Does Google Pay charge fees? Full breakdown

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Google Pay®¹ offers convenient ways to pay by phone, as well as options for international payments directly and through a partnership with Wise.

But, does Google Pay charge fees to send money? And what’s the Google Pay transaction fee when you’re shopping at home and abroad? This guide covers all you need to know about Google Pay costs.


Does Google Pay charge fees?

Google Pay lets you tap to pay in stores, and pay securely online². And now Google Pay is part of Google Wallet®³ you can also access other cards, tickets and more, right from your phone or smart device⁴.

But if you’re new to Google Pay and Google Wallet you’re probably wondering about the costs of using the service.

The good news is that Google Pay doesn't charge users a fee when making payments.

However, it is important to remember that your own card provider, bank or network may charge fees, depending on the specific card and the transactions you make — more on that coming up.

Does Google Pay charge fees to send money?

Google Pay lets you send money to others in the US and internationally. In the US, there’s no Google Pay fee to send money⁵ — you’ll need to double check with your own bank or card provider to see if they have fees for this service, though.

You can also send money overseas with Google Pay, and take advantage of the Google Pay partnership with Wise⁶ to cut the costs of sending money abroad.

In this case, the fees you pay are set by Wise, and can start from 0.41%⁷ depending on the country and currency you’re sending to, and how you like to pay.

Wondering if there’s a better alternative to Google Pay? Here are some other handy resources for you:

Does Google Pay charge fees?

Google Pay won’t charge you a fee when you use your phone or other smart device to tap and pay, or to make a payment online.

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean your purchases will come with zero fees — as your own card issuer might have charges you need to take into consideration. Here’s what you need to think about.

Google Pay transaction fees

While there are no Google Pay transaction fees, any fee you’d pay to use your physical card will still apply.

For example, if you’re using a credit card through Google Pay, and you fail to clear your bill on time and in full, interest charges and penalty fees might apply.

You may also pay fees when you spend in a foreign currency — many cards apply a foreign transaction fee for all non-USD transactions when you travel, or when you shop online with foreign retailers.

Google Pay international fees

You might find you run into fees from your own bank or card issuer when you travel or spend in foreign currencies.

Common examples include foreign transaction fees, which can be around 3% and which apply whenever you spend or withdraw in a currency other than USD.

The exact costs vary pretty widely, depending on the specific card you’re using with Google Pay. Using Google Pay with a card from Wise, for example, can mean you avoid foreign transaction fees.

Instead, you’ll just pay low conversion costs from 0.41% whenever you need to switch from USD to another currency to send or spend.

Send money abroad using Google Pay with Wise

Next time you want to send money overseas conveniently with Google Pay, try Wise.

You can arrange a Wise payment online in the Wise app, to make easy transfers to 80+ countries, in 50+ currencies.

Wise uses the mid-market exchange rate to switch your dollars to the currency you need, and applies conversion fees which start from 0.41%.

You can also get a Wise card to make spending in a foreign currency cheaper and easier. Add your Wise card to Google Pay so you can tap to pay with the mid-market exchange rate and low fees in 170+ countries, and to send money to friends and family in India from within the Google Pay app.

All the convenience of mobile payments with Google Pay, plus no hidden fees and no foreign transaction charges.

Get started with Wise

Please see Terms of Use for your region or visit Wise Fees & Pricing for the most up to date pricing and fee information

Common questions about Google Pay fees

Let’s walk through the answers to a few more important Google Pay questions.

How much does Google Pay charge to send money?

If you’re sending a USD payment to someone in the US through Google Pay, there’s no fee from Google Pay. Your own bank or card may charge fees, depending on how you set up the transfer.

If you’re sending money overseas with Google Pay and Wise there are low fees which vary based on how you pay, and the country you’re sending to.

What are the fees for using Google Pay with a credit card?

When you use Google Pay with a credit card, you’ll pay the same fees you would if you were using your physical credit card to make payment.

So, for example, if your card charges a foreign transaction fee when you spend overseas, this still applies when you use your card with Google Pay.

Is Google Pay free to use?

Google Pay does not impose fees, but you may pay a fee to the bank or network that issued your payment card when you use Google Pay. This usually depends on the specific card — debit cards can be free to use in the US, but international fees may apply, for example.

Do you earn rewards with Google Pay?

You don’t earn rewards directly with Google Pay, but if applicable, you’ll earn your card’s normal rewards just like you would if you were spending with the physical card instead of your smart device. Check your own card’s terms and conditions for more.

Google Pay offers convenient ways to spend on the move and online — and when you use G-Pay with Wise you can also get easy low cost international transactions right from your phone, watch or smart device. Check out Google Pay and Wise next time you’re traveling to see if you can save.


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