How to sell on Amazon USA from Australia as a Non-US resident.

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Amazon is an internationally recognised online marketplace, operating 16 stores across the globe.² If you’re an online retailer or Amazon Australia seller, you may have wondered if it’s possible to expand your customer base and begin selling on Amazon USA.

In this article we’ll explore what there is to know about selling on Amazon USA from Australia, including the requirements, how to set it up and how shipping works. We’ll also look at how a Wise account can support your business as you begin to expand overseas.

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Why you should sell on Amazon USA

Here’s just a few of the benefits to selling your products on Amazon USA.

  • You gain access to a new marketplace with millions of potential customers
  • The selling process is similar to Amazon AU
  • It creates an opportunity for you to develop a larger customer base

Can you sell on Amazon USA from Australia as a non-US resident?

To sell on Amazon USA as a non-US resident, you need to be a resident of an eligible country, which currently includes Australia.¹

You’ll also need a valid phone number and a credit card that can process international charges.

What you need to start selling on Amazon USA

To start selling on Amazon USA you’ll need to be able to provide the following items.²

  • Valid credit card details
  • Phone number
  • Completed W-8BEN tax form for non-US taxpayers
  • US bank account details - Wise can help with this. Take a look at the Wise Multi-currency account that also comes with local USD account details.

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How to sign up for Amazon USA

To sign up for Amazon USA you need to create a USA seller account through Amazon seller central.¹ This applies to people who already have an Amazon AU account as well as new sellers.

The registration is done online and you’ll be prompted through the process.

Ways to sell on Amazon USA from Australia

Once you’ve signed up for Amazon USA you can create listings and decide how you want to ship your products.

Creating listings

When you’re selling internationally there are two ways to create Amazon listings.

  • Add the product directly to your new marketplace
  • Use the Build International Listings tool

To add a product just to your Amazon US account you’ll need to do the following.³

  1. Login to Seller Central
  2. Go to the “Inventory” drop down box and select “Add a Product”
  3. Follow the prompts to list your items on Amazon US

If you want to add a product to multiple Amazon marketplaces at once, you can use the Build International Listings tool.² This handy tool allows you to quickly add products to multiple marketplaces and synchronises the prices based on your set preferences.

Shipping and fulfilling orders made on Amazon USA

There are two main ways to get your stock from Australia to your Amazon USA customers.

  • Fulfilment by Seller
  • Fulfilment by Amazon

Fulfilment by Seller

With Fulfilment by Seller, you’re responsible for shipping your product from Australia to your customers international address.² You’ll need to make sure you’re on top of the customs processes so there aren’t any shipping delays and keep your customers informed of accurate shipping times and any additional duties or taxes they might be charged on their order.

Fulfilment by Amazon - FBA

The other option is to sign up for the Fulfilment by Amazon Program (FBA). With FBA, you ship your products to an Amazon fulfilment centre and they take care of the packing, shipping, returns and customer support on your behalf.²

Keep in mind there are fees for Amazon FBA. What you pay for Amazon FBA in Australia might not be what you pay for Amazon FBA in America.

Sending products to Amazon’s warehouse for FBA

When you send products to an Amazon US warehouse they’ll need to be imported into the country. Amazon don’t take responsibility for any import fees, customs duties or other charges associated with this process.²

Before you send your products, you’ll need to go through the process to add inventory on Seller Central and make sure the products are packaged and organised as per the Amazon FBA guidelines.

To actually send the products, Amazon suggests that you use a customs broker or freight forwarder to help you.² They also provide a list of International shipping services you could engage to get your inventory to the fulfilment centre.

Note that Amazon won’t act as the Exporter of record (EOR) or Importer of record (IOR) for your shipment.²

Amazon Global Logistics

If your stock originates in China you might be able to take advantage of Amazon Global Logistics. This network enables you to ship inventory directly from China to the US via sea or air.³

There’s some variation in the rates and transit times, and you will need to check if you're required to have an Employer Identification Number for US customs.

Read more: Amazon FBA Australia. How it works and how to get in.

What to watchout for selling in the USA from Australia

Here’s a few things to keep in mind when you decide whether or not you’re going to start selling through Amazon USA.

  • Australia and the USA have different electrical plugs, chargers and power voltages
  • Some product which are legal in Australia aren’t allowed to be imported in the US
  • Import fees, customs duties, shipping fees and overseas taxes could add up
  • The returns process can be complicated
  • You may need to employ a company to help with logistics and customs clearances
  • You will also need to inspect your products and prepare them for FBA shipping to your customers. Sending products that are not inspected may end up in returns for broken or faulty items.
  • You’ll need to keep on top of Amazon FBA inventory

Wise for International Business

As we mentioned earlier, you’ll need a US bank account to be able to set up Amazon US and receive your earnings. This is where a Wise can help.

With a Wise business account you have access to local account details in some of the world’s major currencies, including AUD and USD. If you decide later to expand to Amazon UK or one of the European Amazon stores, you can also get account details for EUR and GBP.

On top of having local account details, you can store, spend and convert a range of different currencies from within a single Wise account. You’ll be able to pay international business payments to suppliers in over 70 countries and your money is converted using the real exchange rate, just like you see on Google.

You can get a Wise debit card that will allow you to spend locally and internationally at the real exchange rate.

To see how a Wise business account could benefit your international expansion, open your own account in minutes and start business the Wise way.

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