The wise way to send money to Thailand


Still using a bank or a broker to send money to Thailand or the U.S.? There’s now a smarter, cheaper way.

If you send dollars to Thailand, Wise could save you a lot of money compared to your bank or a broker.

How? These are the extra costs of a bad exchange rate, which your bank doesn't tell you about - and how Wise compares:


How do we calculate this? Click here to find out.

How Wise works:

  • Our transfers are fast, fair and low cost – the fee is just 1%.
  • You always get the real exchange rate for your dollars - with no costly mark-up. Click here to read more about making your first transfer to Thailand.
  • You can make THB transfers straight from, or from our iOS and Android apps.
  • You can send money with Wise directly to THB bank accounts.

Whether you need to move money between your own accounts, send money to family or friends, pay bills or manage invoices for your business, Wise will save you time and money, and makes the process much easier.

And since we always use the real exchange rate - unlike banks and brokers who hide big costs in the bad exchange rates they use - you’ll know exactly how much you’re going to receive every time.

So when you next want to send money to Thailand, remember there's a smart new way to do it. And why not invite your friends? When 3 people that you invite sign up and and each make one transfer over $300 (or equivalent in the currency they send us), you’ll earn $75 or equivalent, supported currency of your choice.

Want to know how Wise makes it so much cheaper? Bloomberg has the story:

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