Touch n’ Go Visa Card review - Is this prepaid travel card really worth getting in Malaysia?

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The Touch ‘n Go Visa card1 is linked to an ewallet which you can top up from your phone, to use your card to spend and withdraw cash in Malaysia and abroad. You can use your TnG Visa card overseas for spending anywhere the Visa network is supported, with the Alipay exchange rate and no foreign transaction fee. But how does the TnG Visa Card work, what’s the difference from the regular TnG card, and is it worth it?

Read our guide to learn more. We’ll also highlight how the TnG Visa compares for international spending against another popular travel card from Wise, so you can see if it’s right for you.

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What is the Touch ‘n Go (TnG) Visa Card?

The TnG Visa Card can be used to spend online and in person, and to make cash withdrawals. It’s linked to an ewallet which you can top up easily, to make spending simple2.

The TnG Visa is not the same as the standard TnG card3. To get the TnG Visa you’ll need to complete an application in the TnG app - but once you’ve got your card it can be used far more flexibly than your normal TnG card. While the basic TnG card is only accepted at select payment points, the TnG Visa is on the Visa card network which is very widely accepted globally. That means you can use it to spend and make cash withdrawals more or less anywhere in the world.

How to use the TnG Visa Card

Let’s start with the TnG Visa card benefits. The TnG Visa card can be used to4:

  • Make contactless payments in stores
  • Pay by QR in select location
  • Withdraw cash from any Visa ATM
  • Transfer money to other Touch ‘n Go ewallet users
  • Pay for parking and road tolls
  • Top up your mobile prepaid
  • Pay for your utilities and your phone
  • Purchase movie and flight tickets

Once you’ve got your ewallet account and card, you’ll be able to get verified and opt in to increase your wallet size, and to get extra features. Here are your key options, and the limits associated4:

Lite accountPro accountPremium accountPremium account with opt in
Account limit200 MYR5,000 MYR5,000 MYR20,000 MYR
Monthly transaction limit (excluding transport)2,000 MYR5,000 MYR5,000 MYR25,000 MYR
Annual transaction limit (including transport)24,000 MYR60,000 MYR60,000 MYR300,000 MYR

There’s no fee to get your card in the first place, but there may be a courier or delivery charge to pay. You might also find you have to pay a reload fee, depending on how you choose to add money to your account5.

Using your card in an ATM locally in Malaysia costs 1.4 MYR per withdrawal, while making an international ATM withdrawal has a 10 MYR fee6. We’ll take a look at how this cost measures up against an alternative - the Wise card - a bit later.

TnG Visa Card exchange rate

The TnG Visa Card ewallet holds MYR, but you can use your card to spend and make withdrawals globally. When you spend overseas, the cost of your purchase is converted back to MYR using the Alipay exchange rate7, to be deducted from your account. There’s no separate foreign transaction fee to pay, and you can see the live Alipay exchange rate for the currency you need in the card app.

It’s worth comparing the Alipay exchange rate you’re offered against the mid-market exchange rate which you can find easily on Google. If there’s a difference, it might mean there’s a fee added to the rate you’re offered - which can make it more expensive to spend overseas.

TnG Visa Card vs Wise card

The Touch ‘n Go Visa Card is a travel card which can be used to pay for things while you’re abroad. But how does it compare to other travel card options available in Malaysia?

Let’s look at a head to head comparison of the TnG Visa against the Wise card. With Wise you can hold a multi-currency balance for international spending with the mid-market exchange rate and low conversion fees. Here’s a summary:

TnG Visa CardWise card
AvailabilityMalaysian residents onlyAvailable globally in all but a handful of countries
Card order feeNo fee13.7 MYR
Monthly and Annual feesNo feesNo fee
Supported CurrenciesMYR only40+ currencies
International ATM withdrawals10 MYR2 free withdrawals to 1,000 MYR/month 5 MYR + 1.75% fee after that
Currency ExchangeAlipay exchange rateMid-market exchange rate, with conversion fees from 0.43%
Virtual CardsNot availableAvailable
International Money TransfersNot availableSend to 150+ countries, with fees from 0.43%

Pricing/fees: Please see Terms of Use for your region or visit Wise Fees & Pricing for the most up to date pricing and fee information

How to apply for a TnG Visa Card

You’ll need to apply for the TnG ewallet Visa Card in the TnG app. The card is available to Malaysian residents only, and you need a local Malaysian mailing address to take delivery of the card when it’s been dispatched.

As part of the process to order your TnG Visa Card you may be asked to upload documents which confirm your identity and address - you can do so by taking a photo of your paperwork with your phone and uploading it to the app.

Here’s an outline of how to apply for a TnG Visa card8:

  1. Open the Touch ‘n Go app and tap on Visa Card
  2. Tap Get Card Now and enter your details, following the onscreen prompts
  3. Upload your ID documents if you’re asked to do so
  4. Tap Pay Now, pay the delivery fee, and your card will be dispatched

How to top up your TnG Visa Card

You can top up your TnG ewallet to make sure you have funds available for spending with your TnG Visa Card. All you need to do is open the TnG app and navigate to the top up function. Follow the prompts to pay in your preferred way, and you’re ready to spend or withdraw with your card.

🖊️ Don’t have a TnG eWallet yet? Find out more about how to use the Touch n’ Go ewallet in Malaysia


The Touch ‘n Go Visa Card uses a digital wallet to allow you to add money and spend and make withdrawals conveniently. The TnG Visa offers more features than the standard Touch ‘n Go card, and can be used anywhere the network is supported globally. However, it’s not necessarily the most flexible option for international spending.

Compare your options with TnG against the Wise card. You can open and manage your Wise card account in an app, just like you do with TnG. However, Wise stands out because you can hold a multi-currency balance, and spend any currency you hold for free wherever in the world you might be. Wise currency conversion uses the mid-market exchange rate with low conversion costs from 0.43% and no foreign transaction fee. You’ll also get some free ATM withdrawals monthly, which can make it easier to get cash while you’re overseas, making Wise a great bet for your next trip away.

Need a multi currency e-wallet?Want a travel card with no hidden fees?
✍️ Sign up for a Wise account💳 Get your Wise card here


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*Please see terms of use and product availability for your region or visit Wise fees and pricing for the most up to date pricing and fee information.

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