Can you use Plaid to transfer money?

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Plaid¹ allows customers to connect their bank and other financial accounts securely with apps — but can you use Plaid if you want to transfer money?

This guide covers all you need to know about Plaid and money transfers — and we’ll also introduce the Wise Account which uses Plaid to allow US customers to move money seamlessly and safely between accounts.

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Can you transfer money using Plaid?

Let’s start with the basics — what is Plaid used for?

If you use your phone to stay organized you may well have a range of financial apps to help budget, save, manage your money, make payments and more. Using these apps means connecting them with your bank accounts to share information and process transactions — something apps often do via Plaid².

So how about sending money with Plaid?

Plaid doesn’t process money transfers itself — but it does allow you to seamlessly connect your financial accounts with apps that facilitate money transfers, such as Venmo, Wise, Cash App and WorldRemit³.

How does Plaid money transfer work?

We’ve already mentioned that Plaid doesn’t directly process money transfers, but can help you securely connect to an app which does. To give an example for domestic transfers in the US, let’s look at Venmo⁴.

To use Venmo you’ll need to register an account and get verified. The easiest way to do this is with instant verification with Plaid. Set up your Venmo account following these steps⁵:

Step 1. Download and open the Venmo app

Step 2. Choose your sign up method and create a secure password

Step 3. Enter and verify your phone number and email address

Step 4. Add you bank account — you’ll be directed to Plaid to verify it

Step 5. Verify your account by entering your login and password information into Plaid

Once your account is set up you can make a Venmo payment simply using the email address or phone number of the person you need to send money to — easy.

How long does Plaid take to transfer money?

How long it takes to send a payment with a Plaid money transfer partner really depends on the provider itself. Payments with Venmo or a Plaid provider like Metal — for example — can be instant.

Check with the payment provider itself to see how long a transfer is likely to take, so there are no surprises once you initiate the payment.

An international account, a local experience: meet Wise


One money transfer service which uses Plaid for secure connections is Wise.

You can open a Wise Account online or in the Wise app, to hold and exchange 50+ currencies, and then use Plaid to connect your Wise Account to other providers like Chime, Mercury, Robinhood or any of the other 6,000+ apps powered by Plaid.

Make USD payments easily from Wise through Plaid — or use your Wise Account to send international transfers directly to 80+ countries around the world.

Wise personal accounts are free to open with no minimum balance and no ongoing account maintenance costs. All currency exchange uses the mid-market exchange rate, and low, transparent fees which can mean you save compared to using a bank. And for a small fee you can also get a linked Wise international debit card for spending and withdrawals in 170+ countries.

See if Wise can help you move money seamlessly within the US, and send lower cost international payments all around the world.

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Please see Terms of Use for your region or visit Wise Fees & Pricing for the most up-to-date pricing and fee information.

Plaid is a super handy way of connecting your favorite apps with your bank and financial accounts with confidence.

And while Plaid doesn’t offer transfers itself, it can connect you to a broad range of providers which do. Compare a few based on your needs, like Venmo, Wise, Metal and WorldRemit, to see which might suit you best.


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