How to close your PayPal account in India

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PayPal in India offers ways to shop online as a consumer, and receive payments if you are a business.

But if you are an individual that wants to receive money in India, transfer money abroad for cheap, or run a business, pay colleagues or more, PayPal in India can feel limiting.

If you are not using your PayPal account enough or found a better option out there, it may be time to close your PayPal account. But how do you do that? Let’s break down how to delete your PayPal account in India.

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Prepare your PayPal account for closing

So you have decided to close your PayPal India account. Let’s make sure you have taken all the steps to prepare your account to be closed. Here is what to do¹:

Step 1: Clear out any outstanding balances

Check to make sure you have paid any outstanding or pending payments on your account.

Step 2: Empty out your PayPal balance

If you have any remaining money in your PayPal wallet, be sure to either use it up or withdraw it to your bank account.

You can find the “Withdraw money” link under Payment Methods


Step 3: Remove your financial details

Remove your bank information and card details from your PayPal account.

You can remove your card details by going to Payment Methods and then clicking on the card you want to remove. Then click “Edit” under the card’s information, and then “Remove Card”²


If you have faced a difficulty or issue with PayPal India and before you close your account, check with the PayPal customer service to see if they can help you.

PayPal customer service may be able to solve any problems you are facing with your account or rectify what is needed. You can contact them through the help page or through the Resolution Centre for any specific issue.

💡TIP: You might want to download a copy of your transaction history on PayPal for your records

  • You can do this by going to Activity at the top of your PayPal Dashboard, then clicking on Statements > Custom.
  • Select the date range and file format and Create Report to then download your transactions.³

How to close your business/ personal PayPal account

First, be sure that you want to close your account. While you can always open a brand new one later, you will not be able to reopen the same account again.

Second, you can only close your account through the PayPal website, not through the app.

Lastly, PayPal makes it fairly easy to close your account. You just have to go to Settings on your Dashboard and click on Account Options.

Next, click on Close Your Account. You will be guided through the steps to close your account, which may also include verification that you are the owner of the account. It is as easy as that.⁴

Alternatives to PayPal in India

If you are a freelancer, business or just an individual in India who needs to send and receive money globally, you have other options for PayPal alternatives that may be cheaper and faster. Let’s take a quick look:


  • This US-based payment gateway offers no monthly or setup fees in India.
  • Only for businesses, Stripe allows payments from over 135 currencies.
  • Stripe offers easy to integrate APIs for your online business.


  • You can receive money straight to your local Indian account at the real exchange rate.
  • Free to open online or through the Transferwise award-winning app.
  • For qualifying countries like the US, UK, Australia etc. you can get a Wise multi-currency account and debit card.


  • This India-based payment platform only processes transactions in Indian Rupees.
  • Ideal for e-commerce businesses, there are options for free and paid plans.
  • Free NEFT/ RTGS/ Bank Transfer transactions with Instamojo.


  • An online marketplace, payment platform, wallet and money transfer platform.
  • Skrill allows for sending money between other Skrill wallets for free but has a fee for depositing or withdrawing money from your Skrill wallet to your bank account.
  • Skrill also allows for international payments and buying and selling cryptocurrencies.


  • Payoneer lets online businesses and freelancers receive payments from 150 currencies.
  • You can get a local billing account in certain countries to invoice locally with Payoneer.
  • There is a 2% mark up on the exchange rate when you withdraw a balance to your local bank account.

You can also use the Wise compare tool to know and compare some popular options to send money to India.

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  1. Preparing to close your account
  2. Removing a credit or debit card
  3. Downloading your transaction history
  4. Closing your PayPal account

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