1Cover travel insurance. What’s on offer and how does it work?

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For 42% of Australians, the cost of the flights will determine their holiday destinations.⁸ To stay within the budget, it’s important to plan for any unexpected financial costs, such as medical emergencies and loss of luggage.

Travel insurance helps with unexpected expenses when travelling. 1Cover is a travel insurance provider that can help with cover for both international and domestic travel. This article will guide you through 1Cover’s insurance packages, the benefits, and the process of purchasing a policy and making a claim with 1Cover.

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What is travel insurance with 1Cover

1Cover offers travel insurance packages that cover a variety of unexpected or emergency expenses while travelling internationally or domestically. Travel insurance with 1Cover covers overseas medical assistance, lost or damaged luggage, car rental excess fees, credit card fraud, flight delays and cancellations, and other additional expenses in some circumstances.

1Cover travel insurance packages

1Cover offers a range of travel insurance packages based on the needs and the types of travel, for both domestic and international destinations. 1Cover’s packages and add-ons include¹:

  • Comprehensive international travel insurance
  • Domestic travel insurance
  • Annual travel insurance
  • Cruise travel insurance
  • Ski travel insurance
  • Already overseas
  • Rental car excess insurance

Who administers travel insurance on behalf of 1Cover

1Cover’s travel insurance policy is underwritten by HDI Global Specialty SE – Australia and Coffre-Fort acts as the underwriting agent.²

What are the main benefits of travel insurance with 1Cover

1Cover offers a variety of benefits and, depending on the type of insurance, you can get additional cover for more specific needs. The benefits include³:

  • Unlimited 24/7 overseas emergency medical assistance
  • Medical transfer to the nearest medical facility, by road or air, including repatriation to Australia
  • Cancellation cover that helps if you fall sick or need to change your travel plans
  • Up to AUD$15,000 for loss or damage to luggage and personal effects
  • Car rental excess cover for exorbitant rental fees that you might incur if your car is damaged or stolen
  • Cover for if you’re a victim of credit card fraud
  • Help in case your flight is delayed or cancelled
  • Cover for legal liability in some circumstances
  • Cover for loss of cash or postal order in some scenarios
  • Cover for additional accommodation and travel expenses if your travel plans are disrupted due to injury or illness
  • Insurance options specific to cruise and ski holidays

Types of coverage offered by 1Cover travel insurance

1Cover has a variety of coverage available catering to specific needs and types of travel. The following table provides a breakdown of the major benefits and covers offered. 1Cover’s Product Disclosure Statement gives a more comprehensive look into all the benefits available, the excesses applied, and the add-on insurance packages.²

Benefits Comprehensive/Overseas Frequent Traveller Essentials Medical Domestic/Domestic Frequent Traveller Already Overseas
Overseas emergency medical assistance Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited NA Unlimited
Overseas emergency medical & hospital expenses Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited NA Unlimited
Credit card fraud & replacement AUD$5,000 AUD$1,000 NA NA AUD$5,000
Theft of cash AUD$250 NA NA NA AUD$250
Luggage & personal effects AUD$15,000 AUD$5,000 NA AUD$15,000 AUD$15,000
Additional accommodation & travel expenses AUD$50,000 NA NA AUD$2,000 AUD$50,000
Cancellation fees & lost deposits Unlimited AUD$2,500 NA Unlimited NA
Alternative transport expenses AUD$5,000 NA NA NA AUD$5,000
Personal liability AUD$5 million AUD$5 million AUD$5 million AUD$5 million AUD$5 million
Rental vehicle insurance excess add-on Up to AUD$8,000 NA NA Up to AUD$8,000 Up to AUD$8,000

As seen on 1 November 2023

1Cover travel insurance main fees

1Cover’s travel insurance fees differ based on the specifics and requirements of the travellers such as age, duration of travel, pre-existing medical conditions, and destination and whether you wish to purchase additional covers.¹

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What’s not covered under this travel insurance

1Cover, like most travel insurance policies, has some scenarios that aren’t covered. A detailed guide to all the limits and exclusions can be found in 1Cover’s Product Disclosure Statement.

