HSN code list and GST rate finder

If you’re importing goods or services you need the correct HSN code or SAC code to calculate GST. Find all you need here in our helpful HSN code finder - and learn more about how you can save on international money transfers with Wise.

What are HSN and SAC codes?

HSN stands for the Harmonised System of Nomenclature. HSN codes are used globally to identify different categories and types of products. Usually HSN codes are 6 digits long - but in India an additional 2 digits are used to add deeper detail.

So what are SAC codes? SAC stands for Services Accounting Code - these codes are used to identify the GST payable on services. Learn more about SAC codes here.

HSN codeSAC code

Full from

Harmonised System of Nomenclature

Services Accounting Code

When applicable

HSN codes are used to check the GST rate applied to different types of goods

SAC codes are used to check the GST that must be paid on services

Number of digits

8 Digit Code

6 Digit Code

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HSN code finder

HSN/SAC code list with GST rates

Use this HSN and SAC code finder to get the HSN and SAC codes you need. You’ll also find the IGTS and SGST/UTGST rates which apply to the goods or services you’re importing. Just filter by product or service name to get the HSN code with GST rates - or SAC code for GST rates.

Get the HSN code finder tool here

HSN code finder

HSN codes in India

HSN codes are used in India to streamline trade, and make it easier to check and calculate the GST rate that’s payable on any item. Anyone is able to find the GST rate for their products using the HSN code, making trade faster and simpler. It’s also mandatory to use the right HSN codes when filing GST returns so that payments can be verified.

hsn code code in india

HSN code format

HSN codes in many countries are 6 digits long. In India, an additional 2 digits are used to increase precision.

It might help to think of a regular HSN code being built up using a 2 digit chapter code, followed by a 2 digit heading, and then a 2 digit subheading. Each additional set of digits added to the code makes it more precise. In India an extra 2 digit subheading is used, taking the total length of the HSN code to 8 digits.

HSN codes are split into 21 sections, which form 99 chapters. There are then over 1200 headings and more than 5000 subheadings.

For example if you’re importing a coconut water drink you might need the HSN code Here’s why:



22 - water - mineral and aerated



02 - containing added sugar or other sweetener, or other non-alcoholic beverages



90 - non-alcoholic beverages except fruit and vegetable juice

India sub-clasification


90 - unbranded coconut water

SAC code format

Instead of using HSC codes, services are classified using SAC codes when they’re imported. SAC codes are 6 digits long, which break down into a 2 digit service code, a further 2 digits showing the broad type of service, and a final 2 digits which gives a more detailed view of the specific service being offered.

For example:

  • Accident and health insurance services - 997133

  • The first two digits - 99 - are the same for all services

  • The following 2 digits - 71 - are for broad insurance services

  • The final 2 digits - 33 - give the specific type of insurance. In this case, accident and health insurance services.

sac code format

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