All you need to know about getting a Business Visa for China

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If you’re planning an extended business trip to China, a Business Visa is a must-have. This crucial document grants you legal access to enter the country for meetings, conferences and trade fairs, negotiating deals, signing contracts and any other commercial activities you have planned.

All countries have their own Business Visa rules, some of which are more complicated than others. Here, we’ll walk you through exactly what you’ll need to get a China Business Visa.

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Now, let’s take a closer look at what you need to do to get a Business Visa for China.

Visa types for China

Like other countries, China has a selection of different visa types available. These range from the Chinese Tourist Visa (L) to the Work Visa (Z). But the one that business travellers need to know about is the Business Visa (M).²

The M Visa is for people travelling to China for commercial and trade activities. It can be single or double/multiple entry, with a maximum length of stay of 30 days³ – although you can apply for a longer stay if you need to.

There’s also another visa type that may be applicable for some visitors to China – the F Visa. This is strictly for non-commercial sci-tech and culture exchanges. It’s important not to confuse the two when applying.

Which countries are eligible for a Business Visa in China?

The citizens of over 23 countries⁴ are eligible to apply for a Chinese Business Visa, and this includes Australia. Provided you have the right documentation and complete the application correctly, you should soon be the proud owner of your own M Visa.

Business Visa requirements

To get your M Visa, you’ll need to complete an application form, provide supporting documents and prove your identity. But there are also other requirements you need to meet.

Before applying for your visa, check your eligibility by making sure you meet all of the following:

  • You have a valid business purpose in China – for example, meeting clients, recruitment, buying or selling commercial products, attending trade fairs and conferences and so on.
  • You won’t be working as an employee in China – a different visa is required for this
  • You are an Australian citizen or can prove legal status in Australia. ⁵

When applying for any kind of visa, it really helps to get your supporting documentation in order. It can speed the whole process up. Here’s what you’ll need for a China Business Visa:

Visa typeDocument
M Visa for Business⁶
  • Completed, signed and dated application form and declaration.
  • Valid passport –with a minimum of six months left until expiry and at least 2 blank visa pages. You’ll need to provide the original document, plus photocopies of the data and photo pages.
  • A good quality colour photograph of yourself taken within the last 6 months. This should be 48mm x 33mm and meeting these strict requirements. ⁷
  • A letter of invitation by a trade partner or relevant business contact in China.
  • Proof of legal status in Australia if you are not an Australian national.

How to apply for a Business Visa

It’s reasonably straightforward to apply for a Chinese Business Visa, but it all depends on completing the application form correctly and supplying all the right documentation. Just in case there’s a hiccup, it’s a smart idea to get your application in early. If you leave plenty of time for it to be processed and any issues ironed out, you shouldn’t face any delays to your trip.

Follow these steps⁸ to apply for your China Business Visa:

  1. Download the application form (PDF) from the Chinese Embassy in Australia’s website.
  2. Complete the form carefully before printing and signing.
  3. Submit your application in person or by post to the relevant Chinese Visa Application Service Centre (CVAS) in Australia. Find your local CVAS here⁹, along with postal addresses.
  4. Make sure you include the following – your completed application form, supporting documentation (including original passport), a completed Payment Authorisation Form or money order, and a fully-paid self-addressed envelope.
  5. Wait for your application to be processed – this is around 10 days for mail applications and around 4 days for in-person applications (although it could take longer).

Business Visa Costs

The cost of a Business Visa for China depends largely on how quickly you need the Visa, whether you want single or multiple entries and if you’d prefer your new visa posted out to you. The costs for Australian citizens are as follows¹⁰:

Entries****Total Fee (AUD)

| | Regular | Express | Rush | Mail |
| Single entry | 109.50 | 167 | 209 | 131.50 |
| Double entry | 139.50 | 197 | 239 | 161.50 |
| Multiple entry (6 months) | 169.50 | 227 | 269 | 191.50 |
| Multiple entry (1 year) | 229.50 | 287 | 329 | 251.50 |

International business? Have you considered Wise?

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So, using our guide, you should be all set to apply for your China Business Visa. Take our advice and get your documentation in order well in advance, just to make extra sure there are no delays with your application. Then, you can look forward to planning the rest of your trip – including making some time between meetings for a spot of sightseeing.

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