Western Union Mexico international transfer: An overview


Western Union is an established money transfer company with an impressive history of over 135 years doing business in Mexico. With Western Union you can send money from Mexico in cash, to recipients all over the world. Or you can have other people send you money in Mexico, either direct to your bank account for convenience, or for cash collection at an agent location.

While Western Union is a reliable service, it’s not always the best value out here.

It’s worth knowing that you might save money by using an alternative provider like Wise, if you’re sending money direct to your recipient’s bank account or free online Wise multi-currency account. You’ll also have the added convenience of completing the entire transaction online rather than needing to visit a Western Union store to pay in person.

See if you can save with Wise

Let’s take a look at the costs and options for international transfers available through Western Union Mexico.

Western Union Mexico fees

When you send money from Mexico using Western Union, you’ll need to visit a store or agent location in person. It’s possible to start the transfer online using the Western Union app, but you’ll still have to pay in one of Western Union’s offices.¹

When you set up the transaction either in person or using the app, you’ll be shown the transfer fees and exchange rate which applies.

It’s important to note that the upfront transfer fee is often not the only cost involved in sending a payment overseas. You may well find there’s a markup added to the mid-market exchange rate, which is an extra slice of profit for the provider - and an extra fee for the customer. We’ll look at this in more detail later. In short: the exchange rate may be even more important to consider compared to the

Here are the upfront fees you need to know about when using Western Union Mexico - read on for more on the exchange rates available:²

Sending amount Western Union Mexico international fees
Up to MXN3,000 MXN150
MXN3,001 - MXN4,500 MXN174
MXN4,501 - MXN6,000 MXN243
MXN6,001 - MXN10,000 MXN348
MXN10,001 - MXN12,000 MXN487
MXN12,001 - MXN15,000 MXN649
MXN15,001 - MXN97,500 MXN696

Sending to Mexico

If you want to send money to someone in Mexico, you’ll need to check out the options available with Western Union in your country. From most locations, you’ll be able to send money in cash from an agent location, or make a payment online using a card or bank transfer. If you’re sending money from the US, you’ll also have the option of sending money over the phone.

Not all services are available from all countries.

Sending from Mexico

From Mexico, you can send money via an agent. That means you need to visit an agent local to you to set up or complete your transfer, even if you start the sending process online or via the WU app.

Exchange rates

Western Union Mexico does not publish information about the exchange rates used online. Instead, you’ll need to open an account online or visit an agent to find out the rate that can be applied to your specific transfer.

When you find the rate you’ll get with Western Union Mexico, you’ll want to check it’s the best available. One good way to do this, is to compare the rate offered with the mid-market exchange rate which you can find online or using a currency converter.

This is worth doing because many banks and currency services add a markup to the exchange rate they offer customers. This is an additional fee, but it can be tricky to see it in the rate that’s been set. That’s not transparent, and it can mean you pay more than you need to for international payments.

You can avoid this issue entirely by choosing a modern international payment provider which uses the mid-market rate, such as Wise. All transfers have a clear, transparent fee, with no charges hidden in an exchange rate markup. You can see the costs for your specific payment - and how much your recipient will get - online.

What transfer and payment methods are available?

Here’s how to use Western Union Mexico.

Payment methods

Western Union works through a series of agent locations in Mexico. That means that payments from within the country are made in person at an agent. You can choose to start the transaction online using the Western Union app if you want to, but you’ll still have to head over to an agent near you to hand over the cash or pay by card if the agent accepts credit and debit cards, and complete the transfer.³ ⁴

How long does my transfer take

Your transfer will be available almost immediately if you choose the Money in Minutes option - or the following working day if you choose a next day service.

Available currencies

Western Union is a global provider of international payments. However, the range of currencies available from Mexico is not published online. Call your local agent - or visit the store in person - to check if your payment is possible.

Western Union Mexico limits

The amount you’re able to send or receive will depend on both Western Union’s policy, and the individual policy of your chosen agent.

Western Union states that the maximum amount you can send is the currency equivalent of USD7,499 per day. However, agents may have different limits which mean you can send less than this.

Using the Western Union app, the following limits apply:

  • Sending or receiving with Financiera Realidad - MXN50,000
  • Sending or receiving with Calimax - MXN4,999
  • Sending or receiving with Order Express - USD500
  • Receiving money at OXXO - MXN11,600
  • Receiving money at Empeños del Sur SA de CV - MXN60,000
  • Receiving money at Te Creemos - USD500
  • Receiving money at Tiendas Chedraui SA de CV - MXN20,000
  • Receiving money at Fundación Dondé - MXN18,000

Frequently asked questions

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions about using Western Union in Mexico.

What kind of customer support does Western Union offer?

If you have a question, you can call Western Union on 01-800-719-891, 7 days a week.⁵ You can also use the contact form on the website if you’d rather get in touch online.

What is My WU?

My WU has recently launched in Mexico, and is a loyalty scheme which allows frequent customers to collect virtual stamps every time they send or receive an international payment. Once you have 6 virtual stamps, you can trade them for a reward - such as vouchers for Starbucks or money off Spotify.⁶

How many locations does Western Union have in Mexico?

Western Union has over 26,000 agent locations in Mexico, covering every single state.⁷ Find an agent location near you, using the Western Union agent locator tool.⁸

How can I track my transfer?

When you send a transfer with Western Union, you’ll be given a Money Transfer Control Number - MTCN. You can use this unique reference number to track your transfer online or by calling the customer service number.

Western Union is a useful tool if you need to send cash quickly for a recipient to pick it up in person somewhere else in the world. However, you’ll often find that you pay extra for the option of cash collection - either through relatively high fees or a marked up exchange rate.

If your recipient has a bank account or can open a free Wise multi-currency account online, you may find you can send a cheaper - more convenient - payment that way. Wise payments use the mid-market exchange rate with no markup and no hidden fees. You just pay a low, transparent fee for each transaction, which can work out cheaper than alternative services and traditional banks. See if you can save with Wise.


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