in touch by completing an online form or through social media.

How to ask Touch ‘n Go for a refund?

If your Touch ‘n Go physical card has been lost or stolen you might need to report this or ask for your money back. You can do this using the online refund form, or by emailing

How to check my balance on Touch ‘n Go?

You’ll be able to easily see your eWallet balance in the Touch ‘n Go app, and you can also use the app to check the balance of your linked physical Touch ‘n Go card. Do this by clicking on the TNG Card button from within the app, and following the prompts to enter the required details.

Where to get a statement for my Touch ‘n Go account?

Get a Touch ‘n Go statement from your account online or in the eWallet app. Look for the History tab and click on View Transactions to get started.

How to delete my Touch ‘n Go eWallet account?

You can delete your Touch ‘n Go eWallet account online, or by calling Touch ‘n Go customer service on +603 5022 3888.


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