Western Union in Cork: locations and contacts

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Sending money overseas shouldn’t be tricky - but finding the right provider for your needs may require a little research.

In this guide you’ll find a list of Western Union agent locations in Cork and their contacts. We’ll also introduce an easy online alternative - Wise. The main benefit of using Wise over banks and other money transfer providers is that you won’t be charged international transaction fees or outrageous exchange rates.. You’ll always get the real exchange rate and the lowest possible fees for your transfer.

By comparing a few options, you’ll find the best way to send money that meets your needs and fits your budget.

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What are the Western Union branch locations in Cork?


There are nearly 100 agent locations for Western Union in Cork. You can find the closest one to you using the locator tool over on the Western Union website¹ or pick one of the popular branches highlighted in the table below:

Branch name Address
Webworkhouse Com 8 Winthrop StreetCork, Co Cork
Cork GPO Oliver Plunkett StreetCork, Co Cork
North Main Street Post Office 8 North Main StreetCork, Co Cork, T12 WC82
Day Today News 119 St Patricks StreetCork, Cork, T12W63F
365 IT Hub 10 St Patrick S QuayCork, Cork, T23NP30
MacCurtain Street Post Office MacCurtain Street Po MacCurtain StreetCork, Cork, T23YW50
Blarney Street Post Office Blarney Street, CorkCork, Co Cork, T23 FT02
Bandon Road Post Office Bandon RoadBandon, Co Cork, T12 CY22
AT Net Internet and Call Centre 103 Gerald Griffin StreetCork, Co Cork, T23 KC3N
Albert Road 17a Elizabeth TerraceAlbert Road, Co Cork, T12 PX96

How to contact Western Union in Cork?

If you have questions about your transfer or need advice, you’ve got a few options:

  • Call the Western Union service team on 1 800 812 333
  • Email the central support team using the form available on the Western Union website
  • Use the phone numbers below to contact Cork branches directly²
Branch name Contact number
Webworkhouse Com 21-4273090
Cork GPO 21-4851032
North Main Street Post Office 021-4272761
Day Today News 214-279032
365 IT Hub 212-413981
MacCurtain Street Post Office 21-4502867
Blarney Street Post Office 21-4304687
Bandon Road Post Office 21-4316090
AT Net Internet and Call Centre 21-4220412
Albert Road 021-4965908

Wise: A transparent and simple alternative


Western Union is a handy service, especially if you need to get some cash to someone abroad quickly. It’s worth pointing out that, apart from the upfront fee you pay for this service, there will also be an extra fee added to the exchange rate that’s more difficult to spot. Here’s the note from the Western Union website, for reference:

“Western Union also makes money from currency exchange.”³

What that means is that Western Union takes the mid-market exchange rate - the one you’ll find on Google - and adds a markup or a margin to create the rate used for customers. This is an extra fee and means you pay more in the end for your transfer.

Not all services do this. Wise offers customers the mid-market exchange rate with no markup. Just a transparent, low service fee. That means it’s easy to see exactly what you’re paying for the transfer - and how much your recipient will get. With Wise your payment will be delivered directly into your recipient’s bank account for convenience - and you never need to leave home to get it all set up.

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