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Sending 10,000.00 EUR withRecipient gets(Total after fees)Transfer feeExchange rate(1 EUR CAD)
WiseCheapest12,969.19 CADSave up to 556.31 CAD48.27 EUR1.30321Mid-market rate
ABN AMRO Bank12,941.75 CAD- 27.44 CAD9.00 EUR1.29534
ING12,894.22 CAD- 74.97 CAD21.00 EUR1.29214
Rabobank12,890.71 CAD- 78.48 CAD22.35 EUR1.29196
OFX12,872.58 CAD- 96.61 CAD0.00 EUR1.28726
Xoom12,825.80 CAD- 143.39 CAD0.00 EUR1.28258
Monese12,673.71 CAD- 295.48 CAD250.00 EUR1.29987
Sabadell12,664.17 CAD- 305.02 CAD0.00 EUR1.26642
LaCaixa12,651.94 CAD- 317.25 CAD60.00 EUR1.27283
BBVA12,601.07 CAD- 368.12 CAD60.00 EUR1.26771
PayPal12,476.38 CAD- 492.81 CAD5.99 EUR1.24839
Caixa Geral de Depósitos12,412.88 CAD- 556.31 CAD425.00 EUR1.29638

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