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Boss Revolutions offers a range of communication and financial services to people all over the world. Their stated aim is to help customers come closer together, through domestic and international call services, and money transfer products.

If you’re considering using Boss Revolution to make an international payment, this guide will tell you all you need to know about the services on offer, the fees and charges you need to look out for, and how to get started.

Take a look at this Boss Revolution review, and compare the services available to other providers, to make sure you get a good deal. We’ll also highlight an alternative option - Wise - to help you make your decision.

How does an international transfer with Boss Revolution work?

With Boss Revolution you can send international payments either online, or in person.¹ There are various different ways your recipient can get their money, which vary by the destination country. Here’s a rundown of the services you can find.

Online international payments ¹

To make an online international payment you’ll need to create an account with Boss Revolution, and then fund the payment using your credit or debit card. You’ll be able to model the payment - and see the different options for payment and delivery - before you commit. You can also see the different charges involved with each option available to you.

When you’re looking at the fees and exchange rates used by Boss Revolution, it pays to compare them with other online transfer services to check you’re getting the best deal. You may find that you get a better deal elsewhere.
Wise, for example, uses the mid-market exchange rate for all currency conversion. There’s no markup on the foreign exchange rates used, and no hidden fees, which means it can work out to be much cheaper than your regular bank.

You can also get yourself a Wise borderless account if you make regular international payments, which lets you hold multiple currencies in the same place, check your balance at a glance with a great app, and switch between currencies conveniently and cheaply whenever you need to.

In person international payments

If you’d rather make your payment in person, there are also Boss Revolution agent locations around the US. You’ll be able to call into an agent if there is one near you, and arrange the payment there instead of online. You can pay using cash at an agent location if this is more convenient than using a card. The agent will tell you the options and fees which may apply to your specific transfer.

Other services

As well as making international payments, Boss Revolution offers a range of other services such as domestic and international mobile top ups, and bill pay. Check out their website for the options available.

What are the fees when you want to transfer money overseas with Boss Revolution?

The fees for making an international transfer with Boss Revolution depend on where you’re sending money, and how you fund your payment. You’ll model the transfer before you confirm it, and can see full details at that stage. Here are the costs you’ll want to consider.

Fee type Boss Revolution costs ¹
Funding a payment with debit card The fee you pay depends on where you’re sending money to, and how you fund your payment. Sending $1,000 to France using a debit card will cost you $2.99 - the same payment to the Philippines costs $3.99. Model your payment online to see how much it will cost.
Funding a payment with credit card Credit card payments may be more expensive than using a debit card to fund your transfer. Sending $1,000 to France or the Philippines using a credit card will cost you $10.99 - plus any fees your own card issuer adds. Model your payment online to see how much it will cost.
Exchange rate costs When you model your payment you’ll see the exchange rate offered. Compare this with the mid-market exchange rate to see if there’s a markup or margin added. If there is, you might get a better rate with a different provider. More on the mid-market exchange rate and why it matters, in a moment.
Other charges to check out If you’re sending money by bank transfer, it is a good idea to check if your own or your recipient’s bank may add any further charges. You’ll sometimes come across extra charges added because of the SWIFT network - which can mean your recipient gets less than you expect. More on that below.

One charge which often takes customers by surprise is the intermediary fee which can be deducted from payments processed via the SWIFT network. The SWIFT network is a commonly used route for international wire transfers, which makes it simple for payments to be received around the world. The downside is that several different banks may be involved in processing one transaction, and each can take a fee if they wish to. This can make it hard to predict exactly what the costs of a wire transfer will be.

If you’re sending money to your recipient’s bank account directly it’s worth checking with their bank and your own if any SWIFT fees are likely to apply. You can also find the cheapest way to send money on our website.

What are the currencies that Boss Revolution supports?

Boss Revolution offer several different services, but international transfers are not available in all countries they work in. You’ll be able to make international payments from the US to over 50 countries, and can check if the route you need is covered by visiting the Boss Revolution website.²

You can also take a look at the coverage for international payments from Wise - hold and manage over 40 currencies in your borderless account, and send money to over 50, online and for a low transparent fee.

What is the exchange rate you get with Boss Revolution?

When you’re choosing an international payment provider, you should look at both the upfront fee being charged for the transfer, and the exchange rate used for currency conversion. That’s because many providers add a markup or margin to the exchange rate used. This can make the payment more expensive than you expect.

Although exchange rates change all the time as the global currency market moves, the rate you should use as a benchmark is known as the mid-market rate. That’s the one banks and currency transfer services buy currency at - but it’s not always the one they offer to their own customers. Instead, they can add a markup which they then keep as profit in addition to any upfront charges they levy.

Find the mid-market exchange rate with a simple google search for your currency pairing, and compare it to the rate offered by Boss Revolution. This may let you see if a markup bas been added. The best way to find the best deals is to simply compare with competitors such as Wise.

Are there any limits to the amount that you can transfer with Boss Revolution?

Boss Revolution’s general limits mean you can transfer a minimum of $10 up to a maximum of $2,999. However, there may be specific limits in place for some transfer types and destinations based on the laws of that country. Check out all the details for your own transfer by modeling it online.³

How long does an international transfer with Boss Revolution take?

Boss Revolution states that most credit or debit card funded transfers are sent within minutes. However, the exact length of time it’ll take your recipient to receive their money will depend on a wide range of factors including the delivery method chosen, international holidays and working hours, time zones and any review process needed by Boss Revolution or the recipient’s own bank. You’ll get a message when your recipient gets their money - and can check up on the progress of your payment online or by phone.³

How can you contact Boss Revolution?

For more information check out the FAQ section online at the Boss Revolution website. Alternatively, you can connect with the service team in one of the following ways:³

Making an international transfer is never free - but it’s well worth taking steps to make sure you’re not paying more than you have to for the service you need. Do some research looking at the costs and exchange rates for different providers to find the best one for your payment - leaving you with lower costs overall, and more money to spend on yourself.


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All sources checked on 13 August 2019

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