How to add money to Venmo

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You need to have funds available in your account in order to transfer money to someone else or make a payment. This is no different with Venmo.

In this article we’re going to cover the process of adding money to your Venmo Account, the different methods you can use and also how to add money to your Venmo Balance.

Adding money to your Venmo Account

Once you’ve opened a Venmo account, you need to set up funding sources that will then be used to add money to it, so that you can, later on, send it to different people. You can do this by using a debit card, credit card or your bank account¹.

Additionally, your account can also be funded by receiving money from other Venmo users.


Fund Venmo payments through your bank account

Venmo gives you the option to attach a bank account to your profile as a funding source. This means that you can make a payment with the money being drawn directly from your bank account.

To link your bank account you’ll need to follow the steps below:

  • Tap the menu button (the one with three horizontal lines)
  • Proceed to Settings then select Payment Methods
  • Follow the Add bank or card option and choose Bank
  • From there, you’ll have to choose your verification method

Your account has to be verified before you can use it for Venmo-related transfers and there are two ways you can do this: manual or instant verification.

When you add your bank account manually, all you need to do is inform your account number and routing number. Make sure not to enter your check number as this can make transfers fail or get rejected by your bank.

In this manual process, Venmo will send small amounts of money, usually a dollar or less to confirm your ownership of the account. Make sure you have enough money in your bank account to avoid any overdraft or other applicable bank charges.

You can also have an instant verification if you enter your bank login information. If your bank qualifies for instant verification, you’ll be asked to enter the username and password you use for online banking and that will verify your credentials².

Fund Venmo payments with your credit or debit card

With Venmo, you can also make payments using your credit or debit card, but like with many other online services, you have to first set it up by providing some basic card information.

To get this done you’ll need to:

  • Tap the menu button (the one with three horizontal lines)
  • Continue to Settings then go to Payment Methods
  • Select Add bank or card and go with the Card option
  • Choose whether to add your card information manually or with your phone camera

It’s advisable to have contact information for the support agents of the issuer of your card. This is because sometimes your card may be rejected during verification due to a recent zip code or address change.

Keep in mind that Venmo doesn’t allow you to update specific pieces of information related to a card you’ve added. For instance, if your card’s expiry date is adjusted, you’ll have to delete that card then register it afresh with the new information³.

Venmo also intends to roll out a feature that allows two users who share ownership of a debit card to jointly use it on the platform⁴.

Adding money to your Venmo Balance

If you have a Venmo debit card, you can add money from a verified bank account directly to your Venmo balance.

When adding money to your Venmo balance, these are the steps to follow:

  1. Go to your personal transactions feed and tap the Manage balance option at the top right
  2. Enter the amount you want to add and click on Done
  3. Choose the account you’d like to transfer money from and select Next
  4. Review the transfer information and estimated time of arrival then tap Add Money.

Have in mind that, after step 4 the transfer can’t be cancelled.

Funds usually take 3-5 business days to get into your Venmo balance and this duration can be affected by weekends and public holidays⁵.

Holding money in another currency? Try Wise

Venmo is a good option for making payments within the US, however, if you want to hold and spend your money internationally, the platform won’t support it.

If you want a cheap and quick way to transfer money around, check Wise! In just 4 steps you can send and spend like a local anywhere you go:

  1. Register for free
  2. Open the balance on your preferred currency
  3. Choose Add Money
  4. Pay for your top up (via ACH direct debit, wire transfer or bank card)

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Moving money around using the internet is a convenience worth having, especially when you can add it in a few simple steps. Within the US Venmo can be a good service option. However, if you’re looking for a broader coverage, Wise might be a better fit for you.


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