Enrich Money Card review - Is this prepaid Visa travel card really worth getting in Malaysia?

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If you’re looking for a travel card you can use to spend and make withdrawals overseas you may have heard of the Enrich Money Card1. The Enrich card from Malaysia Airlines offers a multi-currency ewallet and card which you can use for seamless spending and withdrawals. Top up your account with ringgit - or convert Enrich Points to EnrichMoney Points you can redeem against the cost of purchases.

This complete guide walks through the Enrich card benefits, features and fees - and to help you decide if it’s right for you we’ve also got a head to head comparison of Enrich Money vs Wise. See how the Wise card measures up against Enrich, so you can pick the perfect partner for your travels.

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What is the Enrich Money Visa Prepaid Card?

The Enrich Money Visa Prepaid card is an international prepaid debit card you can use to spend and withdraw anywhere the Visa network is supported. The card is linked to a multi-currency ewallet which holds 20 currencies2.

Add money in MYR online or through an agent, and convert it to the currency you need for spending. There’s no charge to spend a currency you have in your account - but there are some other important fees to understand with this card, which we’ll cover later on.

One of the key features of the Enrich Money card is that you can add Enrich Points earned from qualifying Malaysia Airlines flights to your account, to redeem against the cost of purchases. While you spend you can also earn extra EnrichMoney Points, which can then be redeemed against card spending3. More on that later.

How to use the Enrich Money Visa Card

The Enrich Money card is backed by a multi-currency ewallet you can use to hold up to 20 major currencies. Once you have a balance in your account you can then use your card to pay and make withdrawals anywhere Visa is accepted.

Once you’ve opened your Enrich Money account you’ll be able to use your ewallet to hold up to 10,000 MYR. After 6 months you may be able to apply to increase this wallet size, if you’ve consistently held a balance in the account above 500 MYR. Upgraded ewallets can hold 20,000 MYR in value.

Aside from wallet size, there are a few other Enrich Money limits you should know about:

FeatureEnrich Money limit
Initial load amount100 MYR minimum
ATM withdrawalMaximum 5,000 MYR per day, or 5 withdrawals
PayWave paymentsMaximum of 250 MYR per day
Top up requirementsMinimum and maximum limits apply, which vary depending on the top up method chosen

Enrich Money Visa Card exchange rate

If you choose to use the Enrich Money multi-currency feature, and convert your MYR to one of the 20 supported currencies, the Enrich exchange rate is used. You can find the rate in the card’s app. It’s worth comparing the rate you’re offered against the mid-market exchange rate which you can get from Google, to see if a markup has been added. A markup is a fee rolled into the rate used for currency conversion. It’s not always easy to see, and it can mean you’re spending more than you expect on overseas transactions.

Currency exchange works a little differently if you’re spending an unsupported currency. In this case, your card will convert the payment amount using the Visa exchange rate and also charge you a foreign transaction fee of 1.75%. The total amount is deducted from your ewallet in MYR.

If you’d rather not pay foreign transaction fees when you travel, you may be interested to compare Enrich against Wise. We’ve got a comprehensive Enrich Money vs Wise head to head coming up in just a moment.

Earning EnrichMoney Points

We mentioned how you can use the Enrich card to earn points earlier. It’s important to note that the EnrichMoney Points you earn from card spending are not the same as Malaysia Airlines Enrich Points.

EnrichMoney Points are offered when you spend with your Visa card, and can then be used to claim back money you’ve spent at a later stage. You can’t use your EnrichMoney Points to redeem against Malaysia Airlines Enrich Points rewards. However, you can convert your Malaysia Airlines Enrich Points to EnrichMoney Points.

It’s not the most straightforward system, but once you have EnrichMoney Points in your account they can be used in a similar way to cash back credits. You’ll be able to log into your app, select a purchase you’ve made previously, and redeem your points against the purchase. The value of the purchase is then credited back to your account.

