Vancity institution number, transit number and routing number.

Find the Vancouver City Savings Credit Union institution number, transit number, and routing number for domestic or international wire transfers. And if you’re transferring internationally, save on fees with Wise.

What is a transit number and a routing number?

In Canada, banks and other financial institutions identify their branches with a unique transit number (also known as branch numbers). A transit number is made up of five-digits and together with the institution number they form a routing number.

  • The transit number - five digits - shows which branch you opened your account at.
  • The institution number - three digits - identifies your bank.
  • The account number - seven to twelve digits - identifies your individual account.

Bank routing numbers are used to process cheque and electronic transactions such as funds transfers, direct deposits, digital cheques, recurring loan and bill payments.

There are two different formats to routing numbers:

  • Electronic Transactions Routing Numbers (ETF): 0XXXYYYYY
  • Paper Transactions Transit Numbers (MICR): YYYYY-XXX
  • where XXX is the institution number and YYYYY is the transit number.

Find your Vancity transit number.

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Vancity institution number.

An institution number is the three-digit code assigned to each bank to uniquely identify it.

The institution number for Vancouver City Savings Credit Union is 809.

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Transit number for Vancouver City Savings Credit Union.

BranchCityTransit number

Abbotsford community branch

Branch 34



Brentwood community branch

Branch 43



Burnaby Heights community branch

Branch 6



North Road community branch

Branch 16



Royal Oak community branch

Branch 59



South Burnaby community branch

Branch 17



South Slope community branch

Branch 56



Chilliwack community branch

Branch 31



Abbotsford community branch

Branch 34



Maillardville community branch

Branch 51



Pinetree community branch

Branch 18



Cormorant Island community branch

Branch 71

Cormorant Island


North Delta community branch

Branch 19



Where to find the Vancity transit number on a cheque?

Your Vancity bank transit number and institution number can be found at the bottom of a cheque.


How to find your Vancity transit number?

Here are some of the ways to find your routing number:

  1. On this website – We've listed transit numbers for some of the biggest banks in Canada.
  2. Online banking – You’ll be able to get your account, institution, and transit number by logging into online banking.
  3. Cheque, bank statement or deposit slip – bank-issued cheque or bank statement.

If your bank transit number is only four digits long, add a 0 in front of the number. Example: Branch 1011 is 01011.

If your account number only has nine digits but a form requires 11, simply add two zeros in front. For example, 123456789 is 00123456789.

Your transit number and institution number are there to make sure your payment arrives to its recipient safe and sound. This page is a great place to start when you’re looking for your Vancity branch number. But it’s always worth checking the right account and routing number with your bank or your recipient.

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