International wire transfer limits: US banks and providers

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If you need to make or receive a high value payment you’ll probably want to know what limits are in place from your bank or payment provider — and any other relevant bodies like the IRS.

This guide rounds up the typical international wire transfer limits for US banks and providers to help guide you through the process of sending a high value transfer.


International money transfer limit: IRS

The IRS doesn’t place limits on the amounts of money being sent, but there are reporting requirements for payments valued at 10,000 USD or more — or individual payments made within a short period which in total add up to over 10,000 USD.

The good news is that the reporting requirement usually sits with the bank or international money transfer provider, rather than the individual making or receiving the payments.

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International transfer limits: US banks

While the IRS may not put specific limits in place for most international payments, your bank will almost certainly have its own limits, terms and conditions you need to comply with.

Ultimately how much you can send depends on your account type, and the specific details of your payment — here’s a roundup of the international wire limits for some popular US banks.

BankInternational wire transfer limits
Bank of America¹

Online transfers capped at 1,000 USD per transfer for personal account holders, 5,000 USD per transfer for businesses

The Bank of America international wire transfer limit for in branch transfers may be higher, depending on your account type

Chase BankThe Chase international wire transfer limit can vary depending on account type — typically Chase Private Client and Chase Sapphire customers have the highest limits
Wells Fargo²

Wells Fargo international wire transfer limits for online payments are set by account type — you can raise your online limit, or send a higher value payment, by calling into a branch

Express Send limits vary by country, pay out method and specific bank or provider selected

PNCPNC international wire transfer limits are based on your account type — details are available by visiting a branch
Charles Schwab³The Charles Schwab international wire transfer limit is 100,000 USD per day
US BankThe US Bank international wire transfer limits vary according to your account and can not be changed — see your dollar limits online or in the US Bank mobile app
TD BankInternational wires are only available by visiting a TD bank branch — the customer service staff will advise you of applicable limits
HSBC⁴200,000 USD per day for online payments — you may be able to send more if you can visit a branch

International wire transfer limits: money transfer providers

Banks aren’t your only option when it comes to international transfers. Often specialist services can get your money moving faster and for a lower fee.

Lets see how the limits in place with some popular international money transfer services compare.

ProviderInternational transfer limits

When sending USD with Wise the limit is 1,000,000 USD per transaction.

You can make multiple transfers throughout the same day


International payment limits apply, but are not published.

Limits vary according to payment type and market conditions.

Revolut⁷No limits apply in most cases when sending from the US — sending to Japan has a 1 million JPY transfer limit

The PayPal international money transfer limit depends on your account status.

You can send up to 60,000 USD with a verified account, but may be limited to 10,000 USD per transfer.

Unverified accounts can only send smaller amounts, which vary based on transfer type.

Western Union⁸The Western Union international transfer limit for unverified accounts is 3,000 USD. Verified account holders can send 50,000 USD


How are international wire limits determined?

In most cases the maximum amount you can send internationally will be determined by the bank or international money transfer service you choose to use.

Limits can vary according to a number of factors including:

  • The type of account you have with the provider

  • How you typically use your account

  • The country and currency you’re sending money to

  • Laws in the destination country

  • The provider’s own minimum and maximum send policies

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