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IFSC code of Corporation Bank

Find the right IFSC to use, and get a faster and cheaper way to send money to India.

How does Corporation Bank use IFSCs?

Through the RBI (Reserve Bank of India), Corporation Bank assigns a unique IFSC code to each of its branches. This makes each branch easy to identify, especially when processing online transfers on the NEFT, IMPS and RTGS networks.

If you’re sending money to an account with Corporation Bank from abroad, or sending money domestically within India, you’ll need to use an IFSC code to make sure your money gets to the right place. And if you’re sending money to India from abroad with Wise, all you’ll need is an IFSC and an account number.


Corporation Bank

IFSC code


MICR code


IFSCs for the most popular Corporation Bank branches

Search for your district, state or Corporation Bank branch name to find the right IFSC to use.

We maintain and update this list regularly, but you should always check that you have the right IFSC with your bank or recipient. Using the wrong IFSC might result in your payment being cancelled, or being sent to the wrong destination.


Delhi Vikas Puri



J-129, Main Road, Vikaspuri, New Delhi, 110018

Bangalore Chandapur



114 Bangalore Hosur Road, Near Chandapur Circle, Chandapur, Bangalore

Bangalore City



T. V. Complex, 1st Floor, 118 Kilary Road, P. B. No. 7575, Bangalore, 560053

Coimbatore Main



816 Oppanakara Street, Pb No. 119 Coimbatore, 641001




No. 192, Mangalam Rd, Pb No. 418, Tirupur, 641604

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Where to find your Corporation Bank IFSC code on a cheque

You can usually find your bank’s IFSC and MICR codes in your cheque book, or on the front page of your passbook

Where to find your Corporation Bank IFSC code on a cheque

IFSC and MICR codes — what’s the difference?

IFSC and MICR codes have a very similar purpose — they both help to identify individual bank branches in India. They differ in how they do this, though.

IFSCs (Indian Financial System Codes) are issued by the RBI (Reserve Bank of India) to identify bank branches within the country. Every branch has one, and you can use them when sending money online to someone in India.

MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) codes also help to identify bank branches, but they’re only used when processing cheques. These codes are machine-readable, which means that banking systems can quickly identify the destination branch when you deposit a cheque. You won’t need to use an MICR code when sending money online.

IFSC and MICR codes — what’s the difference?

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