How to find your Taobao tracking number and track your order in Malaysia

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If you’ve ordered items from Taobao to be delivered to you at home in Malaysia you might be wondering how long they’ll take to arrive. While the exact shipping time can vary significantly, Taobao states that shipping to Malaysia by sea is likely to take about 3 weeks, with air shipments arriving in just a week or two.

If you can’t wait to get your hands on your Taobao goodies, you can also track your order. This guide runs through all you need to know about Taobao tracking and how to do it easily.

How to get your tracking number on Taobao

Whenever you make a Taobao purchase it’ll be assigned a tracking number - also known as a waybill number - by the seller. This is the number you’ll need to use to track your Taobao order.

Not sure of your Taobao tracking number? Here’s how to find it. And if your Chinese is a little rusty, no problems - we’ve also included the characters to look out for as you navigate the Taobao site.

  1. Log into your Taobao account
  2. Go to your My Taobao page (我的淘宝 )
  3. Look for My Bought Products (已买到的宝贝)
  4. Under the menu sidebar, look for All Functions (全部功能), and then Official Consolidation (官方集运) - click this option
  5. Look for the Overseas Logistics Order (海外物流订单) button, and tap to be taken to your order history
  6. Go to View Logistics (查看物流) to find the waybill number (运单号码) at the bottom of the order you’re interested in
  7. This waybill number can be entered into a parcel tracking site to track your Taobao order - more on that coming up

How to track your order on Taobao

There are several sites you can use to track your Taobao order. As different sellers may use different couriers, you may choose to try a couple of sites to make sure you’re getting all the information you need. Check out these as a good starting point:

  • Ordertracker - universal tracker, should work with any courier
  • Parcels app - universal tracker, should work with any courier
  • - you’ll need to know which courier was used for this site

Head to one of these sites, enter the waybill number which you’ve found following the steps above, to get an up to date view of where your parcel is. And don’t forget, if you have any problems you can always reach out to the seller or the courier directly to ask for their advice.

Taobao shipping to Malaysia

Taobao is the bargain hunter’s paradise. But your savings could be all lost if you get stuck with excessive shipping fees.

Typically what you pay for shipping to Malaysia depends on whether you’re getting your items sent direct or using a consolidation service. Consolidation is usually cheaper but slower - so it really depends on how long you’re prepared to wait for your goods. Fees are calculated by weight, and shipment size if you’re using a consolidated option. There are different charges for delivery to East Malaysia versus West Malaysia.

Want to learn more about the Taobao shipping fee to Malaysia? Get our full guide to shopping with Taobao from Malaysia, here.

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