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Many of the large Indian commercial banks are providing services like payment gateways to make it easy for small and medium enterprises in India to take digital payments. HDFC is one of these banks that is providing a safe and secure platform with multiple payment options for customers. So if you are looking to expand your business into e-commerce, HDFC could be a good option for you in India. Looking to receive payment from international clients? Look no further than Wise for Businesses.

The well-known Indian bank, HDFC, has extensive services available for payments and collections for businesses in the country. So if you are an Indian business, HDFC can be a great partner to handle your online and offline payment needs. Through their SmartHub portal, HDFC offers digital online payments, mobile phone payments and point of sale (POS) payment services.

This article will take a look at the online payment gateway HDFC offers to businesses and what are the costs involved. Read on to learn more about how HDFC could be a payment gateway provider for you.

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HDFC payment gateway pricing and charges

HDFC offers customized payment solutions depending on the nature of your business. So whether you are in education, an e-tailer, a travel company or an NGO, HDFC has specific services and plans that will be priced for your unique business. So although it is difficult to give a specific price for the service, here is a brief overview and breakdown of their features and charges¹:

Fees Amount Applicable
Credit, Debit & Prepaid card pricing Depends on your specific plan Per transaction
International & Commercial card transaction 2.75% Per transaction
Netbanking & VAS facilities Depends on your specific plan Per transaction
Integration Fees Depends on your specific plan One time
Maintenance Charges Depends on your specific plan Annual

All this being said, there is a usage charge that is fixed across the board for the payment gateway.

Volume of transactions Charge*
Below <₹1,00,000 per month ₹999 per month
Between₹ 1,00,000- ₹5,00,000 ₹499 per month
Between ₹5,00,000- ₹25,00,000 ₹100 per month

*All prices shown without taxes

You will be assigned a relationship manager when you start the process of using HDFC’s business services who will lay out your total charges depending on the size and scale of your business.

Payment options supported with HDFC payment gateway

The HDFC payment gateway supports all major credit, debit cards and net banking in India, including Visa, MasterCard, Visa Electron, Diners, Rupay, Discover or Maestro. It also allows for existing HDFC customers to pay through EMI for the purchase when applicable². It is also secured with layers of protection like the One Time Password (OTP) and Securecode³.

HDFC payment gateway can also integrate with existing applications and support different shopping cart applications for a smoother and faster checkout experience.

HDFC payment gateway international payments

HDFC offers international payments for your customers that allows them to make the purchase in their home currency. HDFC accepts 16 international currencies and is MasterCard/Visa compliant⁴. While this is an attractive feature, what is often not explained clearly is the exchange rate that your customers get on their purchase.

Most often, customers get the bank determined exchange rate that is weaker than the real exchange rate, and your customer ends up paying more by surprise. That’s why with Wise Business we decided to do things differently. You and your customer always get the real exchange rate, that is the exchange rate you see on Google. This way we ensure no one is caught off guard with their payments.

HDFC payment gateway settlement

The settlement system with HDFC is in real-time and settled into the business account. So once the payment is authorized and validated, the business account will be immediately credited with the purchase amount, less any deductions. As a business, you can also log into your HDFC business dashboard where you can see transaction data, reports and real-time updates on payments⁵.

HDFC payment gateway customer care

HDFC customer support is in-house and available 24/7. You can reach them per your regional area for any troubles you are having with rolls, chargebacks, reports or processing. They also have an email address per regional area that you can always reach out to if you're having problems⁶.

Let Wise take care of your international payments

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Wise offers Indian businesses and freelancers with account details in 8 different currencies to receive payments from abroad. Your clients pay you with a local transfer in their currency, and you receive rupees in your INR bank account — with eFIRC for every transfer.

Get started with a Wise Business Account, and save with a low-cost transfer fee and mid-market exchange rate - which is the same as the one you see on Google.

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*Please see terms of use and product availability for your region or visit Wise fees and pricing for the most up to date pricing and fee information.

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