Enrich Money Visa Card vs Wise card

Before you sign up for the Enrich Money Visa Card, compare the travel card available from Wise.

Wise cards are more flexible than the Enrich Card, supporting 40+ currencies. When you convert from one currency to another you get the mid-market exchange rate with no foreign transaction fee, and low conversion costs from 0.43%. You can even get some free ATM withdrawals every month for those times when only cash will do.

Here’s a comparison of how Wise and Enrich line up side by side:

Enrich Money CardWise card
AvailabilityMalaysian residents onlyAvailable globally in all but a handful of countries
Card order fee10 MYR13.7 MYR
Monthly and Annual fees10 MYR annual feeNo fee
Minimum account balance20 MYR - refunded when you cancel your cardNone
Supported Currencies20 currencies40+ currencies
Foreign transaction fee1.75% fee when spending an unsupported currencyNo foreign transaction fee
International ATM withdrawals10 MYR2 free withdrawals to 1,000 MYR/month 5 MYR + 1.75% fee after that
Currency ExchangeEnrich exchange rate for ewallet conversion; Visa exchange rate when spending in an unsupported currencyMid-market exchange rate, with conversion fees from 0.43%
Virtual CardsNot availableAvailable
International Money TransfersNot availableSend to 150+ countries, with fees from 0.43%

Pricing/fees: Please see Terms of Use for your region or visit Wise Fees & Pricing for the most up to date pricing and fee information

How to apply for an Enrich Money Visa Card

To qualify for the Enrich Money Visa Card you must be at least 18 years old, and fulfil the following criteria:

  • You must have a Malaysian registered mobile number
  • You must provide valid ID for verification - a Malaysian NRIC or a passport if you’re a foreigner living legally in Malaysia
  • You must provide your residential and mailing address, which must be in Malaysia
  • You must have a local Malaysian bank account in your name

As long as you’re eligible all you’ll then need to do is download the Enrich Money app. Follow the prompts to sign up and make your initial payment of at least 100 MYR. 20 MYR of this is a refundable minimum account balance that you get back upon cancelling the card - 10 MYR is the card order fee. The remaining 70 MYR is yours to spend with the card any way you like.

How to top up your Enrich Money Visa Card

You can top up your Enrich Money Visa card’s ewallet through the following:

  • Visit a Merchantrade branch or participating agent
  • Deposit money from your bank by FPX or using your online banking system like CIMB Clicks
  • Use JomPAY
  • Add money from your debit card
  • Use a Maybank cash deposit machine to add money to your card in MYR

This gives you flexible options to add money in cash, from your bank or with a card. Once you have a balance you can convert to the currency you need if you’re heading abroad and want to use the card’s multi-currency function - or leave it as MYR for local purchases.

🤔 Haven’t decided on a travel card yet? See how Wise compares to other prepaid travel cards like BigPay and MAE


The Enrich Money Visa Prepaid Card can be a convenient option for overseas spending if you’re heading off to a country that uses one of the 20 currencies supported by your Enrich ewallet. You can earn EnrichMoney Points as you spend, or convert Malaysia Airlines Enrich Points to EnrichMoney Points, to redeem against purchases much as you would with a cash back card.

It’s important to remember that if you don’t have the currency you need in your Enrich Money Card wallet, you pay a 1.75% foreign transaction fee which pushes up your overall costs. There’s also a 10 MYR international ATM fee to pay which is quite steep for lower value withdrawals. These factors can mean that the Enrich Card isn’t the cheapest option for travel.

Before you sign up for Enrich, compare the card features and fees with the Wise card. Wise accounts support 40+ currencies and have no foreign transaction fee. You can also get some free ATM withdrawals every month to make it easier and cheaper to get cash while you’re away from home. You’ll miss out on earning EnrichMoney Points - but you may find that Wise is better value in the end.

Need a multi currency e-wallet?Want a travel card with no hidden fees?
✍️ Sign up for a Wise account💳 Get your Wise card here


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