The Top Cities to Study in Europe As a UK Student


###It’s a well kept secret that British students can take advantage of free tuition and amazing culture by choosing a university in Europe. What’s more, you can study in English too.

At Wise, we know people are living increasingly international lives. The advent of the sharing economy means we can sofa surf, book low-cost flights and make free international calls. And yet when we asked British students if they’d study abroad more than half (62%) said they’d only consider university in the UK. That's despite the average university debt hitting an unbelievable £44,000. In contrast, studying in Germany is free for EU students.

We realised students in the UK are simply unaware of the opportunities available to them in Europe, so we thought we’d help them find out what’s on offer. We’ve created a ranking of the top 10 cities in mainland Europe with the highest population of UK students, looking at the factors that really matter.

We’ve looked at value for money, tuition fees, number of English-taught courses, universities in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings top 200, the international student community, cultural activities, ease of getting around the city, standard of nightlife and the ease of travelling back to the UK.

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