Business banking with Kiwibank. The account types, requirements and fees.

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Kiwibank is a state owned bank that services thousands of people across New Zealand. As well as offering personal products, they also offer accounts, loans and financial tools to New Zealand businesses.

This article will take a look at the business accounts offered by Kiwibank including the different types, fees and how to apply. We’ll also introduce you to the Wise Business account, as you may find it’s what you’re looking for.

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Types of business accounts offered by Kiwibank

Kiwibank offers five different business bank accounts and one business credit card account.¹

  • Business Edge - An everyday account
  • Business Low Rate Visa - A specialised business credit card
  • Notice Saver (32 days) - Savings account with 32 days notice for withdrawals
  • Notice Saver (90 days) - Savings account with 90 days notice for withdrawals
  • Business Online Call - Savings account with bonus interest incentives
  • Business Performer - Savings account with no monthly fees

Kiwibank Business Edge account

For your everyday business banking needs, Kiwibank offers the Business Edge account.¹

Here’s some of the features this account offers.²

  • Free electronic transfers excluding bulk payments
  • Ability to apply for overdraft
  • Access to a business Visa Debit Card or ATM/EFTPOS card
  • Ability to set up automatic payments
  • Accounting software integration options

Kiwibank business account fees and costs

Let’s take a look at some of the fees Kiwibank charges for the Business Edge account and see how they compare to the Wise Business account.³

Fees Kiwibank Business Edge account³ Wise Business account
Account monthly fees $5 NZD monthly One-time fee of $40 NZD to get NZD and international details.
Automated payments (including Direct Debits and Standing Orders) $5 NZD per setup or change in a branch, over the phone or via Secure Mail

$3.50 NZD per setup using automated phone banking

No fee when done online

No fee
Access to multiple cards ATM/EFTPOS card - Yes²

Visa Debit Card - No

International transfer fee (for a sample amount of $1,000 NZD to GBP) $25 NZD per transfer at a branch or by email

$20 NZD per transfer when done using online banking

Small payout fee + 0.48% variable conversion fee (e.g. for a transfer of $1,000 NZD to GBP, the total fee charged is $5.19 NZD) You can make a fee calculation here.
ATM withdrawals No fee within NZ

$6 NZD per overseas withdrawal

You can take out money for free twice a month — as long as the total amount is under $350 NZD. After that, there is a $1.50 NZD per transaction fixed fee. If you take out over $350 NZD in one month, there is a 1.75% on the amount exceeding that. See card fees here.
Bulk payments $0.20 NZD per item No fee
Read more: Kiwibank international transfers - a guide to fees, rates and transfer

As you can see, local transactions with Kiwibank are cheap, however, it can get expensive when there's an international transfer involved. For these transactions, you may want to consider Wise for Business as an alternative. It can save you over 60% on international transfer fees when compared to some of the traditional banks.

You can also take advantage of a Wise Multi-currency Account to receive international payments, hold them in any of 53 different currencies and withdraw as needed via bank transfer, direct debit or a Wise debit card. The conversions are done using the mid-market rate and the small fee is always shown.

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How to apply for this business account?

To open a business bank account with Kiwibank you’ll need to contact their business banking team.² The easiest way to do this is over the phone.

  • 0800 601 601 within New Zealand
  • +64 4 803 1646 from overseas

Alternatively, you can request a callback or find the direct contact details of a business banking specialist through the Kiwibank website

What do I need to open an account? Requirements, documents and what to know.

Kiwibank doesn't list their account opening requirements online so you’ll need to check what’s required when you reach out to their business banking team. It will likely include some of the following.

  • A NZBN — New Zealand Business Number
  • Company address and contact details
  • Proof of ID and authority for the person applying
  • Proof of the company director’s citizenship or residency
  • Details of any account signatories

Who’s eligible to open a Kiwibank business account?

For a business to be eligible to open a Kiwibank business account the company directory must be a New Zealand citizen or resident.² This is why you’ll likely need to provide proof of their citizenship or residency when applying.

Can you manage a Kiwibank business account online or on the app?

You can manage your Kiwibank business accounts online through the Kiwibank Internet banking portal or on the go using the Kiwibank Mobile Banking app.

Do I need to deposit money to open a Kiwibank business account?

Whether you need to deposit money to open a Kiwibank business account depends on the type of account.¹

  • Business Edge - No minimum deposit mentioned
  • Notice Saver (32 days) - Minimum investment of $2000 NZD
  • Notice Saver (90 days) - Minimum investment of $2000 NZD
  • Business Online Call - Minimum balance of $2000 to earn interest
  • Business Performer - Minimum balance of $5000 earn interest⁴

How long does it take to open this account at Kiwibank?

Kiwibank doesn't provide estimated processing times for new accounts on their website so it’s best to check with them directly.

Do I need to go to a bank branch, can I do this online or from abroad?

You can start the process of applying for a business account overseas using Kiwibank’s international phone number² but you’ll need to check if they require you to attend a branch to complete the process.

Can you have additional business cards with this account?

There’s two types of card available for the Kiwibank Business Edge account.²

  • ATM/EFTPOS card
  • Visa Debit Card

It’s possible to get additional ATM/EFTPOS cards issued to employees provided they’re a signatory on the account.²

Business support details for Kiwibank.

If you want to get in touch with the Kiwibank business support team you can use one of the following methods.

  • Phone 0800 601 601 within New Zealand
  • Phone +64 4 803 1646 from overseas
  • Visit an in-branch business specialist
  • Send a secure mail message via internet banking or the mobile app

Wise for Business as a smart alternative

If you’re not sure if Kiwibank is the right decision for your business, take a look at what the Wise Business account could do for you.

By using a Wise Business account you can easily manage your local and international banking through a single account. You’d have your own local account details for several major global currencies including AUD, USD, EUR and GBP and can receive payments from customers around the world.

To learn more about how Wise could benefit your business, check out the Wise Business account. You can sign up online with just a few clicks — in minutes.

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