TransferWise for Banks has launched in the US


Financial institutions of all sizes can now integrate with TransferWise and offer their customers cheaper, faster international transfers right from their own online banking or app.

Today is an exciting step towards modernizing international banking in the US.

We’ve brought TransferWise for Banks stateside, meaning that financial institutions of all sizes can now integrate with TransferWise and offer their customers cheaper, faster, transparent payments to 70+ countries and 40+ currencies. Right from their online banking or app.

What’s TransferWise for Banks?

TransferWise for Banks lets financial institutions integrate with the TransferWise API so their customers can make international transfers at the same price and speed as TransferWise's own 6 million customers. All transfers are sent using the real, mid-market exchange rate and cost only a small, upfront fee.

Our costs are up to 8x cheaper than what traditional banks are charging for international wires. So by tapping into our API, our partner banks can help more people access better, fairer international bank transfers. Get in touch with our team to learn more.

Novo and Stanford Federal Credit Union are our first partners in the US.

By integrating with TransferWise, both Novo and Stanford FCU are the first in the US to offer the TransferWise price and experience through their websites and apps.

Novo is a banking platform for small businesses, freelancers, and startup founders. They’re plugging into our API to deliver a great international transfer experience, with the goal of cheaper and fully transparent pricing for their customers.

The same applies to Stanford FCU. They’ll be able to provide their members, which include students, alums, and people working in Silicon Valley, with a low cost service they’ve been waiting for.

We’ve already launched in Europe and the UK.

We've partnered with Monzo in the UK, Bunq in the Netherlands, LHV in Estonia, and N26 in Germany, and are working with BPCE in France.

We’re setting a new standard for sending money abroad and we look forward to welcoming many more partnerships over the next 12 months.

Email our team to learn more, or start your custom integration.

Check out our website for more information.

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