Ultimate Guide to Home Ownership Campaign (HOC)

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This guide walks through how the HOC works, including the benefits and the types of property which are eligible.

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A cost example: Sending 20,000 USD from USA to a MYR account in Malaysia

The true cost of sending USD to MYR

As you can see with this example, sending money with Wise works out better value than using PayPal. Although PayPal has a low headline fee, their currency conversion costs are wrapped up in the exchange rate used.

When you’re sending an international payment, it’s crucial to check both the fees and the exchange rate available.

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What is the Home Ownership Campaign (HOC)?

The Home Ownership Campaign was originally planned to end in 2019. However, it has now been reintroduced from 1 June 2020 through to 31 May 2021.²

The Home Ownership Campaign is intended to make it easier for Malaysians to buy a residential property - and at the same time, reduce the number of extra housing units which are currently unoccupied. All Malaysian citizens can benefit from the HOC discounts, and can buy as many eligible properties as they wish. There are, however, fairly strict criteria about which properties are covered by HOC - more on that later.

Under the Home Ownership Campaign, eligible properties benefit from a discount of at least 10% from the developer, and may have stamp duty waived or reduced depending on the value of the property. Here’s what you need to know about stamp duty:²

Instruments of transfer:

Value of property Normal stamp duty HOC stamp duty
First MYR 100,000 1% Exempt
MYR 100,001 - MYR 500,000 2% Exempt
MYR 500,001 - MYR 1,000,000 3% Exempt
MYR 1,000,001 - MYR 2,500,000 4% 3%

Instruments on securing loan:

Loan amount Normal stamp duty HOC stamp duty
Up to MYR 2,500,000 0.5% Exempt

In order to be part of the HOC campaign, developers must offer a discount on the property cost of at least 10%. However, the discount can be higher than this, meaning you could save even more on some purchases. It’s worth noting, though, that not all properties will be covered by HOC. Developers might choose not to take part in the scheme, so you’ll need to check before proceeding with a purchase.

Example of benefits of Home Ownership Campaign (HOC)

Let’s take a look at what the HOC means in practise, using an example of a home valued at MYR 450,000.

Without HOC:

Full cost of property MYR 450,000
Down payment (450,000 x 10%) MYR 45,000
Stamp duty loan (450,000 x 0.5%) MYR 2,250
Stamp duty MOT (100,000 x 1% + 350,000 x 2%) MYR 8,000
Monthly Repayment (4.5% @ 30 years loan, 90% of purchase price)³ MYR 2,052
Total MYR 57,302

With HOC:

Discounted cost of property (450,000 x 90%) MYR 405,000
Down payment (405,000 x 90%) MYR 40,500
Stamp duty loan (exempt) MYR 0
Stamp duty MOT (exempt) MYR 0
Monthly Repayment (4.5% @ 30 years loan, 90% of purchase price)³ MYR 1,847
Total MYR 42,347

In the case above, you could save around MYR 15,000. Not bad, right?

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Who is eligible for the Home Ownership Campaign (HOC)?

To be eligible for the benefits of the HOC you must be a Malaysian citizen. ²

What properties are covered by the Home Ownership Campaign (HOC)?

The properties covered by the HOC must be residential, including apartments, condos and landed houses. You can’t buy commercial buildings, and sales must be on the primary market to qualify, meaning you’ll have to be buying from a developer rather than a resale property.

There are a few other eligibility criteria to consider - here are the key points to know:²

  • The developer must offer a discount of at least 10% of the value of the property
  • The price of the home must be MYR300,001 - MYR2,500,000 prior to the developer discount being applied
  • The property must be ‘residential’ and not for commercial activities
  • The sale and purchase agreement must be concluded between June 1 2020 and May 31 2021

You can find the full eligibility details online - check out the REHDA (Real Estate and Housing Developers’ Association) website for more information and a really useful FAQ section about the Home Ownership Campaign.²

Buying a home is never going to be cheap. But thanks to the HOC it is now more affordable to get onto the property ladde. If you’re sending money from overseas to make your property purchase, don’t forget to check out Wise.

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