Following are some of the main exclusions⁴:

  • Disappointing holiday
  • Irresponsibility
  • Risky activities
  • Carelessness resulting in theft or loss of luggage and personal effects
  • Poor planning with wrong visa, passport or flight
  • Breaking the law
  • Ignoring official travel warnings

Eligibility for 1Cover travel insurance

1Cover travel insurance is available if you fulfil the following criteria²:

  • You currently reside in Australia
  • Your trip starts and ends in Australia
  • You hold a valid Australian Medicare card or, if you’re a temporary visitor, you have a private health insurance policy that fulfils the Australian government health insurance requirements for your visa
  • As a temporary visitor, your visa remains valid beyond the period of your return
  • You are within the age limits that apply to the plan you wish to purchase. For those 80 years or older, the cover is only available up to a maximum of 6 months per journey. The age limits are as follows:
Plans Age Limits
Comprehensive All ages
Essentials 74 and under
Medical only 74 and under
Domestic All ages
Already overseas 64 and under
Frequent traveller 64 and under

As seen on 1 November 2023

How to get travel insurance with 1Cover

You can get travel insurance with 1Cover online by going through the following process:

  1. Fill in the countries you are visiting, the dates of departure and return, and the ages of the travellers into the quote generator.
  2. Once you get an initial quote, you can go through the benefits included in the policy. Here, you can also choose to add your excess or additional coverage for a cruise, snow, renting a vehicle, or high-value items. The quote will be adjusted accordingly.
  3. You will then be asked to provide your details such as your name, contact information, date of birth and address. You will also need to declare any pre-existing medical conditions here.
  4. Lastly, you enter your payment details and complete the purchase.

Making a claim with 1Cover travel insurance

There are three ways to make a claim with 1Cover travel insurance.⁵

Making a Claim Online

You can make a claim online by visiting 1Cover’s website.

  1. Log in to the Policy and Claims Manager.
  2. Launch the online claims form and complete it.
  3. Attach as many supporting documents, receipts and other documents as you can.

You can also make a claim via 1Cover’s contact page on the website.⁶

  1. On 1Cover’s support page, choose the option of making a claim.
  2. Select make a new claim.
  3. Fill in the form.

Making a Claim by Post

You can make a claim by post by downloading the claims form, completing it, and posting it to PO Box 6798, Baulkham Hills, NSW 2153.

A word on 1Cover travel insurance and COVID-19

1Cover provides unlimited overseas medical claims related to COVID-19 if you test positive and require emergency medical attention. The policy will cover costs incurred from any overseas medical treatment, use of an ambulance or repatriation to Australia.

Your certificate of insurance will have an additional page detailing the COVID-19 cover which can be used as evidence whenever required.

However, 1Cover doesn’t cover instances where you catch COVID-19 before you depart, changes or cancellations of travel plans, government quarantine requirements or restrictions to travel due to COVID-19. Additional expenses related to COVID-19 are also not covered.⁷

Additional things to keep in mind

A travel insurance policy has many details to be considered before purchase. 1Cover has a Product Disclosure Statement providing a comprehensive guide to all the inclusions, exclusions, limits and eligibility criteria for the different policies on offer. Ideally, you should go through it before making a decision.

Contacting 1Cover

You can contact the 1Cover team in a few different ways.¹⁰

  • Fill in a contact form on the support page of the website
  • Email general enquiries to info @ 1cover.com.au and claims enquiries to claims @ 1cover.com.au
  • If you’re experiencing an emergency, you can get in touch with 1Cover at (+)6128776 3010 if you’re overseas, 1300884508 if you’re in Australia, or send an email to assistance @ travelclaimscentre.com⁹

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