10 Best International Schools in Singapore (2023 edition)

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Singapore has dozens of different international schools, the majority of which teach varying curricula in English, but also including schools teaching in Chinese, French, German and more. Bilingual and boarding schools are also available - which means you’ve got your pick of top international schools in Singapore, depending on what exactly you’re looking for.

Getting a place in the best international schools in Singapore can be a competitive business - researching the right schools for your family is essential. This guide offers an insight into our pick of the top 10 most popular international schools in Singapore, to get you started. We’ll also touch on the Wise account and how it can help you manage your money across SGD and 40+ other currencies with low fees and the mid-market exchange rate.

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Picking the best international schools in Singapore - what to consider

If you’re moving to Singapore with your family, you can be reassured that there are plenty of high quality schooling options here to choose from. Schools offer teaching in different languages, with different curricula, to suit individual needs. Each school also has its own ethos and approach, which is worth understanding when you pick the right school for your situation.

Bear in mind that getting a school place in Singapore can be competitive. Top schools often have waitlists, so getting organised ahead of time is essential. Schooling in Singapore is also not cheap. We’ve given an indication of fees for the schools we’ve profiled - and we’ll look at some more important factors influencing fees (and how you can keep costs down) later.

Here’s our rundown of 10 of the most popular international schools in Singapore.

Dover Court International School¹

Age range: Early years (age 3) to age 18

Curriculum: UK, EYFS, iGCSE, IBDP

Fees (2023-2023): From 25,499 SGD per annum²

Location: Buena Vista

Dover Court International School is one of the longest established international schools in Singapore. It accepts students from as young as 3 years old into nursery classes, and runs right through to age 18, offering courses including iGCSE and International Baccalaureate Diploma for older students. As part of the Nord Anglia education group, Dover Court is one of dozens of linked schools worldwide.

Dover Court prides itself on being a diverse and inclusive school, which can offer significant learning support for students of all ages through its pathways scheme.

Nexus International School³

Age range: From 3 years to 18 years

Curriculum: IB Primary Programme, iGCSE, IBDP

Fees (2023-2023): From 29,500 SGD per annum⁴

Location: Aljunied

Nexus International School offers the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme, followed by iGCSE and then IB Diploma for older students. There’s a very mixed community in terms of home country, with dozens of languages spoken by learners and teachers, and an excellent range of co-curricular activities on offer.

Invictus International School⁵

Age range: 5 years to 17 years old across 2 sites

Curriculum: International Baccalaureate Primary and Middle School programmes, iGCSE and A Levels

Fees (2023-2023): From 19,845 SGD per annum

Location: Dempsey and Serangoon

Invictus International School has 2 different locations, with a Dempsey primary school campus, and a separate bilingual primary site in Serangoon. There’s also a secondary school campus in Serangoon.

Invictus International School fees are fairly low compared to some other Singapore schools, and there are other Invictus schools within the Southeast Asia region which can be handy if you’re considering transferring to another location in future.

Stamford American International School⁶

Age range: 2 months old to 18 years old

Curriculum: US and International Baccalaureate

Fees (2023-2023): From 28,324 SGD per annum⁷

Location: Lorong Chuan

Stamford American International School is centrally located and can take on children from just a few months old, right through to finishing education at 18 years old. There’s also a boarding programme for students from 12 years old. The curriculum is IB integrated with US standards, with a selection of qualifications on offer for older students.

Australian International School Singapore⁸

Age range: 2 months old to 18 years old

Curriculum: Australian and International Baccalaureate, with iGCSE options

Fees (2023-2023): From 16,708 SGD per annum⁹

Location: Lorong Chuan

The Australian International School Singapore has Australian curriculum teaching alongside other options such as IB and iGCSE. There’s infant care from just 2 months old, with full schooling offered from nursery age to 18 years old. Younger kids have a play based learning approach, while the oldest students can pick to either graduate under the Australian Higher School Certificate programme, or the IB diploma programme.

One World International School¹⁰

Age range: Age 3 to 18 years old

Curriculum: IB, iGCSE, IBDP

Fees (2023-2023): Varied by campus, from 19,881 SGD¹¹

Location: 3 campus locations; Nanyang (at Jurong), Suntec (in the CBD) and Punggol

One World International School has 3 campus locations which cater to different age groups, with some overlaps. The Punggol site is brand new and expanding over time to meet growing demand for this digital focused, purpose built school. Bilingual education in English and Chinese is offered for some year groups.

Global Indian International School¹²

Age range: 2.5 years to 18 years old

Curriculum: International (IB and iGCSE) and Indian

Fees (2023-2023): From 9,266.40 SGD per annum¹³

Location: Punggol and East Coast campus locations

The Global Indian International School offers both Indian and International curricula options, including CBSE and iGCSE/IB. Classes take place across 2 campus locations, and include bilingual options for some year groups covering both English and Mandarin. The school archives excellent exam results across all curricula and also offers some merit based scholarships.

Yuvabharathi International School¹⁴

Age range: 4 years to 18 years old

Curriculum: Indian and international

Fees (2023-2023): From 7,200 SGD per annum15

Location: Jurong

Yuvabharathi International School is a popular and affordable international school offering both the Indian CBSE and some international courses. The school is learner based, holistic and values driven.

GESS International School¹⁶

Age range: 2 years to 18 years old

Curriculum: International and German

Fees (2023-2023): From 29,280 SGD per annum¹⁷

Location: Bukit Timah

GESS International School (German European School Singapore) is unusual in offering both international and German curriculum choices. The fees you pay will depend on the curriculum choices you make, but all students study under qualified and enthusiastic teachers.

Sir Manasseh Meyer International School¹⁸

Age range: Preschool to Grade 10

Curriculum: International Baccalaureate and iGCSE

Fees (2023-2023): From 17,684 SGD per annum¹⁹

Location: Sembawang

Sir Manasseh Meyer International School is a small Jewish school which welcomes students from all faiths. It’s academically successful and offers a variety of courses including Modern Hebrew as a second or foreign language.

International school fees in Singapore

We’ve given an indication of the lowest available fees for the schools we’ve looked at above - but you’ll need to bear in mind that fees tend to rise as students pass through the school system. This means that the fee for a student completing their final school exams at 18 years old will be far higher than those for a nursery age child at 3 years old.

In addition to the annual or termly school fees, look out for other costs when you plan your budget:

  • Application fee - payable when you submit all your paperwork to apply for the school, usually non-refundable
  • Registration fee - payable when your child is offered a place in the school, usually non-refundable and not offset against tuition fees
  • Additional costs if specific student support services are needed
  • Other school fees like a building fund or annual development levy may also apply
  • School uniform and school bus costs
  • Exam fees may not be included in the tuition you pay
  • Sibling discounts may mean lower annual fees if you have multiple children at the same school

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