Best Malaysia Credit Cards with Airport Lounge Access - Additional benefits, fees, requirements and more

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Getting a credit card with lounge access in Malaysia and beyond means you can get into exclusive airport lounges to start your trip in style when you fly. Different cards have their own lounge access offers - so weighing up the terms and conditions is important, to make sure you get the best free lounge access credit card for your specific needs.

This guide walks through the features, fees, pros and cons of 6 popular Malaysia credit cards with airport lounge accesss - and we’ll also touch on the Wise card which can be a handy extra for overseas spending, with mid-market rates and no foreign transaction fee to worry about1.

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What to consider when choosing a Malaysian credit card with airport lounge access?

If you’re specifically looking for a Malaysian credit card with airport lounge access, you’ve got a few things to think about. There are lots of different card options which have their own features and fees - but the way that airport lounge access is managed can vary greatly.

If your priority is getting a KLIA premium lounge credit card which lets you into lounges on your outward journey you’ll have quite a few cards to pick from. If you’re looking for something that gives you very broad access to lounges in different airports and countries, your card options may be a little more limited.

Check the details of the offer carefully, looking for example at:

  • Does the card offer lounge access in Malaysia only or in other countries and regions too?
  • How many times a year can you go to an airport lounge - and is the offer for the primary card holder only, or are guests allowed?
  • Does the card allow you into a selection of lounge brands or is Plaza Premium your primary option?
  • Is there a minimum spend requirement to qualify for lounge access?
  • Are there other perks like discounts for guests or for once your free entry allowance is exhausted?

Here are a few great Malaysian credit cards that offer lounge access to kick off your research:

Alliance Bank Visa Infinite

Alliance Bank Visa Infinite2 is a Plaza Premium lounge credit card which also lets the cardholder use select Travel Club lounges

  • Minimum annual income of 60,000 MYR for principal card holder³
  • 438 MYR annual fee, waived in year 1
  • Plaza Premium lounge and Travel Club lounge
  • Principal cardholder can use Plaza Premium lounge 2x, and Travel Club lounge 1x 1% foreign transaction fee for overseas spending

The Alliance Bank Visa Infinite has opportunities to earn Timeless Bonus Points at varying rates depending on the category of spending. You’ll get 8x rewards on some online spending, 5x on categories including overseas spend and dining, and 1x on most other retail transactions. Bonus points can be used for attractive gifts, and don’t ever expire, so you can save them up for the gift of your choice for as long as you like. Bear in mind that even though you get extra rewards for foreign currency spending, you’ll also pay an extra 1% fee.

Citi PremierMiles

Use Citi Premiermiles4 to enjoy access to Plaza Premium lounges in 17 different airports, 8 times a year

  • Minimum annual income of 100,000 MYR for principal card holder⁵
  • 600 MYR annual fee, waived for first 3 years
  • Plaza Premium lounge access 8x across varying locations
  • Travel extras like complimentary rides home from KLIA
  • 2.4% foreign transaction fee for overseas spending

The Citibank Citi Premiermiles credit card has a fairly high minimum income and annual fee, although the annual fee is waived for 3 years for new cardholders. The perks are aimed at customers looking for extensive lifestyle benefits, and include 8x lounge access, limo rides, and reward points you can use to offset spending or to get gifts. Foreign transaction fees are fairly high at 2.4%, making this a pretty expensive option for shopping while you’re abroad.

CIMB Travel Platinum

Get CIMB Travel Platinum6 for a no annual fee travel card which offers entry to select Plaza Premium lounges for both cardholder and supplementary cardholder, subject to conditions

  • Minimum annual income of 24,000 MYR⁷
  • No annual fees
  • 4x entry to select Plaza Premium lounges, subject to minimum quarterly spend requirements
  • 1% foreign transaction fee on overseas spend

The CIMB Travel Platinum card could be an attractive option if you’d prefer a no annual fee credit card which has some lounge access as long as you spend enough every quarter. Lounge options aren’t as generous with this card compared to some other Malaysian credit cards with airport lounge access - but there’s no ongoing fee to pay, making this a strong contender if you want to test out a travel card with low risk.

