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“Woocommerce’s Cashfree payment gateway for India offers a wide variety of payment options, but users may find it expensive for international payments.”

If you’ve been using Wordpress, WooCommerce is a plugin that allows for easy shopping and payments through your site. While it is a global company, it does have special rules for using payments in India.

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Woocommerce payment gateway pricing and fees

Woocommerce is free to add as a plugin on Wordpress. Cashfree is the payment gateway in India for Woocommerce. It is free to install into your site but there are fees for using the payment gateway.

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The fee is per transaction and can differ depending on the type of transaction. Here is a quick rundown of the Cashfree fees:

Payment Type Fee
UPI/Rupay 0%
Visa/Mastercard/Maestro 1.90%
Netbanking at 65+ Indian banks 1.90%
Amazon Pay/Google Pay/Phonepe 1.90%
Zest Money/Olamoney 2.5%
Diners Club/American Express 2.95%
International Visa card 3.5% + ₹ 7
International Mastercard 3.5% + ₹ 7

You can also contact Cashfree directly if you require a more customized pricing plan for your type of business. ¹

Is Woocommerce payment gateway safe?

Woocommerce and it’s preferred Indian payment gateway, Cashfree, are both safe and secure options. Woocommerce is celebrating it’s 10 year anniversary in 2021, and has been a leader in providing open-source online commerce storefronts globally on Wordpress. About 4 million websites around the world use Woocommerce.²

Over 1,00,000+ businesses in India use Cashfree as a payment gateway. It was incubated by PayPal and is currently backed by State Bank of India and the Silicon Valley accelerator, Y Combinator.

Woocommerce and Cashfree have partnered with IndusInd Bank, HDFC, Axis Bank and ICICI in India. And Cashfree offers online refunds and Cash on Delivery for orders which can help make things easy and build trust with your customers. ³

Payment options supported with Woocommerce

Cashfree is the preferred payment gateway in India for Woocommerce storefronts. Here are the payment options available for customers in India. Head to the next section to learn about international payment options. ⁴


  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Diner’s Club
  • American Express
  • Maestro

Digital wallets and other options

  • Netbanking at 65+ banks
  • Google Pay
  • UPI
  • Amazon Pay
  • Phonepe
  • Olamoney
  • Flexmoney
  • Zest Money
  • Paypal
  • Rupay

EMI options

  • HDFC
  • Kotak

Woocommerce’s Cashfree payment gateway for India offers a wide variety of payment options, but users may find it expensive for international payments.

Woocommerce international payments

Woocommerce is able to support international payments in India through the Cashfree payment gateway.
Cashfree lets you show Indian rupees, but also prices in 30+ local home country currencies. A few of these currencies are:⁵

  • US dollars
  • Bangladesh Taka
  • British Pound
  • UAE Dirham
  • Australian dollar
  • Swiss Franc
  • Euro
  • Sri Lanka rupee
  • Thai Baht
  • Hong Kong dollar

However, if you opt for local currency pricing, keep in mind that Cashfree will charge for currency conversion to your home currency of Indian Rupee.

The currency conversion exchange rate is typically weaker than the mid-market exchange rate that you see on Google or Reuters. In that difference between the two, Cashfree is able to take a cut of the amount converted as a hidden fee.

You don’t have to show any other currency pricing and still use Cashfree for international payments. Cashfree allows credit cards from outside India to make payments, but it comes with its own upcharge:⁶

Type of card Fee per transaction
Visa 3.5% + ₹ 7
Mastercard 3.5% + ₹ 7
Diner’s Club 2.95%
American Express 2.95%

Your customer may also have additional charges on their own end from the credit card or bank.

One last option for receiving international payments is through PayPal. A PayPal extension can be added for free onto your site so you can receive money into your PayPal wallet. But of course, that requires your customer having a PayPal account and comes with PayPal’s own fees as well.

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Wise lets overseas customers send money directly to your Indian bank account with the real exchange rate and just one low transfer fee.

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Woocommerce settlement time

Woocommerce uses the Cashfree payment gateway in India. Cashfree has a standard settlement time of T + 2 days, where T represents the day the transaction is complete.

So if a purchase is paid for on Monday, you would receive the payment on Wednesday. But in some instances you can receive the funds in 24-48 hours.

But Cashfree also offers a faster instant settlement option where you can receive the funds in your account in 15 minutes. To get Instant Settlement, you will need to complete the form to request the service. ⁷

Woocommerce customer care

Woocommerce has multiple methods to get help and support for your online store. It has a unique customer service with 58 engineers around the globe to help you no matter the time zone.

On top of that, they have a largecustomer support section on their website to help you with FAQs, documentation, reference guides and tutorials. You can also get help from a Woocommerce verified agency or freelancer for expertise on how to run and improve your store.

If you have an existing account, you can access the Woocommerce helpdesk through your Wordpress account. You can also drop Woocommerce a message through their site for any specific or unique issues you have.

Lastly, there is a community forumwhere you can troubleshoot problems or issues.⁸

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