Small World money transfer Ireland: Fees, rates and transfer limits

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When you need to send money overseas, you want to find an option that is quick, easy, and affordable. With many money transfer services available, it's important to research to find the best option.

In this article you'll learn more about Small World money transfer Ireland, including their fees, exchange rates and transfer limits.

And if you are looking for a secure and trusted alternative for international money transfers, you'll get to know about Wise.

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Small World money transfer to the UK

But first things first. See how much you need to send from Ireland to a pound sterling bank account in the UK for the recipient to get £1,000. Here's a simple outline for your reference:

ProviderFeeExchange rateTotal costAmount received
Small World€23.85Exchange rate + markup²: 0.8387€1,216.24£1,000
Wise€5.38The real exchange rate (the same one you find on Google): 0.8404€1,195.22£1,000

This comparison is based on fees and exchange rates and prices offered at 10:13 GMT on 04th April 2022 on Small World website and Wise website.

Small World international transfer fees

The Small World website¹ provides a calculator which you can use to check the fees. Transfer fees vary depending on location, so you must use their calculator to find the fees for a specific transaction.

Before transferring money, you should take into account things like the country you’re sending money to, the type of transfer service – will it be a bank deposit or cash pickup? – and other factors such as the amount you’re sending.

Because Small World does not have set fees, different options will give different fees on your side.

Small World exchange rate

As with transfer fees, you can find Small World's exchange rates by entering a sample transaction on their website.

🔎 Keep in mind: Small World creates their own exchange rate based on commercially available interbank rates plus a margin².

If you want something different, Wise always uses the mid-market exchange rate without any additional markup. Meaning, Wise doesn’t make money on the exchange rate. And you always know exactly how much you're paying.

To compare Small World's rates with standard exchange rates, you can find online via Google or other services like Wise currency converter.


Small World money transfer

Small World is a payment service provider that specialises in international money transfers³. Depending on the country, you can choose to send money as¹:

  • Bank deposit
  • Cash pick up
  • Mobile top-up
  • Mobile wallet
  • Home delivery
  • Cash card reload

In Ireland, for example, it's possible to receive money via bank deposit or cash pickup⁴.

Small World money transfer locations

Small World offers international bank transfers to over 90 countries³, and they have a global network of over 250,000 cash pickup locations. You can transfer money to countries in Europe, North and Central America, South America, Africa, Asia, and Oceania⁵.

Small World money transfer Dublin

Small World has 13 cash pickup locations in Dublin⁶. Here's a list of the most centrally located:

  • LLC International Money Transfer: 68 Middle Abbey Street, Dublin 1
  • Your Express Services, Ltd: Unit 3 GPO Arcade, Dublin 1
  • Pinoy Sari-Sari Store, Ltd: 25/26 Little Mary Street, Dublin 7
  • 3294 IT Support: 103 A Cork Street, Dublin 8
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Wise as a transparent and easy alternative

If you're looking for an alternative Wise is a great option, and you can send money to 160+ countries.

Your money will be exchanged using the real, mid-market exchange rate and there are no hidden fees.

With Wise multi-currency account you can convert and hold more than 40 currencies, and receive payments like a local in 9+ currencies - get your own UK account number, Euro IBAN, US routing number, and more.

Wise also has the perfect debit card for travellers. You'll be able to spend in multiple currencies in more than 150 countries and territories.

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FAQ: All your questions about Small World money transfer answered

Here we have compiled everything you need to know about Small World money transfer.

How to make an international money transfer with Small World

You can transfer money via Small World's website by following this step by step⁷:

  1. Register your account
  2. Choose the country you want to send money to
  3. Enter the amount
  4. Add your beneficiary details
  5. Choose your payment method
  6. Confirm and pay

You can also choose one of the options below to make international money transfers with Small World.

Via Small World app

Download the Small World app and make your transfer from your smartphone.⁸

In person

You can send money from a branch to a Small World cash pickup location, and your recipient can pick up the cash from there.¹²

By phone

You can reach out to their Call Centre to make your money transfer. Their operators will help you with the process.⁹

What details you need to make an international transfer with Small World

To make an international money transfer with Small World, you'll need to provide the following information from the recipient:

  • Full name
  • Phone number
  • Bank account number (if you're sending a bank deposit)
  • The amount of money you want to send
  • The currency you want to send

Additionally, the sender may have to provide further information like ID (Passport, Driving Licence, or other accepted form of identification), address, full name, date of birth, nationality, occupation, and phone number.²

How long does an international money transfer with Small World take?

Small World says that the money will reach the beneficiary's account by the end of the following business day.

However, in some cases, like cross-border transfers made in a currency other than the euro or any of the currencies of a Member State of the European Union, the maximum transfer period will be 4 banking days.²

Small World money transfer limit

When paying with a debit card, each currency has a different transaction limit¹⁰:

  • GBP - 2.000 per transaction
  • EUR - 2.000 per transaction
  • NOK - 20.000 per transaction
  • SEK - 22.000 per transaction
  • DKK - 18.000 per transaction
  • BRL - 8.000 per transaction
  • CHF - 2.000 per transaction
  • USD - 2.000 per transaction

If you need to send more than the limit, you can make multiple transfers. Allowable transaction amounts differ from one country to the next, so it's crucial to double-check the Small World website to verify whether your transfer is permitted.

Small World contact in Ireland

If you need help with your international money transfer, you can reach out to customer support¹¹:

  • Phone: +353 (0)19609464 if you're in Ireland
  • Live chat: Small World website
  • Or send them an email directly on the support page

You can also find answers to frequently asked questions about Small World money transfer on their website.

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