Netflix Singapore: Price, subscription packages, shows and more

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TV and video on demand services allow you to watch shows and movies at home or using your phone, tablet or laptop - whenever you want. There are a few different options available here in Singapore - but as one of the first streaming services out there, Netflix is a crowd pleaser with a strong back catalogue and packed programming schedule.

Here’s all you need to know about Netflix Singapore subscriptions, prices, offers and hot shows.

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Netflix Singapore overview

Netflix actually started out way back in 1997, and began to offer a streaming service in the US 2007. By 2016, Netflix was available globally in more or less every part of the world - with the notable exception of China which got the service a little later in 2017.

With Netflix you can watch a wide range of TV shows and movies which are produced around the world.
As one of the trailblazers in TV on demand, Netflix has an impressive back catalogue of content including award winning shows and films of its own production.

Stream on demand, or download content to watch later when it’s convenient. There’s no schedule, and so much choice you may struggle to know where to begin.

Here are some notable features about the service: ¹

  • Stream and download thousands of shows and movies, including exclusive content
  • Watch on smart TV, PlayStation, Xbox, Chromecast, Apple TV and Blu-ray Players
  • View on your phone, tablet or laptop for entertainment on the go
  • Choose a subscription plan to suit you and your family
  • Create up to 4 profiles and download to 4 devices depending on your chosen plan
  • Parental control options to restrict what younger family members can view
  • Get recommendations about shows and movies you may like based on what you’ve already viewed

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Netflix Singapore Shows

The range of content available on Netflix is pretty staggering, with thousands of films and shows, including exclusive content.

New titles are added all the time, across categories such as films, family viewing, TV shows, documentaries, reality TV and anime. Here are a few highlights:

  • Classic and award winning films like Spirited Away and Saving Private Ryan
  • Comedies including Shrek and Monsters vs Aliens
  • Documentary shows like Our Planet and Seaspiracy
  • Cartoon shows and anime from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure to South Park
  • TV shows and series like Grey’s Anatomy and Modern family
  • Reality TV from Hell’s Kitchen to Nailed it!

It’s worth noting that the programmes you can see on Netflix vary according to where in the world you are. So the content you can see here in Singapore may be different to that a viewer in the US or UK gets, for example.

This is usually because of licensing restrictions, although Singapore’s Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) may also have titles removed. In recent years this has happened when Netflix shows were seen to encourage drug or substance abuse.²

Visit the Netflix media centre to view the shows and movies which are coming to the service soon.

Netflix Singapore price and subscription plans

So, you’re wondering whether or not Netflix will be worth it for you and your family.

First up you’ll want to choose the right Netflix plan for you. Here are the options:

Basic - watch on 1 screen and download onto 1 device only

Standard- watch on 2 screens and download onto 2 devices - HD option available

Premium- watch on 4 screens and download onto 4 devices - UHD option available with compatible devices

The right plan for you basically depends on the way you’ll use the subscription. The content that’s available is the same no matter which plan you go for. If you want Netflix just for one person, a basic plan may well be fine - but for a bigger family, upgrading means several people can view shows at the same time. Premium is effectively the Netflix family plan and can mean fewer arguments about who watches what.

Once you’ve picked the plan you can then decide where to buy your subscription. This may be direct from Netflix, or as an add on to your Singtel bill for example. You can also get Netflix as part of a home entertainment bundle from StarHub - worth considering if you’re looking for a whole range of services in one.

Subscription type Netflix subscription fees
Subscribe direct with Netflix³ Basic - SGD11.98/monthStandard- SGD15.98/monthPremium- SGD19.98/month
Netflix Singapore Singtel plan⁴ Pricing as above, with first month free for new subscribers Billing is consolidated with your mobile phone bill
Subscribe through StarHub⁵ Get Netflix with the HomeHub+ 1G bundle - SGD79.90/month with a 24 month contract, includes: Superfast broadbandEntertainment TV+ pass, plus one additional TV pass of your choiceNetflixDisney Plus (limited time offer)

*Prices correct at time of research 19 April 2021

Netflix Singapore subscription vs other streaming services

Of course, Netflix isn’t your only option when it comes to video on demand. You can also choose from these other services, which all offer different features and shows:

Service Cost of a standard monthly subscription
Netflix SGD11.98 - SGD19.98
Disney+⁶ SGD11.98
HBO GO⁷ SGD13.98
Amazon Prime Video⁸ SGD2.99

Still can’t decide? Learn more about the other streaming services in Singapore, here:

Whichever streaming service you go for in the end, you’ll be able to access a great range of content to view whenever you want. No more dull MRT rides or boring Sunday afternoons at home - just stream, download and view wherever you are. Enjoy.


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