Amazon Prime video Singapore: Price, features and content

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TV and video on demand services allow you to watch shows and movies whenever you want. Work to your own schedule to stream or download the titles you love, and watch them whenever suits you.

Here in Singapore there are a few streaming services to choose from if you’re looking to switch up your entertainment schedule. Amazon Prime Video is one option.

Although you may know Amazon better as an ecommerce platform, there are also a range of perks for Prime membership subscribers, which include free access to video on demand. This guide runs through all you need to know about Amazon Prime Video Singapore, including the features, costs and perks you’ll get when you sign up.

Table of contents:

Amazon Prime Video - an overview

Amazon Prime Video is a service offered to customers with an Amazon Prime subscription¹. Unlike other streaming services such as Netflix and Disney Plus, Amazon’s offering is one of a suite of features offered to Prime members, including free delivery, video game deals and exclusive access to discounts on the ecommerce site.

Let’s take a look at some of the key facts about Amazon Prime Video:²

  • New and exclusive Amazon Prime titles, as well as a range of classic films and shows to enjoy
  • Content added frequently
  • Watch via the web or compatible smart TV, or download to watch on the go on your mobile or smartphone
  • Use up to 3 devices to download and view later
  • Control data usage when downloading on select devices
  • Set parental controls to limit what younger family members can watch
  • Additional options to rent or buy titles if what you want isn’t available free
  • X-Ray for movies and TV lets you access lots of extra information about the shows you’re watching

And, as if that’s not enough, here are the extra perks of getting a Prime subscription for people who love to shop online or play video games:³

  • Get free delivery on local and international items bought on Amazon
  • Gaming benefits including free games, access to free in-game loot and a Twitch channel subscription
  • Early and exclusive access to discounts and deals on Amazon’s ecommerce site

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Amazon Prime Video content

As we’ll see in just a moment, Amazon Prime Video is actually the cheapest streaming service available in Singapore by quite some way.
One common criticism is that the range of titles available isn’t as good as the other streaming services out there. That’s because the video feature has been seen as more of a value added service for customers looking for free delivery on Amazon purchases.

However, there’s still a good range of titles to enjoy, and more big hitting content coming up soon. In fact, the Amazon exclusive Lord of the Rings series has been described as ‘the largest TV series ever made’, and cost a whopping USD465 million for the first season alone.⁴

Here are a few of the other Amazon Prime Video titles you may want to watch:

  • Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan - an Amazon original
  • Award winning Amazon titles like The Man in the High Castle and The Marvellous Mrs Maisel
  • Comedies like The Office and Parks & Recreation
  • Classic films including Top Gun, Indiana Jones and Forrest Gump

There are still huge numbers of shows and movies to choose from with Amazon - not bad when you consider this all comes at a fraction of the costs of the other on-demand streaming services.

Amazon Prime Video Singapore: Price and subscription plan

The only way to sign up for Amazon Prime Video is to get an Amazon Prime account. That means that as well as getting access to the video content, you’ll also automatically get a range of perks if you shop online with Amazon. Here’s what you’ll pay:

Amazon Prime Video subscription type Cost
Amazon Prime membership SGD2.99/month - 30 day free trial available

If you’re an Amazon shopper anyway, there’s not much to lose here. Given the broad and expanding range of products which are eligible for Prime free shipping, you could easily make your subscription fee back in delivery charges alone. The classic, new and exclusive video content is then all just a nice bonus.

Amazon Prime Singapore subscription vs other streaming services

We mentioned earlier that Amazon’s video service is in a different cost bracket to the other streaming services you may choose from in Singapore. Here’s what we mean:

Service Cost of a standard monthly subscription
Amazon Prime Video SGD2.99
[Netflix]⁵ SGD11.98 - SGD19.98
[Disney+]⁶ SGD11.98
[HBO GO]⁷ SGD13.98

The other on-demand streaming options are significantly more expensive than Prime - but do tend to have broader ranges of titles available.

Each option has its own niche and will suit a different type of customer. Netflix has a knockout back catalogue and the sheer volume of content is staggering.
HBO offers live showings of US TV blockbusters. And Disney Plus has hot exclusives like WandaVision and The Mandalorian. The right service for you may well simply depend on which has the most titles you want to see now.

If you’re still stuck between Amazon Prime Video and the other streaming options in Singapore, check out these helpful guides:

If you love to shop online with Amazon anyway, upgrading to a Prime membership may be a simple choice. The free delivery options alone could mean that you’re saving money - and checking out the range of entertainment available is then an added extra.

But even if you’re not a frequent Amazon shopper, the Prime Video service is worth considering as an alternative to the big names like Netflix and Disney+. It’s much cheaper, but still has a broad range to pick from, and with a powerhouse like Amazon behind it, you can bet on more hot titles to come.


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