Payoneer vs Wise (formerly TransferWise) - Comparison Review

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Payoneer and Wise (formerly TransferWise) offers a convenient way to send and receive international payments for businesses. But which one is more suitable for your business needs?

In this comparison article you’ll learn about Payoneer vs Wise (formerly Wise), their features, costs, exchange rates and more. 

Let’s have a look and compare Wise to Payoneer. 

Payoneer vs Wise - Supported accounts

Payoneer offers a business account for both domestic and international payments, with multiple features to support businesses worldwide.

However at the time of writing they don’t offer a personal account.¹

This might seem irrelevant for a business owner at first, but let’s take a closer look at why your business can benefit from a personal and business account with the same provider. 

Wise offers both a Wise personal and business account to support all customers across the globe.

And did you know that sending money from a Wise currency account to another Wise currency account is fee-free? You’ll only be charged a small conversion fee if you’re sending money to a different currency. 

So if both you and your employees have a Wise currency account you can save on transaction fees when paying them domestically or overseas.

Pay your employees
with Wise Business

Payoneer vs Wise - Costs and exchange rate

Let’s compare the fees of Payoneer vs Wise.

Both Wise and Payoneer have a fee-free payment method, if both you and your recipient have a Wise/Payoneer account. So if you’re sending money from your Wise/Payoneer account to another Wise/Payoneer account it’s free!²

When sending money from your Wise business account the following fees may apply:

Also, with Wise Business the more you send the more you save. Sending money above 100,000 GBP or equivalent (roughly 122,000 USD) will give you access to lower fees.

Batch payments with Wise Business are a convenient way to send money up to 1,000 payments in one go. Best part is that it won’t cost you more than a regular transfer, there are no surcharges.


When sending money with Payoneer to a recipient that is not a Payoneer customer, the transfer fee will be up to 3% of the transfer amount. You may also have to pay a fixed fee when sending money from your USD, EUR or GBP account to someone whose bank account:

  • Is in a country where the currency they receive is the local currency

  • Is in the same country that you indicated in your Payoneer account

  • Is in the same currency as your Payoneer account²

With the Wise Business account you can receive payments in 9 currencies like a local. For a simple one-time fee you’ll have access to - US routing number, IBAN, UK sort code and more. 

Wise won’t charge you for receiving payments to your account details, with the exception of receiving a US domestic wire transfer and a SWIFT transfer - this will cost 4,14 USD per transaction.

You won’t be charged for receiving ACH payments.

Setting up your account details are only a matter of minutes - you can then share these details with international customers, business partners and more to receive payments conveniently. 

Furthermore you can set up direct debits, withdraw profit from sales platforms as well as convert between currencies using the mid-market rate. 


With Payoneer you can receive payments in 8 currencies.

Payoneer doesn’t state a fee to open these accounts, however they might ask for certain documents before opening a receiving account for you.³

Here’s a list of the available currencies with account details:

Payoneer currencies with account details
  • USD
  • EUR
  • GBP
  • CAD
  • AUD
  • SGD
  • HKD
  • JPY³
  • When comparing Wise vs Payoneer, currencies with account details are worth taking into account. As well as the Payoneer costs for receiving money. 

    Payoneer won’t charge you for receiving payments to your receiving accounts as long as another Payoneer customer pays you.

    You’ll be charged however for receiving:

    • ACH bank debit directly by your clients - 1% of the transaction

    • Credit card directly by your clients - 3% of the transaction

    • USD payments - 0-1% based on eligibility, a minimum fee may apply

    If you’re receiving below a minimum amount fees may apply²

    The pricing is accurate at the time of writing, for up to date information please visit Payoneer’s pricing page.

    Opening Payoneer receiving accounts may take up to 3 business days depending on certain factors and the geographic location of your business.³

    Exchange rate
    Wise always uses the mid-market exchange rate, also known as ‘interbank-exchange rate’. The mid-market rate is the ‘real’ rate, the midpoint of buy and sell prices of two currencies.

    To keep track of certain exchange rates you can use the Wise rate tracker, see how the rate changed in the last 30 days. Also, get rate alerts when a certain currency route hits the rate you desire.

    Payoneer bases their rates on wholesale currency market rates and they also use XE to collect data. Even though they don’t refer to this rate as the mid-market rate, the wholesale currency rate is formed by the buying and selling of foreign currencies among financial institutions.⁴

    Payoneer vs Wise - Features



    Wise always tries to process your international business transfers as quickly as possible. In some cases your transfer can be instant or on the same day. 

    Generally your transfers should take 1-2 working days, but the speed will mostly depend on the currency route and payment method you choose to send with.

    Withdrawing money from your Wise currency account can be as simple as sending money to your local bank account. It works the same way as the ‘send money’ function so the same speed should apply as above.

    Save time and money
    with Wise Business

    Payoneer states that your bank transfers should arrive to your recipient within a day. However they claim that this is an estimated time for most transactions.⁵

    Withdrawing money from your Payoneer balance to your local bank account should take 2-5 working days, except for transfers within the US that usually takes 2-3 working days.⁶


    Managing payments to your Wise and Payoneer account is easy especially using the multi-currency account. 

    Both services are accessible via the app - you could initiate payments and track your transactions through it. 

    Payoneer supports withdrawals to local bank accounts in more than 150 countries and currencies.⁷

    Wise supports sending and receiving internationally in 80 countries and 54 currencies. 

    Did you know? You can also add your Wise Business account to Xero and QuickBooks for bank feeds.

    Security and Reliability

    Wise, registered with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) in the U.S and regulated around the world, has extensive security measures in place to protect your payments. This includes business verification, 2-step login and dedicated anti-fraud teams.

    Payoneer has security protocols and technologies in place to protect their customers from financial crimes. They also have a business verification process and 2-step login.⁸

    Manage international payments and multi-currency cash flow with Wise Business


    Take control of your international business and see as it grows and expands globally with the help of your Wise Business account.

    • Wise offers a currency account and local account details where you can receive payments from your overseas customers.

    • Send, convert and withdraw in multiple currencies, always getting the mid-market rate for your transfers.

    • If you have several contractors and vendors, you can use Wise to execute mass/batch payments and save time on admin.

    Open your Wise Business
    account online


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