👀 Looking for a travel card to maximise your overseas spending? See how Wise compares with other multi-currency cards like BigPay and MAE in Malaysia.

Get your Wise card here

Maybank Visa Infinite

The Maybank Visa Infinite card8 allows the primary cardholder to get into Plaza Premium airport lounges, and also comes with extras like golf privileges

  • Minimum annual income of 100,00 MYR⁹
  • 800 MYR annual fee, waived for the first year
  • 5x access to Plaza Premium lounges at select airports, for primary cardholder
  • 2.25% foreign transaction fees

The Maybank Visa Infinite credit card is aimed at high income customers earning 100,000 MYR or more annually. The annual fee is also on the high side, but the lifestyle benefits might make it worthwhile for some customers. As well as airport lounge access, this card comes with golf offers, an airport speed pass, and discounts on dining.

HSBC Premier Travel

If you’re an HSBC Premier Elite account holder you may be invited to apply for an HSBC Premier Travel credit card10 which offers 12x lounge access

  • Card is by invitation only
  • Offered to HSBC Premier Elite account holders, who must hold a minimum 3,000,000 MYR in relationship balance with HSBC Malaysia
  • 12x entry to Plaza Premium Lounges
  • 1% foreign transaction fee on international spend

This card is for HSBC Premier Elite account holders only, who need to hold a high minimum relationship balance across savings and investments with HSBC Malaysia. If you’re eligible, you can get 12x entry to select Plaza Premium Lounges. Annual fees may be waived for this card depending on your HSBC customer status. Bear in mind there’s a foreign transaction fee if you use your card overseas.

RHB World Mastercard

The RHB World Mastercard11 allows you to get into Plaza Premium lounges 6x, and also has discounts for guests accompanying you

  • 24,000 minimum annual income¹²
  • No annual fees to pay
  • 6x access to selected Plaza Premium Lounge in Malaysia if you meet minimum spend requirements
  • Discounts at all Plaza Premium Lounges in Malaysia for guests
  • 1% foreign transaction fee on foreign currency spending

There is no annual fee for the RHB World Mastercard which can make this a good choice if you’re not sure whether a travel card is right for you. To benefit from lounge access all you need to do is meet minimum spending requirements. Golf privileges and cash back on spending are also offered, making this a solid all round option for many customers.

What else to look out for when choosing a credit card?

Using a credit card is convenient and secure - but picking the right card for you is important to make sure you don’t end up paying unnecessary fees or facing restrictions on your card use. Before you sign up, pay attention to the following card features and fees:

  • Make sure you’re eligible for the card you selected based on your income
  • Look at annual fees - these may be waived in the first year but can be pretty high
  • Check what interest will apply if you don’t pay your bill in full
  • Choose a card which has benefits you’ll really enjoy - as well as lounge access you might get cash back or discounts for example
  • Review the card fees carefully - particularly checking foreign transaction fees which apply whenever you’re abroad - you may be able to save on foreign transaction costs with an international debit card instead

Travelling soon? Bring along a credit card for lounge access and the Wise card to maximise your foreign currency transactions

Getting a Malaysian credit card with airport lounge access can be a great perk, and help to make travel feel more luxurious. But spending overseas with a credit card can mean extra fees - grab a Wise card instead, to cut your foreign transaction costs.

Most credit cards with lounge access will also charge a foreign transaction fee when you spend overseas. There are also significant cash advance fees when you use an ATM.

Try Wise instead. You can hold and exchange 40+ currencies in your Wise digital account, and there’s no foreign transaction fee to worry about. All currency conversion uses the mid-market rate, with low fees from 0.43%. You can also get some free ATM withdrawals every month to make it easier and cheaper to get cash while you’re away from home.

💳 Order your very own Wise card

Lounge access might make your next trip that little bit more relaxing - use this guide to choose the right one for you, and pop a Wise card in your pocket to save on currency exchange while you’re away.


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