Best freelance graphic designer websites in India [2022]

Aman Saxena

Now that every business requires social media and marketing, there is a boom in the need for graphic designers.

Becoming a freelance graphic designer can help you earn extra income, work with interesting clients, and have control of your schedule. Here is a quick guide to get started or to switch from a full-time role.

Freelance Graphic Designer Websites for Indians: An Overview

Here is a list of some of the best freelance websites for graphic designers in India:

All the websites allow freelancers to find work or post their profile, or both, to find new work opportunities with clients. Some of them work per project and others work by the hour.

But what is freelance graphic designing? Graphic designing is illustrating, designing, or creating visuals, which include text often, to communicate to an audience. In short, graphic designers design items like:

  • Social media posts
  • Logos
  • Web design
  • Marketing materials
  • Posters
  • T shirts
  • Packaging

But the list can go on and on as the market’s needs are changing. Graphic designers are expected to use modern tools like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to make their designs come to life.

Beyond just cool designs, graphic designers need to be able to turn around ideas in time, in formats that work for the client and can take feedback. Plus have an easy way to get paid in India.

This is where a good platform can make a difference. Let’s dig into each of these websites for finding freelance graphic designing work so you can find the best one that fits what you need.

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The go-to gig work platform Fiverr is great for getting volume work with a flat fee on all earnings.

  • Project prices can range from $5-$10,000
  • 11 different categories of graphic designing gigs
  • 20% fee on earnings

Fiverr is well-known in the freelance world for its easy-to-use site to find work. It is very popular for graphic designing with options to design for games, social media, architecture, print, fashion, and more. Fiverr has a flat fee on all earnings and Indian freelancers can get paid through PayPal.


99designs is only for graphic designers and lets freelancers earn and match with clients, but is best for seasoned professionals

  • Free to sign up
  • You can match with clients to work 1 on 1 or get paid through contests
  • Fees include a platform fee and introduction fee

99designs organizes qualified freelancers as Entry Level, Mid Level or Top Level designers with each level having a different platform fee.

Entry Levels can expect a 15% fee, Mid Levels have a 10% fee and Top Levels have a 5% fee on all earnings. And if you are matched and begin working with clients, there is another $100 introduction fee.


With over 1 million graphic designers who have used the platform, Designcrowd is to help freelancers earn extra money from projects around the world.

  • Payoneer or PayPal can be used for payments to India
  • Great for custom graphics, logos, print and web design
  • Fee of 15% of earnings

Designcrowd is a marketplace for clients to find designers for projects or gigs. The platform was made for designers from the US, UK, Australia, and India.

As a freelancer, you can search the jobs or enter your designs in contests for the opportunity to be picked up for a project.


A top platform for creatives, Dribbble helps clients and companies connect with graphic designers around the

  • Ideal for seasoned designers to share their portfolios to find work
  • Paid Pro and Pro Business plans for freelancers
  • Great for finding work, gigs, or even a job

Dribbble is a unique platform that is part marketplace, job board, inspiration board, and a social networking site.

Freelancers can get a Pro or Pro Business account at $5 or $15 a month respectively to help grow their business. You can also get new gig opportunities sent to your inbox daily.


Upwork is one of the leading freelance websites that are easy to use and has a wide variety of design and creative work, and with fees reducing over time.

  • Upwork moderation team reviews all sign-ups
  • Design and creative roles including animation
  • Fee decreases the more you work with a single client

Upwork is one of the most popular and trusted websites for finding work globally. You can sign up for free and is a solid option for new graphic designers to find work.

There is a fee on all earnings that starts at 20%, but the more you work with a single client, the fee reduces. So if you are looking to execute high-quality work and deepen client relationships, this is the site for you.


Toptal has the top 3% of freelancers as part of their community but is primarily focused on UI/UX and interaction designers.

  • Toptal can be very selective
  • Great for tech-oriented designers
  • There is no fee to freelancers

Toptal is best for experienced designers that can pass through the selection process. The Toptal process can take up to 5 weeks to complete.

But once you are in, you can expect high-quality work and the best part is that there is no fee. Toptal though is best for web-oriented designers, and not as proficient in product designers.


A creative network platform from Adobe, freelancers can showcase their work to be discovered.

  • Free to use
  • A great place for finding inspiration
  • You can upload as many pieces of work as you like

Behance is a social platform from Adobe that lets freelancers and creatives from all fields present their work. You can upload your portfolio and build a following on the site.

The platform’s priority is to showcase work and be discovered, and secondarily connect people for work. Behance is a good platform to direct prospective clients to view your work.


A freelancer platform with clients from India too, Guru is primarily for programming and developers but has options for graphic designers.

  • Payments to India are through Payoneer or PayPal
  • Paid membership plans increase visibility
  • Fees range from 9-5%

Guru lets clients and companies post projects or gigs that freelancers can apply for. One of its selling points is that it does have some of the lowest fees out there.

It can be a good option for freelancers that are just starting to get their foot in the door. But keep an eye on the quality of the work.

People Per Hour

People Per Hour lets approved freelancers create a profile for clients to discover and the option to search through posted gigs.

  • Requires an application to join
  • You can have flexible pricing depending on the client
  • Payments to India are through Payoneer

People Per Hour is a freelancer platform where you can showcase your work and find gigs. To join the community, you will need to apply and be reviewed by the People Per Hour Moderation team.

Once you are approved, you have 15 free proposals per month you can submit, but that number can increase if you buy a paid plan. is a freelance platform to find gigs and is a good option for those who are just starting out.

  • You can set your price and bid on posted gigs
  • Paid memberships increase bids
  • Fee is 10% on all earnings is a good option for new graphic designers and for those that work in creating logos, designing WordPress, and UI/UX. Paid membership plans will get you access to premier job posts and more options to bid and can range from $5-$60 per month. .

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