Your money, your way

Give your balance a boost with one of our Assets funds. Set yourself up with Interest to get a 3.63% variable rate return, or hold your money as Stocks. Only available to UK and Singapore customers (for now). Capital at risk.

Grow what you’ve got

Put your money in Interest, a low risk fund with government-backed assets, and get a 3.63% variable rate. Or put your money in stocks and hold a stake in the world’s biggest companies. Whatever you decide, growth isn’t guaranteed. Rates are based on past performance, so they can go up or down.
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Spend and send like always

Assets could help you grow your money, while you spend and send like normal. No commitments, no fuss. There’s just a small annual fee — we ask for 0.29% for Interest and 0.55% for Stocks.
Send the money from your online banking

Easy switch, big opportunity

You can switch to Interest on any GBP, USD or EUR balance. For Stocks, you can switch using any currency we offer. All it takes is a few taps — you can switch back to cash whenever you like for free. Start with as little as £1.

Full transparency

Each of our Assets funds — Interest and Stocks — are held in separate accounts. That means your money’s ring-fenced as it’s held separately. And if anything should happen, your money may be FSCS protected up to £85,000 too.

How our Assets compare

Growth isn’t guaranteed for either Interest or Stocks — our rates are projections based on past performance, so they can go up or down. These are our rates as of 31 Jan 2023.
Interest (SGD)StocksCash

Spend and send like normal




Annual growth after fees

3.63% variable yield

10.9% average growth


Total annual fees




Risk level



No risk

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Stocks and Interest are offered through Wise Assets. Wise Assets is a trading name of TINV Ltd, a new business subsidiary created to carry out investment activities and operate Assets. TINV Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Our FCA number is 839689.