What is the SWIFT code for Corporation Bank?

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Looking for a SWIFT code? If you need to send or receive money internationally, you’ll need it. The SWIFT system is used to securely send information between banks all over the world, including money transfer information. However, did you know that you can save on international transfers with Wise?

What’s the SWIFT code for Corporation Bank in India?

The BIC/SWIFT code for Corporation Bank is CORPINBB.¹

You’ll need an accurate SWIFT code any time you need to send money internationally to a Corporation Bank account, or receive money internationally into your own Corporation Bank account. You may also need the following information:

Bank NameCorporation Bank
SWIFT/BIC Code for Corporation BankCORPINBB¹
Bank address, city & stateAddress for the specific branch you are using
Beneficiary account numberComplete Corporation Bank account number of the recipient (including leading zeros)
Beneficiary nameThe name on the recipient’s account as it appears on one of their bank statements

What’s a SWIFT Code?

A SWIFT Code, which is also sometimes called a BIC or Bank Identifier Code, is a string of characters used to identify a specific bank or financial institution anywhere in the world. It’s useful for international transfers because it contains everything you need to identify a specific bank, or even a specific branch, to ensure money is sent to the right place. Any time you send or receive an international transfer, you’ll probably need the correct SWIFT/BIC.

A SWIFT code is 8-11 characters, formatted like this: AAAABBCCDDD.

AAAA: Bank code

BB: Country code

CC: Location code

DDD: Optional branch code

What’s the difference between a SWIFT code, a BIC, an IBAN and a routing number?

SWIFT/BIC codes both are used to identify banks and financial institutions worldwide. A routing number is similar, but only identifies banks and financial institutions in the US. An IBAN (or International Bank Account Number) is totally different. It identifies a specific bank account, not the bank as a whole, and it’s only used in the EU, Norway, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Hungary.

Do SWIFT codes change from branch to branch?

SWIFT/BIC codes can vary by branch, so use this tool to look up the correct SWIFT code for your Corporations Bank branch. You can also just use the general SWIFT code, which works for all Corporations Bank branches if you’re not sure.

What other ways can I send or receive money to my Corporation Bank account?

Banks aren’t the only way to transfer money overseas. There are other services out there, like Wise, which moves money across borders quickly, safely, and cheaply, since there are no hidden costs or exchange rate markups. All it costs to make an international transfer is a small, fair transfer fee that’s clearly spelled out up front.

Another service Wise offers is borderless multi-currency accounts, which allows users to send, receive and hold money in several different currencies all at once. It makes managing money even easier for people who have to move between countries. Try Wise today to see how easy it can be to manage your money all over the world.



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