Best Freelance writing websites in India [2022]

Aman Saxena

Freelance content writing can be a great way to generate income while working from home, or from around the world. But finding the right gig can sometimes be tricky.

Read on to learn more about the best freelance writing websites and platforms for Indians. Your next writing gig may be right around the corner.

Freelance Writing Websites for Indians: An Overview

Here are the some of the best websites for freelance writing in India:

This list is specifically for freelance writers who are looking for work or gigs online, and are residents of India.

What makes a good freelance writing website? There are a few points that separate the good platforms from the best:

  • Verified clients
  • Easy to search and match
  • Straightforward payments
  • Clear dashboard and customer service

Making sure that the freelance writing website meets these points will make it easier for you to start and sustain a content writing freelance position. And hopefully, build your portfolio and book of clients.

But not all content writing is the same. You can find content writing jobs online for:

  • Corporate articles
  • Blogs
  • Ghostwriting for books
  • Text for websites
  • Writing for magazines
  • Social media posts
  • Brochure and pamphlet text
👻 Ghostwriting is when you write with the intent and knowledge that someone else will be credited as the author, but you are compensated for your time and work.

And that is the tip of the iceberg. There are a lot more areas that have demand for writers. But each area is going to have different needs, word counts, tone of voice and can be audience specific.

Keep an eye out that many content writing jobs, especially those globally, may also be looking for native English writers. Ensure to find gigs that are open to global applicants too.

So to save you time and energy, it is important to find the right gigs and platforms for the type of writing work you are looking to do.

Let’s take a look at each of the below freelance writing websites individually to help you find the best one for you.

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One of the best freelance work websites globally, Indian writers can get jobs big and small on the platform with a small fee on each gig.

  • Great for creative, business or blog writing
  • Able to search through variety of writing categories
  • Indian writers get paid through PayPal or Payoneer

The Upwork platform is a great way to find writing gigs from around the world. But because it is known for high quality work, your profile has to be approved by the site first.

Upwork also incentivises to keep working with the same client as your earning fee will reduce from 20% to 10% and then eventually only 5% at over $10,000 in earnings. Between quality of jobs and ease of use, Upwork is a favorite for freelancers.¹ is a good option for newbies to freelance content writing and has fixed 10% fee per project.

  • Easy to sign up
  • You can set your price and bid on projects
  • Express Withdrawals deposits straight into your Indian bank account is a marketplace platform where clients can post gigs where freelancers can also adjust and name their price for the work. It requires less approval to start and can be good for anyone looking to churn out work quickly. But the quality of the work posted should be looked at carefully.²


Made for the gig economy, Fiverr lets writers and translators post their profiles for clients to discover.

  • Good for freelancers with a portfolio
  • Clients can come and find you on the site
  • 20% flat fee on all earnings

The Fiverr platform lets freelancers put up their profile and set their own price. Clients can then browse the platform and discover you there. Fiverr offers writing categories like business writing, translation, storytelling and career writing. But the flat fee incentivizes volume work and not building long term clients.³


Guru has some of the lowest fees in the market and is easy to get started, but the writing gigs may feel limited versus others.

  • Free to sign up
  • PayPal or Payoneer for payment in India
  • Paid membership plans available

Guru is strong for tech gigs but also has options for writers. While the basic membership is free, paid memberships with Guru boosts your visibility to clients. Guru has a cheaper charge, compared to other sites, of 5-9% per gig.⁴

People Per Hour

People Per Hour lets you put up a profile and get matched with clients that need gigs to fulfill,

  • Freelancers can send 15 proposals per month for free
  • You can tailor your price point
  • All applicants must be approved by the moderating team

Freelance writers who are approved for People Per Hour can put up a profile with their services.. People Per Hour specifically has gigs posted from the UK and the US, so ensure that you only apply for jobs that are open to proposals from any geography. Depending on how much business you do with each client, the fees range from 20%-3.5%, with the charge decreasing the more work you complete. ⁵


Textbroker is specifically for content writing and gives you a writer profile and rating that can improve over time.

  • Sign up for free
  • Textbroker assigns you rating and price per word
  • Payments are weekly through PayPal

Textbroker is only for freelance content writers and has three different ways to work on projects. But you will first need to be approved to be a content writer on the site, which is done through submitting a writing sample. Textbroker determines your rating and price per word so you can either search for jobs, have clients find you or work on a team.⁶


Based in India and the US, Truelancer has specific content writing categories and membership plans for freelancers.

  • No fee transfers to Indian bank account
  • 20 free proposals a month
  • Freelancers can be from India, Philippines, Pakistan and Bangladesh

Truelancer is a platform for freelancers, including content writers. While not as popular as others on the list, they do have content writing gigs and ones from Indian clients as well. Truelancer’s gigs include academic writing, blogs, technical writing, copywriters, SEO and translations.⁷


Problogger helps writers create and earn from blogging online, with a community of 300,000+ bloggers.

  • Best suited for bloggers
  • Problogger does not post gigs
  • Problogger does have helpful tools to earn online

Problogger is specifically for writers who want to write, maintain and earn from their own blogs. So rather than gigs, Problogger will help you get started, create content, earn from it, and give you tips to increase your readership. ⁸


Freeup is a freelance marketplace for gigs, including for copywriting, but keep in mind the longer than normal application process.

  • 15% fee on earnings
  • Writers can chat with the client before getting hired
  • There is an interview process and a test to join

Freeup has a number of different categories of work, including writing for product listings and sales copy for clients. Freeup requires all freelancers to submit an application, pass a test and conduct an interview with the team.⁹


Not just gigs, Flexjobs is for freelancers who are looking for remote, work from home or part time work.

  • Flexjobs is primarily for US work
  • Requires paid subscriptions for full job descriptions
  • Flexjobs does not handle payments

Flexjobs is a job search site for remote, hybrid or work from home jobs in the US. They vet the companies and then you can search for work through the platform. You can then contact the company directly to be hired. But you will need to pay for a subscription.¹⁰

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