FCY securities settlement account with SCB: What you need to know

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If you’re thinking of getting into online trading to help boost your investments and grow your net worth, you may be considering using Standard Chartered Bank (SCB). With SCB you can trade online across multiple markets, covering products like Stocks, ETFs, and listed Company Warrants¹.

To trade with SCH you’ll need a securities settlement account - and if you’re thinking of trading on foreign stocks, you’ll also need one or more FCY securities settlement accounts. This guide explains why.

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What is a SCB securities settlement account and how does it work?

To trade online with SCB you need a securities settlement account to keep your day to day funds separate from the funds you intend to invest and trade with². This means that the settlement account is effectively a prepaid account you can top up in advance, and then use to trade with later. That has the advantage that you’ll always know the funds you need for a quick trade are there, and there will be no delay in getting the money transferred over from a different account.

The Standard Chartered securities settlement account doesn’t have any minimum balance requirement - you simply keep the funds you intend to trade in there. There’s no interest paid on the securities settlement account, though, so you probably don’t want to hold a high balance unless you’ll use it in the near future.

Do I need a USD settlement account to invest shares in USD with SCB?

You need an SCB securities settlement account for each online trading account, and each currency you trade in. That means that if you want to trade in USD, you’ll need an SCB USD securities settlement account to get started.

If you have an individual and a joint online trading account, and want to trade USD in both, you’ll need to open 2 USD settlement accounts, and link one to each of your online trading account options.

You’ll need to top up your USD securities settlement account to be able to use it. If you’re adding money from your normal SCB Singapore dollar account, check the fees and exchange rates which apply for the transfer.

It’s common to find an exchange rate markup being used when banks convert currency. That’s an extra charge on top of any upfront conversion fee. Compare the exchange rate being applied by SCB against the mid-market exchange you’ll find on Google. If there’s a difference, that’s probably a markup, and you’ll want to factor it into your costs when you’re assessing your potential investments.

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Trading internationally with Standard Chartered will mean you have to open one or more FCY securities settlement accounts to manage your money wisely. Make sure you read all the small print before you start trading online with SCB, so you’re aware of all the fees, and the exchange rates which might apply when dealing with FCY trades.

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