Looking for the best multi-currency card in Singapore? 2023 comparison

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Multi-currency cards make it easy to hold, manage, and spend foreign currencies - handy for online shopping, spending and sending money abroad.

The market for multi-currency cards in Singapore is growing quickly, with a wide range of options available. Different cards from both major banks and specialist services like Wise, cater to a variety of needs such as cutting currency exchange costs, investing in multiple currencies, earning rewards, or sending low cost international transfers.

Read on for all you need to know about the 6 best multi-currency cards in Singapore.

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What is a multi-currency card?

A multi-currency card is a debit card that is linked to a multi-currency account, allowing users to hold various currencies in one place and switch between them easily. You can then use your linked card to spend and make withdrawals when you travel.

When you use a multi-currency account and card it can be easier to anticipate the cost of spending in foreign currencies as you’ll be able to exchange funds to the currency you need in advance. Just top up your account in SGD and switch to the currency you need - or, in some cases, you can just let the card do the conversion for you instead.

What to consider when choosing a card for overseas spending?

Not sure which card to pick - here are some pointers when you’re choosing:

Exchange rate

The exchange rate is probably the most important consideration if you’re expecting to use your card overseas.

When you choose a multi-currency card take a look at the exchange rates provided, and compare them to the live mid-market exchange rates to see if a markup is added. If it is, you may be better off using a currency service which offers the mid-market exchange rate and uses a more transparent fee structure.


Naturally you might run into fees when using a multi-currency card. Different cards have their own fee structures - here are some common costs to watch out for:

  • ATM withdrawal charges: Most accounts charge for overseas ATM withdrawals - choose an account and card with some free monthly withdrawals to minimise this cost
  • Exchange costs: If your card doesn’t offer mid-market exchange rates, you’ll pay an extra fee - a markup - which may be rolled into the rates used
  • Foreign transaction fees: Some cards charge a foreign transaction fee when you’re sending in an unsupported currency - this can add about 3% to transactions
  • Monthly charges: Where accounts come with a monthly fee you may unlock additional benefits by opting for a more expensive plan - but you’ll need to weigh up whether or not this is worthwhile for you

ATM Withdrawals

Most multi-currency cards allow ATM withdrawals as well as in person and online card spending. However, you’ll want to check the fees for making ATM withdrawals overseas, and ensure that the card issuer is recognised widely in your destination before you travel.

Finding the right multi-currency account and card can make a big difference when it comes to withdrawing money from ATMs overseas, although you’ll still need to avoid DCC to make sure you don’t run into unnecessary costs.


Check which currencies are supported by the cards you choose. While some cards allow you to hold only SGD, others let you hold as well as spend different currencies. This means you can convert your Singapore dollars to the destination currency in advance and manage your budget more closely.

It’s also worth checking the card you pick has an intuitive app you can use when you travel. Look for customer reviews and check out the level of service available so you’ll be assured that you can easily get help if you have questions.

6 best multi-currency cards in Singapore

We’ll get into the details of the individual cards in just a moment. First, here’s a head to head comparison of 6 of the best multi-currency cards available in Singapore:

Available currenciesExchange rateATM withdrawal feesOther notable fees
Wise card

40+ supported for holding and exchange

Spend in 170 countries

Mid-market rate2 free withdrawals to 350 SGD/month free¹³

1.75%+ 1.5 SGD after that

9 SGD card delivery fee
YouTrip card¹10 supported for holding and exchange²

Spend in 150 currencies

Wholesale rate³5 SGD ⁴10 SGD card delivery fee
Revolut card⁵27 supported for holding and exchange

Spend globally

Mid-market rate to plan limits

Out of hours fees may apply

Standard plans: 5 free withdrawals to 350 SGD/month free⁶

2% (to a maximum of 1.49 SGD) after that

Monthly fee from 0 SGD - 19.99 SGD
Instarem Amaze card⁷7 supported for holding and exchange

Spend globally

Exchange rates include a small markup2%2% fee when funding a local transaction from your linked bank card
DBS multi-currency card⁸13 supported for holding and exchange

Spend globally

Exchange rates include a markupUp to 7 SGD depending on the specific ATM⁹Up to 3.25% foreign transaction fee when spending a currency you don’t hold
UOB Mighty FX multi-currency card¹⁰10 supported for holding and exchange

Spend globally

Exchange rates include a markup5 SGD¹¹Up to 3.25% foreign transaction fee

Pricing/fees: Please see Terms of Use for your region or visit Wise Fees & Pricing for the most up to date pricing and fee information

Wise card

Open a Wise account online for free, and order your Wise card in just a few clicks, to hold over 40+ currencies and effortlessly convert between them at the mid-market rate. Just top up your account with SGD, to spend all over the world wherever Visa is accepted - you can even add your card to mobile wallets like Google and Apple Pay, to make transactions a breeze.

