How to be a digital nomad


What if you could pack in the 9 - 5, travel the world, meet interesting people and get paid for it? If you’ve never heard of the term ‘Digital Nomad’, this video might just make you want to quit your job and book a flight to Bali.

‘Digital Nomad’ is a term that has been thrown around a lot in recent years, but what exactly is a Digital Nomad? And more importantly, how can you become one?

Intrigued by the lifestyle (and a bit envious), we met up with Vicky Flipflop, a travel blogger who’s been a Digital Nomad for over 16 months. We wanted to find out more about the digital nomad community - and how you can get setup as one.

Vicky quit her job when she realised she could freelance from just about anywhere in the world. Since leaving the UK, Vicky has travelled to countries in every continent doing what she loves best: travel blogging. In November, Vicky travelled to Digital Nomad hub Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, where 200 Digital Nomads were boarding the first Digital Nomad Cruise, headed for the warmer climates of Brazil.

Amongst the nomads that Vicky interviewed were software designers, digital strategists, marketers and fellow bloggers, and they had lots of advice to give us. Here are some of their top tips:


Get used to loving and losing. As Chris puts it: “you meet some amazing people but just as you’re hanging out and getting to know them, they can disappear to the other ends of the earth”. Vicky suggests using social media to connect with other nomads in the places you plan to visit, before you go.


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When your income relies on you being online, you’re going to need good WIFI. Thankfully, some of the most beautiful places in the world also have the best WIFI. Check out Nomad List for the WIFI rating before deciding where to travel.


“This lifestyle isn’t for everyone, so try it out” says Anca, a media strategist from Romania. Vicky suggests that you try freelancing on the side of your day job before you commit to becoming a nomad.

Useful Resources

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