Manage all your currencies across the globe

From looking for fairer rates when converting 50 currencies, to paying international bills and receiving money from abroad — you can do it all with Wise.

Hold and convert over 50 currencies

It's free to open a new currency balance. Then you can convert money at the mid-market rate in a few taps. Or try Auto Conversions to exchange when the market hits a rate you choose. A bureau de change can’t do that.
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Get paid from abroad in 10 currencies

Earning money in a different currency to your local one? You can receive your salary or pension — or get paid for anything else — in the currency that’s best for you. Get 10 different sets of account details and IBANs to receive USD, EUR and more.
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Organise your money how you like it

Keeping money in Wise is a breeze. See a bird’s-eye view of all your spending. Set different amounts aside in individual Jars. And even switch your cash to stocks with Assets to put your money to work — capital at risk.

Do more with Wise

Trust us to look after your money

We help over 13 million people move C$12 billion every month — here’s how we make sure it’s safe.
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Privacy and data

We protect your details through strict standards and 2FA.

Dedicated support

Questions? Get 24/7 help in 14 languages.

International safeguarding

We’re regulated by national authorities around the globe.