US Bank (Union Bank) international wire transfer: fees, rates and transfer time

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Union Bank recently became part of US Bank®¹ ². If you’re a US Bank customer - or if you just moved over from Union Bank, you may be wondering how you can make international wire payments or money transfers abroad.

This guide walks through how US Bank works for international wire transfers - plus we’ll touch on how a non-bank service like Wise could be handy as a comparison, to see if you can get your money moving faster and for a lower overall cost³.


What are the fees for an international money transfer with US Bank/Union Bank in the US?

Let’s walk through the fees for sending a payment overseas with US Bank - bear in mind, these could be quite different to the costs which you may have been familiar with if you were previously with Union Bank.

US Bank International transfer fees table

US Bank TransactionFee per transfer⁴
Incoming wire transfer$25
Outgoing international wire transfer$50
Additional feesSee below

US Bank exchange rates

When making an international wire transfer, the money you send will have to be converted into the recipient’s local currency at some point. Banks don’t use the exchange rate they use between themselves - the mid-market rate - to convert your money.

They use a marked up exchange rate instead. That’s a fee but it’s hard to spot. Compare the US Bank rate you’re offered against the mid-market rate you can get from a currency converter tool to check the difference - or pick a provider that uses the mid-market rate, like Wise (more on that later).

Additional fees from US Bank

Bear in mind that your international bank transfer is likely to be routed through the SWIFT network. That can mean it’ll be routed through 1 - 3 intermediary banks, which can each charge their own fees. These fees are not levied by the bank itself, but by additional banks needed to conduct the transfer.

Everywhere money. Meet Wise: the world's most international account

If you’re not living in the US — or if you simply want a more flexible account you can open from anywhere — check out Wise.

Wise isn’t a bank, but a money service business (MSB) that offers an account which allows you to hold, send and receive money. As well as getting an attached debit card — plus you’ll get some extra perks which suit anyone living an international lifestyle.

You’ll be able to hold 40+ currencies, and get local account details for up to 9 currencies including USD, to get paid easily by wire or ACH.

Wise offers linked debit cards for spending and withdrawals around the world, and all currency conversion uses the mid-market exchange rate.

That means that whenever you send a payment or spend in a foreign currency your dollars are converted with the mid-market rate with low conversion fees from 0.41%³. Easy.

This way to easy
international payments

Please see Terms of Use for your region or visit Wise Fees & Pricing for the most up to date pricing and fee information

How do you make an international wire transfer with US Bank?

US Bank allows you to initiate international wire transfers in-person at a local branch. You’ll need to have on hand all of the required information that’s needed about your recipient and yourself.

What do you need in order to make an international wire transfer with Union Bank?

To make an international transfer with US Bank, you need to fill out a wire transfer request form within any bank branch.

You will need⁵:
  • BIC/SWIFT of the recipient

  • Recipient’s full name and address

  • The recipient’s bank account number

  • Recipient bank’s address

Receiving an international wire with US Bank (formerly Union Bank)

As a US Bank account holder, you can receive international payments. You might have to agree with the sender on who will pay the various transfer fees, although usually the charge defaults to the sender.

Provide them with the following⁷:

How long does an international wire transfer with US Bank take?

How long does it take normally to arrive at the destination account?

US Bank doesn’t guarantee any delivery timeframe for international transfers on its website. Usually banks have cut off times which you’ll need to hit for your payment to start being processed on the same day. Once your payment has been initiated it could take 2 - 5 days to deposit in most cases. Bank staff will be able to advise you of the expected delivery time.

US Bank (previously Union Bank) contact information

Should you have questions about how to set up an international wire, or you’ve already made one and want to inquire about it, you can get in touch with US Bank directly through the following means:

  • Phone support line
  • In branch in person

Wire transfers and banking aren’t always the easiest systems to navigate. It’s not always simple to find answers to your questions - particularly when your bank’s processes have changed. If you’re used to Union Bank’s way of doing things you can use this post as your US Bank international wire transfer guide, to make sure you’re educated on your options. And before you head out to set up your US Bank international wire, take a look at Wise as a flexible alternative to using a bank to send payments overseas.


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