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Global66¹ was founded in 2017 and is based in Santiago, Chile². It offers international payments to over 65 countries, with services available through Global66 USA for US residents.

This Global66 review looks at key questions, like is Global66 safe, and how does Global66 work? We’ll also run a quick comparison of Global66 against low cost international transfers through an alternative provider - Wise - so you can see which may suit you best.


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Overview: Pros & Cons

We’ll cover lots of different features of Global66 in this full review - but if you’re pressed for time, here are some key pros and cons to consider to help you decide if Global66 is right for you.

  • Send payments to over 65 countries, with a focus on Latin America and major developed economies
  • Mid-market exchange rate currency conversion
  • Pay for your transfers online or in the Global66 app for convenience
  • Payments deposited into recipient’s bank account directly - no need for them to open a Global66 account themselves
  • Not all countries and currencies are served
  • Variable fees apply for transfers, which may not be the best on the market
  • Creating and then funding your payment may take a few different steps
  • No option to pay in or pay out in cash

Is Global66 Safe?

Global66 offers services in the US through sponsorship from Community Federal Savings Bank. That means it’s a safe provider to use for the services it offers.

Fees & exchange rates

The overall cost of sending an international payment with Global66 or any other provider will depend on both the transfer fee used and the exchange rate that’s applied to convert your money from USD to the currency you need. Here’s how Global66 manages fees and exchange rates for their international payments.

Global66 Transfer fees

Global66 allows you to model a payment on their desktop site with no commitment, which makes it easy to see the fees and exchange rates that will apply to your transfer. The transfer fee you pay will depend on where you’re sending money to, and the currencies and countries involved.

In general, if you’re sending an international payment to someone with Global66, it’s deposited into their bank account directly for convenience. That said, Global66 offers instant transfers from one Global66 account to another if you’d rather do that - and it’s good to know that accounts do not have any maintenance charges to pay.

To give a flavor, here are the Global66 transfer fees to send USD to a few different countries and currencies for deposit to a bank account. We’ll look at a comparison of Global66 against another provider a little later.

Send USD to:Transfer fee to send 1,000 USDTransfer fee to send 5,000 USD
Australian dollars10 USD50 USD
Mexican pesos10 USD40 USD
Argentine pesosNo transfer feeNo transfer fee
Costa Rican colon12 USD60 USD

Global66 Exchange rates

Global66 shows the exchange rate³ when you get a quote for your transfer or if you want to convert a balance you hold in your Global66 account. This rate is usually the mid-market rate, which you can compare with Google exchange right from the Global66 homepage.

This is important to remember, because many companies add a markup to the rate they offer. That means that even if they offer a lower headline transfer fee, the overall cost may still be more expensive because there’s an extra fee in the rate applied.

Global 66 limits

With a personal Global66 account, you can send up to 30,000 USD per month, or the currency equivalent.

Case study: Wise vs. Global66 - Which one is cheaper?

So we’ve seen that Global66 offers international payments which use the Google exchange rate, with variable fees based on the destination and payment value. But how do they measure up against another low-cost international provider?

Let’s compare Global66 against transfers with Wise.

Worked example: Sending 1000 USD to EUR with both Wise and Global66. The payment will be set up online or in-app, funded by bank transfer, and sent directly to your recipient’s own bank account in EUR.

Transfer fee7.30 USD⁹10 USD
Exchange rateMid-market exchange rateMid-market exchange rate
Amount your friend receives996.42 EUR994 EUR


If you need to send money to someone based overseas, check out the Wise account for low cost international transfers to 80+ countries, with low transfer fees⁹ and the mid-market rate every time.

Wise was set up in 2011, and is now trusted by 13 million+ customers around the world, for low cost international transfers, and personal and business multi-currency accounts.

All Wise payments use the mid-market exchange rate and low fees - and as Wise is overseen by 11 different financial authorities around the world, you’ll know your money is safe no matter where you’re sending it. Wise also uses a range of leading security features to keep customers and their money safe, like 2-factor authentication, 3D secure online payments, and a range of manual and automatic anti-fraud processes 24/7.

See how much you can save, with a fast, secure international transfer from Wise, today.

Get a Wise account for free today

How does Global 66 work?

Global66 has a focus on payments to Latin American countries, but also offers transfers to a good selection of other countries around the world. The website is available in English and Spanish for convenience.

To use Global66 for a payment, you’ll first need to set up an account. You can set up a personal or business account depending on your needs, following these steps⁴:

  1. Open the Global66 desktop site or app
  2. Register your account with your email, Facebook or Google account
  3. Create a password for security
  4. You’ll be sent an email which you need to reply to, to validate your account

To make a Global66 payment, it’s recommended to add funds to your account before setting up your transfer. That means the money is in your account and ready to go as soon as you’ve got your quote and entered your recipient’s information. To set up your payment⁵:

  1. Log into your account
  2. Generate a quote for the payment you want to make
  3. Enter your recipient’s information, using the on-screen prompts
  4. Check and select the funding options, which vary based on your location

If you don’t have funds in your account already to pay for the transfer, you’ll need to pay Global66 the exact amount of the quote you’ve generated, and then notify them the payment has been made. To do this⁶:

  1. Log into your Global66 account
  2. Select the quote you want to pay for
  3. Select Make a payment
  4. Upload a proof of payment like a screenshot confirming your transfer
  5. Global66 will check the payment has been received, and then initiate the transfer to your recipient

Customer reviews

Before you choose an international payment provider, it helps to know what previous customers think of them. Trustpilot is a great place to start, with live and dynamic feedback from previous clients. On Trustpilot at the time of writing, Global66 has over 7,000 reviews, and scores a 4.4 out of 5 rating - which is deemed**_ Excellent⁷._**


If you have a question or any issues with your Global66 payment, you can either get in touch through WhatsApp, or by creating a case number in the Global66 Help Center.

You can access support most easily by visiting the Global66 contact pages⁸, which offers links to the WhatsApp address and Help Center directly.

Bottom line

Global66 offers a good range of payment options if you’re looking to send money from the US to major regions including Latin America, Europe and more. You’ll pay a variable transfer fee based on the value of the payment and where it’s headed, and then your currency will be converted using the real mid-market exchange rate - usually the best rate available.

One downside is that making a transfer with Global66 can require a few different steps - but once you have an account set up and funded, it’s much faster to get your money moving.

Before you decide whether to use Global66 for your payment, compare the fees and service options against other providers, like Wise, to see which might suit you best. Wise also uses the mid-market exchange rate for currency conversion, with more payment destinations served - and a lower fee in our worked example.

Lean more about Wise

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  9. Please see Terms of Use for your region or visit Wise Fees & Pricing: Only Pay for What You Use for the most up-to-date pricing and fee information.

All sources checked on 20 September 2022

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