Disney Plus Singapore: Pricing, content and everything else you need to know

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If you’re in Singapore, you’ve probably noticed the arrival of Disney+. From the ads in bus shelters, to the radio promotions and carriage takeovers on the MRT, Disney Plus, and the upcoming releases and collaborations are everywhere.

With Disney Plus you can watch a broad range of movies and shows on demand, from animations from Pixar, to Marvel superhero movies, and classics from Star Wars.

There are also TV shows and programmes better suited to kids and tweens.

If you’re not sure whether or not to make the leap and sign up for a Disney+ subscription you’re in the right place. Read on for all you need to know about the Disney Plus service, prices, and what makes it worth parting with your precious cash for.

Table of contents:

What is Disney Plus?

Let’s start with the basics - Disney Plus is a video on demand streaming service which is operated by Disney. With Disney+ you can get access to an impressive range of exclusive and back catalogue content from Disney and Pixar, as well as big name franchises like Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic.

So whether your thing is action movies, animations or animal documentaries, Disney Plus has you covered.

Disney+ Singapore launched to much fanfare on 23 February 2021, having already been rolled out across regions in the Americas, Australia, select European countries and India. To get access to this service you’ll need to sign up and buy a subscription which you can do monthly or annually. Here are some of the key features to consider:¹

  • Access Disney+ on your TV, computer, mobile, tablet or games console
  • Stream content live, or download to watch when you’re on the move
  • Get high quality streaming for no extra fee
  • Set up 7 different profiles so every member of your family can watch the programmes they love
  • Stream on 4 screens at once under the same subscription
  • Upgrade to Premier Access to get advance access to hot movies before they hit the network for regular subscribers
  • Use Kids Profile option to add parental controls - stop kids from changing profiles without permissions²
  • Watch abroad, either by downloading in advance in countries where Disney Plus is not available, or by logging in live where it is³

If you already have another streaming service like Netflix or HBO Go, you’ll be familiar with the way Disney Plus works.

However, the content available on each video on demand service is different, meaning you’ll find new things to watch on Disney Plus even if you already have an existing contract with another provider.

Check out some of the highlights of the Disney Plus content in just a moment, from old favourites to new movies and shows you won’t find anywhere else. This alone can be enough to tempt people to sign up.

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Disney Plus Singapore content - what do I get?

Disney+ access means you can stream, download and watch hundreds of movies and thousands of episodes of TV series. There really is something for everyone, with an ever changing lineup of new, exclusive and classic movies and shows. Here are some highlights which are available at launch.


Of course you’ll get access to many classic Disney movies - but there are also an impressive number of new releases, from Frozen 2 to the Pixar collaboration Soul. You’ll also be able to get premium access for an extra fee, to see films from the comfort of your own home before they hit the network.
For example, at the time of writing you’d be able to see Raya and the Last Dragon at the same time as it’s in cinemas for the upgraded Premium fee of S$38.98, plus your regular subscription fee.⁴

Compare the costs against the price of the cinema tickets, make your own popcorn, and watch big screen hits at home.


As we mentioned, the Disney Pixar movie Soul is already available on Disney Plus, despite having only recently finished its run in the cinemas. You’ll also spot some of your favourite Pixar classics like The Incredibles on there if you want to revisit them.


From recent hits like Avengers Endgame and Black Panther, through to the much hyped exclusive WandaVision, if you’re a Marvel fan, Disney Plus has you covered.

Star Wars

The big Star Wars feature at launch is Disney+ exclusive The Mandalorian - but you’ll also be able to rewatch classic favourites from the blockbuster franchise.

National Geographic and Star

Last but not least, you have a broad range of movies and episodes which come through other sources, such as Star - Disney’s international brand for Hulu. These cover everything from Gordon Ramsey to big films like Deadpool, episodes like The Simpsons and teen/ tween content and movies.

Ready to learn more? The content available on Disney Plus is always evolving and growing. You can browse more titles that are coming to Disney+, here.

Disney Plus Singapore subscriptions and pricing

You can sign up to Disney+ directly online, or choose to add it into a bundle if you already buy services from Starhub. We’ve listed out the main options below, but you may get an even better deal if you buy multiple products from Starhub for you and your family.

Disney Plus subscription type Cost
Disney+ annual subscription SGD119.98 (around SGD10/month)
Disney+ monthly subscription SGD11.98/month
Disney+ with Starhub TV+ ⁵ Free with 2 TV+ passes Sign up for the entertainment pass at SGD30/month, and get a second TV+ pass, and Disney Plus, for free. Limited time offer, check for details
Disney+ with Starhub Broadband⁶ Sign up to a 24 month broadband contract at SGD45.90 - SGD62.90/month, to get Disney Plus access free for a year
Disney+ with Starhub Mobile⁶ Sign up to the SGD95 or SGD155 2 year plans, to get Disney Plus access free for a year
Disney+ Premier Access At the time of writing you can upgrade your subscription with an additional SGD38.98 to access Raya and the Last Dragon at the same time it’s available at the cinema. No other Premier titles have yet been announced - watch out for more coming.

*Details, offers and costs are correct at the time of research - 16 April 2021

Disney Plus Singapore: Worth it?

So we’ve looked at the features and the fees - but how does Disney+ compare in costs to your other video on demand streaming options here? Take a look.

Service Cost of a standard monthly subscription
Disney+ SGD11.98
HBO Go SGD13.98
Amazon Prime Video SGD2.99
Netflix SGD11.98 - SGD19.98

As you can see, Amazon Prime is the cheapest by a long way - but has far more restricted content compared to the others.

In fact, the video streaming option that comes with Amazon Prime is an additional extra on top of the core perks like free delivery when ordering online. That can make it a good choice, but it’s not necessarily a replacement to an alternative streaming service for premium content.

Disney+ is at the lower end of the prices when compared to the other key video on demand services available here in Singapore. That, plus the great range of new and classic content on offer, makes it well worth it for many customers.

It’s worth checking out the offers and collaborations on offer when you’re signing up for a streaming service. As we saw above, buying Disney Plus with a package from Starhub may bring down the overall cost - and the other streaming services also have their own promotions and offers which may mean you can snag a good deal.

The arrival of Disney Plus on the island has been much publicised. With a great range of content available for everyone from families looking for animations to keep the kids happy, to adrenaline junkies seeking the latest blockbuster thriller, there’s something on there for you. On top of that, Disney Plus already has a healthy roster of exclusive content you won’t find anywhere else - and perks like early access to films which are still playing in the cinema.

All in all, if you’re looking for a good way to keep the whole family happy for a reasonable cost - and you love movies, TV shows and animations - you can’t go far wrong with Disney Plus.


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