Guide to using Correspondent Bank's Nostro/Vostro account details with International Remittances to India

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If you're planning to send an international transfer to a bank account in India, you would have invariably come across remittance instructions involving a foreign correspondent bank. Most banks in India (and abroad as well) would advise you to use a "Nostro" or "Vostro" account details when setting up your transfer.

Let's go over what it means, what you need to know about making the transfer, and how to save when sending money to India using Wise.

Demystifying Nostro & Vostro accounts

First, let's understand the terms:

  • A correspondent bank is a foreign partner bank that assists with international transfers.
  • A nostro account is an account held by a domestic bank at a foreign correspondent bank.
  • A vostro account is an account held by a foreign correspondent bank at a domestic bank.

The banks establish these specialized accounts to maintain a pool of funds in each other's currencies, enabling them to execute international transfers efficiently.

💡 For a deeper understanding of the concepts, check out our overview of Nostro/Vostro accounts and Correspondent banking with international transfers. 👉

Sending International Transfers to India Using Nostro/Vostro Accounts

Before sending an international transfer from your bank account abroad to an account in India, you will need to check the inward remittance instructions for the receiving bank in India.

Some banks directly accept international wire transfers, but most will advise you to use the nostro/vostro details at their correspondent bank account abroad. These details depend on the country you are sending the money from.

When you receive the nostro/vostro account details, you will find the SWIFT Code and account number to which you should send the international transfer. Additionally, you will need all the recipient's details to set up the transfer:

  • Full name that should match the name on the receiver's bank account.
  • Receiver's bank account number.
  • Receiver's address and contact number
  • SWIFT code for the international transfer.

Make a note of any additional instructions as advised by the receiving bank to avoid any issues with the transfers. With international transfers to India, you will need to explicitly mention the RBI Purpose Code for inward remittance to India.

Additional Tips for Smooth Transfers:

  • Verify Recipient Details: Double-check the recipient's information to avoid errors that could delay or complicate the transfer.

  • Consider Transfer Fees: Inquire about applicable transfer fees and factor them into your budget.

  • Understand Exchange Rates: Understand Exchange Rates: Be aware of the prevailing exchange rates and consider potential fluctuations during the transfer process. Currency conversion rates during international bank transfers are generally much higher than the mid-market rate you see on Google.

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