Whenever you spend with your Wise card you’ll get the mid-market exchange rate and low conversion fees from 0.43%, with transparent notifications that show you the exact cost of each conversion.

Need more? With Wise you can also send payments to 80+ countries, connecting with loved ones and partners around the globe. Looking to receive money from abroad? Wise has you covered with 9 sets of local bank details, to get paid from 30+ countries. Plus, you can earn 3.11% interest on your balance.

Pros ✅Cons ❌

  • No fee to open an account
  • Mid-market exchange rates
  • Spend in 150+ countries
  • No cash deposit service
  • Can’t make local ATM withdrawals in Singapore

Learn more about Wise card 💳

YouTrip card

YouTrip provides a travel wallet and card that you can fund online using SGD. It allows you to convert to one of ten supported currencies in the app or spend in up to 150 currencies with instant currency conversion. The card supports Singapore, US, Australian and New Zealand dollars, euros, British pounds, Japanese yen, Swiss francs and Swedish krona. For other currencies, the card uses the Mastercard rate for currency conversion.

While it's a good prepaid card for online shopping or paying in stores when travelling, it doesn't offer free ATM withdrawals or international payments, limiting the options for managing your money across currencies.

Pros ✅Cons ❌
  • Spend in a broad range of currencies
  • No annual fee
  • Free to spend any of the 10 currencies you hold
  • 5 SGD ATM fee
  • Can’t make local ATM withdrawals in Singapore

Learn more about the YouTrip card.

Revolut card

Revolut has account plans for people with an international lifestyle, including currency holding and exchange in 27 currencies. The standard plan has no monthly fee but some limitations on the fee free transactions available, while paying up to SGD19.99/month offers the full range of perks with fewer limitations.

It's important to review the fee structure for each account type and choose based on your usage, as some fees and fair usage charges apply.

Pros ✅Cons ❌
  • Free and fee paying account options
  • Some currency exchange uses the mid-market rate, depending on your account tier
  • Some fee free ATM withdrawals, depending on your account tier
  • You’ll need to pay a fee to unlock all the available features
  • Can’t make local ATM withdrawals in Singapore

Wondering how Revolt compares to YouTrip - get this guide.

Instarem Amaze card

Instarem's Amaze Card lets you link up to 5 credit or debit Mastercards or top up the e-wallet from Mastercard or Visa cards for easy spending management. Features include Google Pay compatibility, spending with up to 5 linked cards, overseas money transfers with Instarem, earning Amaze cash back for international spending, and Mastercard World benefits.

Pros ✅Cons ❌
  • Earn reward points
  • Track spending across several cards
  • Get Mastercard benefits as you spend
  • 2% fee for ATM withdrawals
  • Can’t make local ATM withdrawals in Singapore

Get a full review of the Instarem Amaze card.

DBS multi-currency card

DBS provides a range of multi-currency accounts and cards suitable for various customer needs. The DBS My Account and card is a flexible bank account that allows customers to choose from over 150 banking services to customise their account to their specific needs. This account lets you hold up to 13 currencies, including SGD, USD, CAD, HKD, AUD, NZD, EUR, GBP, JPY, THB, SEK, NOK, and CNY offshore, and you can link a DBS debit card to spend and withdraw.

Pros ✅Cons ❌
  • Large and established bank
  • 13 supported currencies for holding and exchange
  • ATM withdrawals available globally
  • International ATM fees are up to 7 SGD
  • Foreign transaction fee of up to 3.25% when spending a currency you don’t hold

Want to know more? Here’s a full DBS multi-currency card review.

UOB Mighty FX

UOB's Mighty FX card makes spending in foreign currencies more convenient with its app-based management of up to 10 foreign currency accounts. You can switch between currencies easily whenever you want to. The card supports currencies such as US, Hong Kong, Australian and New Zealand dollars, euros, British pounds, Japanese yen, Swiss francs and Chinese renminbi offshore. Singapore citizens and PRs can apply online.

Pros ✅Cons ❌
  • ATM withdrawals available globally
  • Hold and exchange 10 currencies
  • Some customers can apply online or in app for convenience
  • 5 SGD ATM withdrawal fee
  • Foreign transaction fee of up to 3.25% when spending a currency you don’t hold

Learn more about UOB Mighty FX here.

Summary: what is the best multi-currency card in Singapore?

There’s no single best multi-currency account and card in Singapore - the right one for you might simply depend on your personal preferences. If you’re looking for an account from a major Singapore banking brand, DBS and UOB both have good options which come with linked cards. However, there can be pretty steep international ATM fees and foreign transaction fees if you’re spending a currency you don’t hold in your account.

As an alternative, it’s worth comparing specialist international card services like Wise. Get a Wise account for free online to hold and exchange 40+ currencies all in the same place and spend with your linked Wise card in 170+ countries - all with the mid-market exchange rate, and fees from 0.41%.¹²



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